Author's Note: Welcome everyone! This is my first attempt at a Kurt with Puck story but I hope everything goes well! I love the pair more than I loved my previous addiction to Kurt and Finn, that's just wrong. This is also a major AU, and when I say major I mean MAJOR AU so yeah… anyway, I hope you enjoy the story and remember review for me!

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'Falling, falling, always falling deeper and deeper into the dark hole that is my life. What have I done?' The wind blew through the tiny brunette's hair as he fell. Forever falling, forever wishing that he could be free. Going numb, going dead on the inside and no one to bring him back, no one to free him of his pain. He never wanted this; he never wanted to become this way. He never wanted to love the boy he did, he just wanted to live his life the way he should.

When would it all end? When would he be free again, would he ever be free? The thoughts ran through his head as he wished, as he dreamt. It would never end, it would never let him free of its grasp, never let him go on his path. Not for a long time, not until death was at his doorstep, not until he was able to find whom he could truly love.

The boy woke with a start looking from left to right, no light shined in the room. He looked down to see what was holding him up to find it being a white bed. The silk sheets long gone from how long he laid there in a dream. Tossing and turning, fighting the hold over him, fighting it to the death, he didn't know where he was, was he dead? Had the dream really beat him? He didn't know, he stood up and his feet touched cold ground. He looked down and found it cracked with age, dead and decayed.

Cobwebs littered the room, not just lying in the corners but on the floors and on the old unused mirrors and technology. The boy studied his surroundings trying to remember where he lay, but he didn't remember. All he knew was this was not his home anymore, and he was never going to have it back.