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Stefan' The Wonder Dog

Elena blinked and behind the kitchen counter Stefan had disappeared. Elena stared in horror and turned towards her best friend.

"Bonnie what did you do?" The brunette cried.

"I-I." Bonnie spoke. Her slow, stumbled words were stopped as a low bark was heard from where Stefan once stood.

"Stefan?" Elena asked hesitantly.

Suddenly a large German shepherd came into view. The dog barked, wagged it's tail and trotted towards Elena. The girl hesitantly squatted down, looked the dog straight in the eyes and spoke, "Stefan?"

The dog licked her face and jumped on her, making her fall to the ground. Stefan licked her cheek several times before Elena pushed him away and rubbed the top of his head, "Um good b-um never mind with that."

"The spell went wrong."

"Oh really I hadn't noticed." Elena replied sourly and looked down at Stefan, "That is the last time you volunteer to be a Ginny pig."

Stefan let out a whimper; he then turned towards Bonnie and began to growl.

"Stefan relax! Stefan!" Elena yelled.

Stefan quitted down and settled into a silence.

"When's Damon coming home?" Bonnie asked.

"I'm home little witch." Damon strode into his kitchen, "You two look like you've been up to some mischief. What's with the dog?"

Before Elena could explain Stefan leaped for Damon, wagging his tail and barking happily. Damon, completely taken off guard fell to the ground and Stefan chose this opportunity to lick his face continuously.

"Say hello to you're brother, Damon." Elena said nervously, intertwining her fingers.

Damon's face dropped; his eyes grew large and his mouth slightly hung ajar, "My brother? What…" He paused and his eyes directed towards Bonnie, "What did you do?

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