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Chapter 5


"Then again it's much more quiet without the voice of reason, maybe we should keep you as a mutt longer."

Stefan growled.

XoxoDay 3

"As anyone seen my car keys?" Damon asked.

Elena and Bonnie replied with no's and Stefan hid behind the couch.


Twenty minutes later Damon slipped out the door and "borrowed" Elena's car, accidentally forgetting to ask here. She was not pleased.

Stefan at this point didn't really care, he just preferred chewing another pair of Damon's shoes.

Elena marched straight up to him and began yelling. Damon yelled back. Stefan whined and whimpered and tugged on Damon's pant leg. Bonnie watched all of this while drinking a shot of vodka.


It was the third day at least. By midnight Stefan would be back to normal, or would he?

In there separate corners they watched as Stefan was chasing a fly that somehow flew into the house.

Elena chewed her bottom lip, "Midnight right?"

"That's what the little witch said. Speaking of witch, where is she?"

Elena shrugged because she really had no idea. She walked towards the couch, "What if he doesn't turn back..." Her voice croaked.

"You trust Bonnie right?" He didn't wait for a response, "Then trust that she knows what's going on. Besides now that I think about it I have a feeling he knows where my keys are."


Bonnie returned around seven o clock. Damon drank a class of B negative while Bonnie made Mac n cheese for her and Elena.

Elena pushed the bowl away, "I'm not hungry."

"C'mon Elena, you have to eat." Bonnie urged.

Damon snagged the bowl away from Bonnie's grasp, "More for me." He snickered.

"Stefan you want some?" Damon asked. The dog looked eager. "Maybe a little B negative too?"

"I'd hold off on that." Bonnie warned, "Doing a little more digging I found out that when Stefan comes back his body is going to take some time to readjust. Probably drain out his body."

"Why's that?" Elena asked.

"A vampire is allowed to eat any food they want as long as they have a healthy amount of blood in their system. Considering Stefan is a dog and he hasn't been having enough blood and eating dog food, whatever Damon's been feeding him, and my assumption of a squirrel then it will suck for him."

"Oh." Damon said, "That's not going to be pretty."


Thee hours passed by and only because the trio and the dog decided to watch the first season of Lost. This was followed by a debate of Bonnie and Elena verse Damon. The debate consisted of the girls believing that he looked like Boone. Damon was rather bothered by this.

Eleven o'clock was the longest hour of them all. Damon was fidgeting, unable to stand or sit still, pacing about the room. Elena was lying on the couch, arm over her eyes. Bonnie was flipping through channels.

Stefan barked at 11:30

"Half an hour Stef and you'll be back to normal."

Stefan barked twice.

"Dude I can't understand you." Damon said, "Oh wait did you say Bonnie wants to see me naked?"

Something sharp was thrown shortly after that.


Two minutes before twelve Elena kneeled on the ground and wrapped her arms around the dog, "I love you." She whispered.

Stefan licked her cheek.

She stood up and back away next to Damon and Bonnie. The clock finally struck twelve and suddenly a blinding light surrounded them and an explosion erupted, blowing the three off their feet and onto the floor.


"Shit that hurt!"

"Bonnie you okay?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Yeah. It's dark."

"Is anyone going to ask if I'm okay? I hate this witch voodoo crap, why do the lights always have to go off?"

"Fine, Damon are you okay?"

"Yes. Now whose hand is on my-"

"Oh god!" Bonnie shrieked. She sprang to her feet.

Damon chuckled, "Turn on the light, someone, please?"

"I can't see. How about the jackass vampire get it?"

"Don't have to be mean about it." The light was on. All eyes directed towards Stefan once stood. There was no dog there but instead Stefan back on two feet but curled in a ball, naked, unconscious.

Elena gasped. Damon was over his body seconds later. He quickly took off his jacket and placed it on his little brother, covering his privacy.

"Stefan!" Elena pleaded, caressing his cheek.

Suddenly he began to stir, he cocked his head and sat up, "Was that a dream or did you turn me into a freaking dog?" Stefan asked, his eyes locking Bonnie's gaze. Elena sighed in relief and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Point is brother, you're back." Damon patted his back, "I'll get you some clothes." He disappeared.


Only minutes after Stefan was clothed his body began draining in the bathroom. It was gruesome and Elena was with him the entire time. Damon wasn't but Bonnie watched, as he stayed close by, careful not to wonder to far off.

"How you doing brother?" Damon asked. Stefan was leaning against the bathtub.

"I haven't puked since I was fifteen."

"You've always said you wanted to be human again, here's a wonderful experience for you."

"I hope Bonnie turns you into a cat."


Once completely drained Stefan took slow sips of blood. Animal blood. This was his choice and a choice that he and Damon spent twenty minutes arguing over. Stefan won.

It was around three in the morning and all were awake. Stefan's location was unknown. Elena was trying to sleep on the couch while Damon and Bonnie were playing poker.

Suddenly Stefan appeared, hands behind his back.

"You should be asleep." Elena stated.

"I'll sleep when I'm dead." Stefan said.

Elena glared at him.

"Anyway I have presents. Damon." He tossed Damon's keys in the air and Damon caught them. He tossed Bonnie her chap stick as well and then handed Elena her money.

"So why'd you do it?" Elena asked as she snuggled into his arms.

"Do what?" Stefan asked.

"Bury all this stuff?"

"Sorry. It was just a lot of fun."

"It's okay." Elena squeezed him.

Damon sighed, "Bonnie turn me into an animal! Imagine of all the stuff I can get away with!"

Elena rolled her eyes, "Oh it's like you forget that you get away with everything now!"

"I could be a monkey!" Damon grinned.

"Or a donkey. I vote donkey." Bonnie said.

Damon turned towards Stefan and Elena who were holding their thumbs up. So Damon held up his middle finger.