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I'm actually really excited about this one, but also kind of nervous. So I guess I'll just post and be done with it! Here is the prologue (or first chapter) of Finding: Trust. Unfortunately, I do not have the entire story written yet, but I do have a very good idea and basic outline for where I want this story to go.

So without further ado, please sit back, relax, and enjoy this second story in the Finding series, Finding: Trust!

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Narnia, the Pevensie's, or Tumnus. In fact, I don't own anything in this chapter at all! You just wait for the next one- then we'll meet some of my OC's!

Finding Trust: Prologue




A steady, throbbing pain filled my head. My eyelids were so heavy I could barely lift them. Lion's Mane, what was going on? It felt like someone was pounding large, pointy nails through my skull.

"Mr. Tumnus?"

Who was that? I'd never heard a voice sound quite like it before. It was really weak, so I knew immediately it wasn't a dwarf, and it wasn't as shrill as a Bird's. I lifted a hand to rub my temples and clear my head, but as it moved my other hand followed. Eyes still closed, I tried to pull my hands apart. I groaned as I realized I was tied up.

"Mr. Tumnus, are you awake?" the voice asked once again. "Are you there?"

Maybe it's a fairy, I mused. It is really soft. Or perhaps a squirrel? Of course, the only way to truly find out was to open my eyes. I took a deep breath and forced my eyes to push against the heavy weights that seemed to be holding them down.

Everything was a big, fuzzy blur but I could tell the voice was coming from a large, wiggling blob nearby. It was moving so much I would have believed it was a fairy on a sugar high, except for the fact that it was much too big to be a fairy. Oddly, it looked almost like a skinny dwarf, but the voice didn't seem to match. I blinked a couple of times to focus on the moving figure.

"Mr. Tumnus, where are you? I'm so sorry, it's all my fault," the voice whispered brokenly. As my vision finally cleared completely I saw the dwarf suddenly still and sink against the ground leaning heavily against a tree. His whole body shuddered randomly, and couldn't seem to calm himself no matter how hard he tried. The sobs very slowly turned to loud sniffles.

"Who are you? Are you some sort of beardless dwarf?"

The unfamiliar Narnian froze. The last of his sniffles stopped instantly. The next words he whispered hesitantly. "M-Mr. T-tumnus?"

"How do you know me?" I demanded, willing my head to stop throbbing.

"You don't remember?" The figure was moving again, and I could finally understand what the creature was doing. Paws, or possibly hands, waved about wildly, desperately trying to find... something.

Who was the creature? What was going on? What was he- she- it looking for? Aslan, please help-

"What in Narnia are you looking for?" I growled. "Who are you, and how do you know me? Where am I? What is going on?"

I took a closer look at the Narnian now that I could see as well as I normally can, and began to think this creature wasn't quite Narnian at all. I had never seen or even heard of a creature like this before.

From what I could tell, he was young, but you can never tell with foreigners. He was taller than most dwarfs, despite how young he looked, and I could tell he wasn't an animal of any sort, or Aslan forbid a faun. I highly doubted he was a dryad or a nymph, and it was obvious he was too small to be even a baby giant. I wasn't sure why, but I didn't think he was a servant of the White Witch. Then again, you can never tell. I found out one of my best friends, a friendly mouse, was being blackmailed into being her spy. She's even got some trees on her side. So you never really know whether or not you're talking to a friend or a spy...

"Well?" I asked again.

This time the creature spoke up. "Don't you remember me? I'm Edmund, Lucy Pevensie's older brother."

"Where and how did we meet?"

Edmund's eyes were open and unfocused, starring out into the trees without really seeing any of them. "You really don't remember?"

I shook my head.

Edmund waited silently, still gazing into a clump of trees.

"Are you alright?" I asked when we had sat in silence for several minutes. Edmund's head jerked in surprise at the sound of my voice. "Edmund?"

"You really don't remember?" Edmund repeated. I wondered if he was going to cry; his eyes were kind of misty.

"I don't remember you, or your sister Lucy," I replied, calming down slightly. The creature looked scared, and Aslan knows I could understand. "Why don't you help me out? When did I meet you and your sister?"

"You didn't meet Lucy and me at the same time," Edmund said. "You met Lucy somewhere in the woods, but Susan and Peter and I, we didn't believe her."

"Why not?"

Edmund laughed quietly. I got the feeling he was usually quiet, and the soft voice of his was raised only for special circumstances. "When your little sister- who happens to make up stories all the time- says she went through an empty wardrobe and entered a strange, magical land that no one has ever heard of and met a creature that doesn't and shouldn't exist, you tend to believe she's bored of staying inside all day and trying to forget there's a war going on and people are dying by having a little bit of fun."

"Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy," I whispered. Something seemed familiar about those names, especially the last one, but what? I took another good look at Edmund and something clicked. "You aren't a Son of Adam, are you?"

Edmund didn't move. I wondered if he had a concussion or something, his eyes were still dull and clouded. "I'm human, yes."

"Are your sisters and brother here, in Narnia?" I asked excitedly. After Edmund confirmed my hopes, I couldn't contain myself. "So the prophecy can be fulfilled now!"

"I doubt you'll want me to be your King," Edmund said in a voice almost too soft to hear.

"Why not? 'When two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve-"

"Yes, yes, I've heard the prophecy," Edmund interrupted. "I'm just not good enough to be your King. You'd probably have me hung if you remembered the entire story."

"Why?" I asked. "It couldn't have been that bad. It's not like you were a spy for the White Witch or anything."

Edmund didn't meet my gaze, looking in the other direction like he didn't want me to see his face, and a very uneasy feeling settled in my stomach. "Edmund, you weren't in league with the Witch, were you?"

Edmund swallowed hard. "Yeah, I was."

The feeling in my gut grew. "Are your siblings alright?"

"Last I knew they were safe and sound with Aslan at his camp," Edmund said.

"Then what were you doing with the White Witch?"

"It's kind of a long story," Edmund said.

I looked around. "It seems to me we have a lot of time."

"She 'convinced' me she was good with enchanted Turkish Delight," Edmund began. "She told me she would make me her prince, and my brother and sisters would be my servants."

I felt sick. What kind of brother would wish his family to be his slaves? Suddenly I was second guessing my prayers that these humans would be our leaders. Any family this dysfunctional couldn't possibly rule a country! "You didn't help her, did you?"

"Every time I opened my mouth, even after I knew the Witch was evil, I kept making things worse. She turned you into stone, and I just... I couldn't..." Edmund turned and looked down at my tied hooves. "I'm really, really sorry."

I was absolutely speechless. Now the kid sees his mistakes? When he's strung up to a tree? This wasn't how things were supposed to go.

What did I expect?

The way stories go, Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve have always been perfect leaders. Before the Witch killed all the humans in Narnia, we had never gone to war, or been defeated by hardships like floods and famine. Our kings and queens had always known what to do for whatever situation we were facing.

So why was everything getting messed up now?

"Edmund," I said slowly. "Give me one good reason to trust you right now."

I'd give him a second chance as soon as I had a good reason- which I didn't figure would be so hard for him to give me.

Edmund bit his lip. For a while I didn't think he would respond, and then he lowered his head in defeat. "I'm not sure if I have a reason good enough."


"What do you mean?"

Edmund shook his head. "I can't just say 'trust me because I've changed' o 'I'll do better next time.' How would you know whether or not I've actually changed? You can't remember me! You wouldn't know whether or not I tell the truth or lie all the time. Trust has to be earned, and I haven't earned yours our you wouldn't have asked. I'm sorry, Mr. Tumnus; I've learned a lot about trust these last few days. Trust just doesn't work that way."

His words surprised me. Honestly, I hadn't ever looked at things quite from that perspective, but I could see the truth in Edmund's words.


"You aren't telling me something."

"Actually, I haven't told you a lot of things," Edmund replied.

"Looks like we have some time," I prompted.

"Aslan, I wish it wasn't so dark out! I'd rather tell the entire story in the daytime," Edmund groaned. Confused, I glanced up at the bright morning sun. I guessed it was 8 or 9 O'clock in the morning. "Edmund, the sun is shinning pretty high up. It's morning."

Edmund frowned. "But if the sun is shinning, why can't I see it? Why can't I see anything?"

Dun dun dun! *spooky music plays* So if Tumnus can't remember anything, and Edmund can't see, where is my brain going? I promise you, I have this story all planned out. I do hope you can trust me with this (heeheehee) because I've got my heart set on finishing this no matter what. And I haven't forgotten about our dear Wolf friends, they'll be coming up soon.

For those of you who have mentioned the Finding series and asked if I would post the next story soon, thank you so much for your patience! I'll be working on finishing this story in the next couple weeks, and I will try my best to finish it, so please don't worry if it seems to take a while for a new post. I won't give up on these things, now that people are reading them and want to see more.

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