Title: When Spring Rain turns to Summer Sky

Rating: T ... for now? (undecided if it'll be M... probably will turn into M)

Pairing: Tsukishima Shizuo x Hachimenroppi Izaya (DVD cover art characters. My profile has pictures of them)

Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: younger seme X older uke Since Tsuki!Shizuo came out later (DVD 13), I'd like him to be younger and shorter than Roppi!Izaya, but still be the seme. XD Anon would like the story to revolve around the pains of pursuing somebody who's older and wiser (Roppi!Izaya).

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Author's note: I tried to do my own research on the stars and constellations. I will be mixing a lot of constellations and myths together, so I apologize if there's an expert around here and I got something wrong... /;; Let's just pretend and enjoy? Thank you.

The Orion's Belt:
ζ Ori (Alnitak)- Tsugaru
ε Ori (Alnilam) - Tsuki
δ Ori (Mintaka)- Delic

The Summer Triangle:
Altaire – Psyche
Vega – Roppi
Deneb – Hibiya

Rarely did everyone gathered for the annual family festival. Stars from other end of the galaxy travelled far each year and even the branch family members were invited into the inner courts of the main house.

It was snowing on News Years Eve, the gates still opened as it bustled with guests pouring in from their long travels on the Milky Way. Comets stationed their carriages as their horses were watered and fed. Servants and maids welcomed each of them by the gate, their light footsteps the only blemish on the untouched snow covered lawn.

And it was then, the young heir, Tsukishima of the Orion family saw him.

While holding onto Delic's hand as he followed his brother to his wing, Tsuki looked to the side to see a beautiful person sitting by the circular Japanese window, the ricepaper sheets painted with dark calligraphy of fragile branches.

Their eyes met, Tsuki's red curious irises with this person's crimson orbs. For such a pale and frail face, there was fire in those eyes.

Quickly Tsuki looked away, his face blushing like a boy who was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. He quickly followed his brothers Delic and Tsugaru to his wing of the long wooden Japanese home of the main house. They had travelled far and he couldn't wait for his warm bath.

The next day was New Years. This year was the year of the rabbit. It was Psyche's turn for the festival dance as he got up to the stand in his ritual kimono, praying to the stars for another good year.

Tsuki watched, mesmerized as the swirls of pink and white flew across the sky with just the light touch of his fingertips, the long trails of the kimono glittering as it illuminated the sky, welcoming the new year.

He blinked when he realized that Altaire was followed by Deneb and Vega this year, the other two dancing in harmony, supporting prayers to the dance.

The flicker of crimson eyes caught Tsuki's own. A small smile graced the lips before he resumed his serious countenance.

The young Tsukishima blushed furiously again and looked around him to make sure no one had seen that. But it seemed the exchange was in secret as everyone's attention was centered around Psyche's good year prayer.

Tsuki had thought that this person was from the branch family as he had never seen such a beautiful person in his life. But if this person was one of the dancers, then he… or she… was from the main branch. And from the top main family.

Once the dance prayer had finished, everyone bowed, exchanging each other's new year greetings, wishing each other good luck. Tsuki let go of his brother's hand to search around for that face that drew him. But in the end, he could not find him at all.

The festival grew high as each took a partner and danced to the music with the pink and white aurora illuminating the winter night sky.

"Tsuki! Tsuki, ma man!" Linda came over, wrapping his arms casually around the shoulder of the youngest kid of the main family. "I haven't seen you since last year! Still short as ever!" Linda laughed happily. Usually he was the shortest star among the main family until Tsukishima came around.

"L-Linda-san. Good evening." Tsuki bowed awkwardly sideways over and over while clutching his elaborate kimono.

"No need. No need~" Linda waved his hand. "So, found some cute girls? I think we got some really hot chicks this year! We gotta check it out!"

"Ah... no thank you… My brothers will want me back in my room soon... I think..." his voice got smaller and smaller as he grew shyer at the thought of meeting girls he didn't know.

Then again, he was trying to chase down the mysterious beautiful person he just saw. He didn't even know what he wanted to say when they met.

"Man, you remind me of Gakuen so much, I'd think you were born into the wrong household." Linda laughed as he let him go, off to woe more women.

Tsuki thought of loitering around a bit more but decided it would be pointless. The person he was seeking wasn't here it seemed. And he would be lying to Linda if he didn't return.

The festival was still high inside the wing of the Azure Dragon quarters. More servants were running around with small tables carrying sake and mochi. As soon as Tsuki entered, Delic, who was more than half drunk, grabbed his youngest brother and rubbed their chins together.

"Tssssssuki-kuuuuun~ Where have you beeen~ chasing cute skirts?"

"N-n-n-n-no!" Tsuki shook his head hurriedly in his defense. Why did everyone think he was chasing someone? Well he was, but still!

"Why the hell not? We got some super hot cousins you know!"

Everyone laughed as they patted Tsuki on the shoulder, getting him to sit down. Sake was passed around freely, several servant girls were playing the shamisen, some were pouring sake for the men. There were two girls on each side of Delic giggling at his lame jokes.

Tsuki sighed as he sat down to eat some small cakes and mochi. This happened every year, though he had only been invited to the main house annual festival once he reached his puberty, which wasn't too long ago. But he was pretty sure he had met all the main family members.

How come he had never met that person?

Tsuki poked at his mochi, deep in thought when his eldest brother, Tsugaru came over and sat next to him.

"Something wrong?" his calm brother asked as he poured himself a sake, gently declining to be poured by one of the girls with a smile.

"Ah .. well..." Tsuki fidgeted a bit.

"Remember... the person who was dancing today?"

"Psyche? Yes. His dance was very beautiful this year. He must have worked hard. We can hope that the prayer will be well received this year too."

"Ah yeah…." Tsuki fidgeted some more. He had forgotten that the person he was staring at the entire dance wasn't the main one.

"What about him? Did you like his dance?"

"Ah I did... Well actually..." Tsuki blushed deeply as he decided to brave the question. "The person who was wearing the black and red kimono... I've never seen that person before. I didn't know…. if he or she was from the main branch…"

Tsugaru blinked. "You mean Hachimenroppi? Ah… true. I guess he wasn't present for your baptism ceremony." He drank his sake calmly and continued. "He's pretty sickly and often bed ridden. It was rare to see him as a supporting dance. He used to do it far more regularly. I'm guessing he's trying to practice recently since the Year of the Snake isn't too far away."

"Eeeeh~? What's this? Are you charmed by his beauty too? I thought better of you, little bro~ I didn't know you were into 'bad boys,' you little goody-two-shoe!"

Tsuki yelped in surprise when Delic, who was now totally wasted, crept from behind and noggled his little brother.

"Aaah! No! I was just…"

"I'd stay away from him if I were you. He lures his preys with his charismatic eyes, charming them into submission and then he devours… ow!"

It was Delic's turn to yelp as Tsugaru hit him on the head with the back of his fan.

"Stop teasing him. Roppi is none of the sort."

Delic pouted as he sat next to Tsuki and drank some more.

"No but I'm serious. The guy's a psycho! Like once I was pulling Ochibi-chan's legs, you know, saying his fashion sense is a little 'antique' and the little prissy boy was half in tears, trying to kick me down when he came out of nowhereand…! Oww!" Delic's rambling was cut by another swat to his head with the fan.

"You probably deserved it." Tsugaru noted. Tsuki quietly agreed.

"But I'm telling you! The guy's nuts! He's like half cursed or something! Besides haven't you heard of his crazy tantrums and hysterias? Like that one time when the mailman came in to deliver a package and he literally screamed and threw things at him for stepping into his house!"

"Roppi had his reasons." Tsugaru said placidly, holding his argument down in a firm manner.

"It was just a package! A pack-age! He acted as if it was a bomb or something!"

"Like I said, Roppi has his reasons. Ever since the stalker incidence, he's been like that."

"Stalker?" Tsuki's ears perked up and he blurted out the question without realizing. He quickly covered his mouth but it was too late.

"Yeah, yeah. Everyone knows about the stalker incidence. I still think Roppi's a loony anyway." Delic shrugged it off. Tsugaru sighed.

"Roppi had a lover once. But when his lover was too aggressive, Roppi asked to have their relationship severed. His lover didn't take that too well. I heard that his lover went far as to tie him to his bed while he started to burn down the room."

Tsuki's eyes widened.

"He was rescued in time of course, but the stalking grew worse until the main house had to place the restraining order. However Roppi never quite recovered and grew reticent. He doesn't trust anyone anymore. Rather… he hates them."

"And he hates all of them." Delic added. "Don't care who. Don't care if we mean well~ he just hates all humans. Anti-social to the max. I think it's retarded! I mean come on. Get over it! So what if you got raped a few times or almost died a few times. Everyone goes through that. Just read the newspapers."

Tsugaru gave Delic a hard look. The rose-colored eyed man decided he said perhaps too much in his stupor and chuckled awkwardly.

"Anyways~ Roppi's bad news. It's a good thing you didn't know of him until now. The guy's cursed or something. He's always sickly and just looking at him makes me feel sick…"

"Delic…!" Tsugaru chastised his younger brother with a serious tone.

"Yes, yes. I shall not talk badly of my cousins, even if I'm a man who don't bear grudges but he made me break that vow and I can't stand loner bastards who think their life is the only one miserable, though all those creepy red-eyed cousins of ours from the House of Crimson Phoenix are like that… granted I guess I won't mind if Ochibi-chan kicks me around with his horse or something…"


"Yes, yes, yes…" Delic scurried off to play with more girls.

Tsugaru sighed.

"Anyways, just don't think too hard about what Delic said." His eldest brother patted Tsuki on the head.

But already, Tsuki's mind was wandering to the person he was not supposed to think about.