A young woman in her early twenties stepped out from the plane. She had long brownish-black hair that was slightly wavy and large, innocent honey-brown eyes. She looked Asian with her high cheekbones, full red lips and small petite nose. She had an oval-shaped face and had naturally tanned skin. She was of medium-height and was a little on the skinny side.

She inhaled deeply. She wondered whether he would be waiting for her. Would he be surprised to see her? She hoped he would be. She missed him a lot after having to leave to further her studies. But now she was back for good and she would not be leaving at all. She took out a piece of paper from the pocket of the black trench coat she wore. He had shifted into this new place. His new promotion must be paying him well.

"Move it, lady!" a man behind her said.

Lorraine Kim snapped out of her thoughts and quickly hurried down the steps. She had to get there quick. She wanted to see him as soon as she could. She bet he would be very happy to see her.