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-Bonus Chapter!-

Melina wandered the corridors of the Enterprise searching for her husband. Working with the Romulans, they had destroyed the Scimitar and now Melina wanted to concentrate on her wedding anniversary.

Of course, Data had forgotten. Melina was quite upset, it was the first time he'd ever forgotten. She made her way to the Holodeck, where she was certain he would be.

She sighed and pushed the buttons on the panel next to the door, and entered the Holodeck.

Immediately she was transported to 19th Century America. She was dressed in a lovely frock and cloak, with a beautiful bonnet, which was about to be ruined by the rain.

"Oh dear..." Melina groaned, rushing to the nearest footpath in order to avoid being hit by a truck, and finding herself in the arms of Data.

Suddenly she realised. She was Jo March, and Data played the part of Professor Bhaer. Shaking, she looked up at her husband as he asked the question she had read so many times.

"What are you doing down here my friend?" He asked.

"I'm shopping." Melina replied, heart racing.

"You have no umbrella. May I go with you, and carry all the bundles?"

"Yes, thank you."

Melina could barely speak as she and Data walked through the scenes in the book. Finally, the pair walked through the mud and water to get back to the March home.

"Data, what's going on?" Melina asked.

Data stopped and the electronic bundles, umbrella and rain disappeared. He took her hands in his, and looked into her eyes.

"My dear, I know you probably will not believe me, but I have wanted to tell you this for a long time." He began, feeling rather light-headed. "But I have confirmed with Counsellor Troi, and I wanted everything to be perfect when I told you."

"Told me?" Melina asked.

"I love you." Data told her. "I did not recognise it at first, and I thought I was was malfunctioning. But my experience with the Emotion Chip allowed me to recognise my true emotions, all of them possible because you have loved me."

Melina couldn't speak. Her eyes welled with tears of joy.

"Are you okay my love?" Data asked.

"Oh Data!" Melina flung herself into his arms and kissed him deeply. She could feel it too, and there was no doubt that it was true. "I love you too."

They held each other for what seemed like forever, but not long enough. Data felt that he was truly the luckiest creature on the planet, and Melina felt like every good thing that had ever happened to her and that ever would happen to her had come at once.

"Come on, dinner is waiting." Data whispered. Melina's eyes shone with love as she followed her lover through the door.

"Oh DATA!" She roared with laughter. They had walked into a 20th Century Ball, and the rest of their friends were there, Picard, the Rikers, Beverly, Wesley, Geordi, Worf, Guinan, Sarah, Tim and Jenna.

There was food and speeches and laughter and joy. And after the food, there was dancing.

The happy couple were obilvious to everything but each other. Everything was perfect, and nothing could ever touch them again, for they had each other.

What they couldn't see was the REAL Melina Soong watching her holographic self dance with her late husband. Tears streamed down her face as she thought of how wonderful it would have been, everything that Data had planned.

"End simulation." She said, and she was surrounded by darkness.

"Commander Soong, I need you on the Bridge." She heard Picard summon her. Looking back at the empty Holodeck one last time, Melina went back to work with a heavy heart.

All she wanted was to see Data again.