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It wasn't supposed to feel this good. Kahn rubbing their hips together like this wasn't supposed to feel good. It was a sin, and punishable by death in their small town, well not technically, but if they were caught, they'd been strung up for being "devils". Benjamin moaned against Kahn's kisses, which were so much better than the girl's he was courting, Rachel.

"I'm here, they can't hurt us here," Kahn claimed into his mouth, as though he knew what he was thinking. And honestly, he probably did, Kahn had been his best friend since they were children, they had been around 12 when they discover their similar feelings towards one another. Now at 17 they were taking full advantage of those feelings, doing what boys do best.

"Oh Kahn," he breathed as the smaller boy pulled his pants down, just enough to reveal his perfect bottom. Kahn looked back, fearfully, worrying that he had gone too far, Benjamin however could not resist and lunged forward, undoing his own breeches. He saw Kahn swallow, hard, they had never gone this far, kissing and rubbing, sure, but this was different, this was an act that couldn't be forgotten. He placed light, loving kisses on Kahn's gorgeous, soft skin, his hands were the only part of him that was rough, but being a blacksmiths son would do that. They sighed each other's name as he entered his best friend and lover, part of his heart clenched at that word, but there was no way something that felt so right, could be wrong. Something that felt this good, surely wasn't damned. He fit so perfectly into Kahn, there couldn't be anything God saw wrong with this, this was real and perfect, and beautiful.

"I love you, Ben," Kahn whispered as they came merely one second apart. If Benjamin was being honest, he didn't want to answer, he wanted to tell Kahn that it was a mistake, but the thing was, he didn't believe it.

"I love you, too," he muttered, his fingers running through Kahn's sweaty locks.

"Benjamin?" a voice came from outside the barn and both boys paled several shades. Kahn jerked his pants up as Ben did the same, but it was too late, Rachel had come in too soon, and realized what they were doing and released a cry of horror. Kahn ran forward,

"Please, Rachel, please don't tell anyone." He grabbed at her wrists, trying to get her to listen but she jerked away.

"Devils!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, and she had a set of lungs and a singing voice that rivaled Kahn's, but did not surpass him. Kahn turned back to Benjamin who pulled him into a hug, burying his face into Kahn's neck.

"I still love you," Benjamin told him, kissing the skin beneath his lips.

"I will love you for all of time," Kahn replied. "And if we get another chance, if we are not damned to hell, I will find you again, if it takes 1 million lifetimes I will find you again!" That was all the blue eyed boy got out before they were ripped apart with such force that it hurt physically almost as much it did emotionally.

"What do you think, men?" David Karofsky, who was their age, yelled, "Shall we hang them or shall we burn them, let them get used to hell fire?" Kahn lunged trying desperately to get back to Benjamin who tried just as hard to reach out. Their captors however wrenched them back, "Devils!" David growled, "Let's burn them, so that the evil in them burns too."

"Bastard!" Kahn hissed angrily at David, now trying to be freed so that he could punch David in the face.

"You are the one without the mother," David replied cruelly, everyone knew Kahn's mother had died from influenza, when he was 7 years old. Kahn spat violently at David, earning a backhand that caused Benjamin to flinch. David walked calmly up to Benjamin who looked back him to see a panted Kahn looking back. "Benjamin, I'll make you a deal." Benjamin looked up at David, "Renounce your wicked ways, tell us all, this demon seduced you and you can free." Benjamin looked at Kahn who looked hurt and fearful, it would be a lie to renounce his love for Kahn, and he didn't want to add another sin to the list.

"I am as much a devil as he is, he did not seduce me, I went willingly." Kahn nearly smiled, but all that mattered to Benjamin was the pure love in Kahn's eyes.

"Very well, you shall burn with him tomorrow as well as for eternity." David yelled angrily. That night they had been put in separate cells, but they were right next to each other, and if they both reach out of the bars on the door and Benjamin reached to the right and Kahn reached to the right, they could touch.

"I don't regret it, you know," Benjamin reported, wishing he could see Kahn and not just touch his hand.

"Good, neither do I," Kahn replied, Benjamin could hear the heaviness of his voice. "And I meant what I said; I will never stop looking for you." Benjamin was 17 years old and he was going to die tomorrow, but he couldn't think of a better reason.

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