I really have no idea how I came up with this. Just random late night thoughts I suppose. That and a huge dose of Tron. Anyway, enjoy!

Quorra looked over Flynn's shoulder curiously. He had been tinkering with a new identity disc that they had recovered on their last covert journey into the city. His fingers deftly worked over the holographic images of code, rearranging them and adding new lines where he saw fit. There was a small grin tugging at the corner of his mouth, like there was a secret he didn't want to share just yet.

Quorra frowned, brushing the bangs from her eyes. She had yet to learn patience, as evidenced in her and Flynn's games of Go. She was always looking for the quickest attack, while Flynn preferred to circumvent her attacks with carefully planned strategies.



"May I ask what you're doing?"

"Curiosity killed the cat, Quorra. You'll find out soon enough."

Quorra scrunched up her face in confusion. Why would he compare her to a cat? She was not even remotely feline. Flynn had explained cats to her, telling her that they were small furry clawed creatures with long tails and pointed ears that some Users kept as companions. She had even seen a picture of one once in one of the books that Flynn had lined up on his shelves. Quorra remembered thinking that such a creature was absolutely adorable.

Was that the comparison? Was she also adorable? Or did she really resemble a cat? She touched her ears surreptitiously. They were rounded, just as she had thought. And her hair only covered her head; furthermore, she was quite sure that she did not possess a tail. She examined her hands. She knew that underneath she had fingernails, but surely those did not count as claws.

Besides, why would an emotion kill such an animal? That did not make any sense either. From what she could glean, emotions merely motivated Users. Perhaps curiosity induced a User to derez a cat. But even that did not make sense. How could someone destroy such an adorable thing? Flynn had told her that cats were loved and that even ancient Egyptians used to worship them. Why would anyone want to kill one?

Besides, Flynn had also mentioned that cat's had nine lives. Such an odd thing. Multiple lives. If a cat had more than one life, did that mean that curiosity could kill the animal again and again and again? Or was it a special emotion that wiped out all the cat's lives in one go?

Quorra shook her head. Sometimes she could not understand these stranger User phrases.