I'm the Queen

This is All Mine! It is one of my many story ideas. My friends really liked it and I decided to post it. Hope you enjoy.

Anya was pushed up against the bed by supernaturally strong, almost frantic arms. A small grunt escaped her throat as the man captured her tongue with his. He worked her mouth until she had to break away for air. His lips didn't leave her though. His wicked tongue moved down her throat to the area right between her throat and her shoulder. His fangs playfully nipped her there. Gods, this man knew what made her shiver. He abandoned her throat without puncturing it as he usually did.

He knelt before her and she knew instantly what he was going to do even before he ripped her red dress completely from her with one yank. His mouth was on her a second later. She gasped femininely as he did something truly sinful to her female flesh with his tongue. She clutched his shoulder in her fist so hard that she tore through the black suit he had put on. Her breathing was coming in harsh gasps as he took her quickly to the pinnacle and then pushed her over. Her grip on his shoulder loosed as she twitched spasmodically. Her breath eased out if her in a rush. She fell back onto the bed.

He came up beside her and laid down next to her on the bed, just as breathless as she was. She turned towards him and smiled sleepily at him. She was very happy that even after 10,000 years of marriage that her husband could still fully satisfy her completely.

Anya leaned over her husband and whispered against his lips. "I love you, Aero."

Her husband smiled and whispered back to her "And I love you Anya."

She giggled and kissed him hard. When she heard him groan loudly, she took an instant to realise what had happened. Anya laughed again. He had released himself in his pants.

She couldn't help but burst into laughter, which made her husband groan louder. She looked into his eyes and tried to suppress her laughter. Aero then burst out into laughter with her. They both laid like that for a couple minutes with each other, simply laughing together.

After a couple moments their laughter quieted down. Anya looked over at Aero and gently brushed his cheek with her hand. He captured her hand and brought it to his lips.

Anya smiled and whispered to him "I suppose we should get dressed for real this time hmm darling."

Aero eyed the tatters of her dress on the floor beside their bed. He answered her "I suppose so darling. But…" He looked sideways at her with a look that scorched her through to her bone. "Do we really need to go to that dinner?"

She hit his chest playfully and stated "Yes we need to go. Jason will kill us if we miss another one."

His eyes darkened for a moment in anger "If he even tries…"

She cut him off with a laugh. He was always so serious about her. But he was her protector.

Before he was her husband he had been a protector to the vampire queens. He had served under at least fifteen queens before she herself had taken the position. She had gained the position in a fight to the death with the queen before her. She had come out of the fight with not even a scratch, and a new guard.

She had originally thought he was gay.

She smiled at the memory now but then he had been so skittish whenever she had gotten anywhere near his person. But as she later found out he had been used by the other queens. Sometimes just to do their dirty work but some used him sexually.

Anya grimaced at the thought of anybody abusing her strong warrior. Their feelings for each other had grown slowly but he hadn't wanted to get attached to her. He had been her first and only love. After a mishap with some other vampires where she had been left on deaths doorstep he had admitted she was his too.

They had been married the next day. But the honeymoon had been a little uneventful while she was still healing. But after that their sex life came into full bloom. She hadn't been able to walk for a couple weeks. Neither of them had been able to.

Aero pulled her from the past and he groaned and got up off the bed. He eyed his ripped suit as Anya eyed his ass. She bit her lip to remind herself of all the reasons she shouldn't pounce on him right then.

He grinned back at her. Both a combination of how well he knew her and her thought patterns and of the clothes that they had ruined together showed in his grin.

But he turned away from her and walked over to their closet. They were a famous pair for having the largest wardrobe of any one couple. They ruined so many clothes just trying to get at each other, they needed all those clothes.

Anya groaned and followed her husband into their walk-in closet. They changed quickly into dinner wear and exited their room.

They lived in the penthouse suite of the most expensive apartment building in town. Anya didn't want a mansion or anything like that, even though they did have one. She was much happier right in the middle of the city. All those beautiful human necks were easily within her grasp.

Anya and Aero clutched hands as they waited for the elevator. She didn't look at him for fear of pouncing him before they could leave. The trip downstairs was uneventful for the most part.

A limo was waiting out in front of the building for us. Aero and his wife slid in quietly. Anya was about to signal the driver when she saw he was asleep. She leaned up and tapped him on the shoulder. He jerked awake and looked back at us over his shoulder. "So, you finally deigned to get out of bed?" He asked.

Anya smiled at him and answered as she draped her legs on top of Aero's. "Yep, so you won't get a show this time pervert."

The shape shifter driver just shook his head and smiled. They started driving off to the dinner of the vampire council's. She hadn't wanted to go, but then she never wanted to go. They were always so boring. It was always a bunch of old guys yelling at each other and her in the middle of it trying to break up the fights till sunrise.

But Jason, her assistant in all matters queenly, had told her not to miss another one or else… Ooooh she was so scared.

She peered out of the window at the most populated city on this side of the Earth's crust. She wasn't sure about the other side though. She had heard that demons throw killer parties. She wanted to go to one but mister 'it's too dangerous' wouldn't let her go.

She had heard about one that was happening… She glanced quickly at the clock…Fifteen minutes ago.

She had already planned to ditch mister no fun for the night and let him handle the old fogies. She just needed to get him distracted…

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