So here we are, Aerhon's POV.

Chapter 14

I don't know what made me smile about the situation but I couldn't classify it as anything but humorous. Maybe it was the fact that I was tormenting one of the members of the organization that destroyed my wife. Or maybe it was the fact that I hadn't actually had a fight like this in many years.

Although the romps with my wife in our bedchamber could almost be classified as hostile, it never got to the point where it damaged either of our bodies. I really have no clue but the scenario was still amusing. It felt almost good to smile again, even if it wasn't wholeheartedly.

The female hunter continued to stare at me as she fought to regain the breath that she had lost.

I remained silent and sat in one of the decrepit chairs. If I appeared more relaxed in her presence I knew it was annoy her more then she already was. And I did so enjoy annoying hunters. It throws them off their 'game' as it were. The serious ones were all on their 'game'. And she appeared to be the most serious one I've come across.

Not that I was in contact with many. They were always taken care of long before my wife or I even knew what was going on.

Not that great of an organization if you were asking me.

But they weren't.

I looked behind me at the wall she had just littered with bullets and sighed. It was going to take some work to collect all the bullet fragments out of the wall. I walked up and started picking at the wallpaper. "You know, you've just made this harder than it had to be."

"Well at least I have that against you, Leech." She spat venomously back.

"Are we really going to be reduced to name calling?" I asked her back. "It always seemed a little juvenile to me. But then again I forget how young you all are." I looked at her. Anger was shining brightly at me from behind her mask. "I mean really, compared to me you are considered children."

She countered "You're just mad that we killed that bitch wife of yours."

My head tilted violently as I pierced her with my gaze. If I could have killed her with a look she would have been twitching on the floor.

"I mean, you're the king right?" She continued on as if she didn't notice my anger. "I recognise you from the time I almost got you two years ago."

I tried to think but my mind was blind with unrestrained rage. "I don't remember you. I guess you were just so insignificant that I didn't bother even trying to remember you." She growled at me. "Hit a nerve?"

"Nope, just thinking how awesome it would be to bury a stake in your chest."

"Getting a little medieval aren't we? But I guess your methods should be as outdated as your beliefs." I struck back.

She snorted "That's rich, coming from someone who was probably helped create the beliefs to begin with."

I had had enough of her. "I suggest you leave now. There's nothing you have on that little body of yours that will work on me. Come back more prepared next time Chickie Pea."

She growled at me again but did as I suggested, as in she started towards the door. Of course she didn't turn away from me though. She told me as she reached the door "I'm coming again and you'd better be prepared to bite the dust Vamp Scum."

"I'm counting on it." I murmured as I watched her rush down the path to the car that awaited her.

Watching the car peel down the road I wonder to myself why I hadn't just killed her. She had called my loving, nurturing wife a bitch. And I wondered why I was just letting her get away. She could bring back more hunters tomorrow.

I was about to call Jason when I thought better of it. Why would I need or want to run? I had wanted to die ever since my wife… So why hadn't I just done it already? Just gone ahead and joined her in death. There was nothing life had to offer me anymore so why did I still cling to it?

I did have to admit though, something was holding me back. I just didn't know what it was.

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