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Warning: The main theme of this story is a male/male relationship, if you don't like that kind of thing than maybe stop reading now (or after chapter five).

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Seth was trying hard not to fidget at Leah's side as they waited among the trees for the Volturi to come. His mind was swirling with nervous thoughts and, not for the first time, he was glad that he was no longer a part of Sam's pack. Seth just knew this whole situation would be ten times worse if he had to listen to the terrified thoughts of the younger wolves - the ones who had never even met a vampire, good or bad.

'Hell, even I'm scared,' he thought. 'And I've fought them before.'

'Stop being such a wuss Seth,' Leah returned. 'You and our precious leader here wouldn't let us kill the leeches when we had the chance and now we're all paying the price. We were too lenient, and now everyone's going to die, including your precious bloodsuckers.'

Seth whimpered at his sister's harsh words and Jacob growled from where he was waiting in the clearing with Nessie, 'Shut up Leah! We all made a choice, and neither Seth nor I regrets it. You are free to leave whenever you want. You know I won't force you to stay and fight for something you don't believe in, but you have to stop taking your frustration out on Seth; he's nervous enough as it is.'

'Hey!' whined Seth. 'I'm not nervous… I'm just a little agitated is all.'

Leah scoffed but dropped the subject and after a few moments Jacob gave a mental head-nod in approval, his thoughts instantly switching back to Nessie.

Before Seth had a chance to begin worrying anew he felt Jacob's attention being drawn away from his imprint once more, this time towards Edward, who had turned suddenly away from Bella to face the far end of the clearing. His face held a look of deep concentration and everyone fell silent, waiting for him to speak. Finally, after a few short moments that seemed to drag on forever, Edward turned to look back at Bella, uttering the two words that everyone, vampire and wolf alike, had been dreading to hear.

"They're coming."

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