NOTE: Welcome, everyone, to my 60th fic, and I'm glad that this could be number 60. I would like to take a moment to say that this is a remake of my Yanagi Kotaro inspired fic "The Fallen Prince". I published the first chapter on April 14th, 2009; two years ago. Though this fic will be similar to that, it will have its own personal twist and be developed much better than the original. Rated T for now but may change to M later on. Tragedy/Romance due to the development that will happen between Fuji and Ryoma. I do not own these characters or the Prince of Tennis. Enjoy~

Unconscious Love

Life is such a precious thing. It's something we should cherish with all our being because we'll never know when it will be taken from us. Live every day as if it's the last and never regret the actions you make. Life is too short to just go and regret every mistake we make. I will live in this moment only to wake to find you gone. How unconscious are we to the feelings surrounding us? I want to take your hand in mine and pull you from this death-like state you've been placed in. Even if you're not the same, what I feel in my heart, this unconscious love, won't change. Open your eyes. This isn't your time. There is still so much left for you to see…

Time quickly ticked away as the morning's sun grew higher into the sky. Every minute that came and went caused the young Ryoma to rush even more through the house as he struggled to get out of the door. Fixing his white cap, he ran down the street and towards the school; trying to catch up with the time lost. Coming up to a street he had to cross, he raced onto the pavement without even thinking about stopping for the car that was speeding his way. The wailing of the horn forced Ryoma to turn his vision; catching sight of the oncoming car. Unable to get his body to move, all he could do was let out a painful scream as his body flew for the ground. The white cap that he had took the time to place perfectly on his head was tossed to the side to reveal his tangled, greenish-blue tinted hair; splashed now with red. Papers and school books were scattered as they floated out of his opened bag. With heavy breathing, his lids slowly closed over his honey colored eyes. His blood stained body went still as he fell unconscious.

Outside on the tennis courts of Seigaku, members of the tennis team ran around the fenced area. Tezuka, who had been pulled from his jog returned to the others and called them forward. Carefully, he scanned each of the boys and shook his head.

"It was just reported that a boy wearing a jacket from our tennis team was rushed to the hospital," Tezuka crossed his arms in front of his chest and did all he could to keep his composure. "He was struck by a speeding car while crossing the street."

Eiji jerked his head around in order to see those around him. Noting that one young boy wasn't there, he tugged on Oishi's sleeve. "Ochibi is missing! He isn't here!"

"We can't just assume it was Echizen. The best thing to do ri―" Tezuka's words drifted as he heard the clank of a tennis racket hitting the ground. Rushing by his side and out of the courts was Fuji; breathing heavily in an odd panic. "Fuji!"

"Maybe it's best if we end the rest of practice early. At this rate, it doesn't seem like anyone will be able to focus," Oishi pulled himself away from Eiji; causing him to pout.

"Regulars will meet after school. Go get ready for class," Tezuka turned his head and he listened to everyone's footsteps. Looking back, he nodded to himself before following the others towards the clubhouse where they were to change and ready themselves for the rest of the day.

Down the curving streets, Fuji ran at his top speed to the hospital. Reaching the large building, he took a few gasps of air before entering. His mind was filled with chaotic, racing thoughts as his eyes flickered around the room. Noting the desk off to the side of the room, he took a few steps towards it; only to have a hand tug on his shoulder.

"You're one of Ryoma's teammates," a tall and rather scruffy looking man peered down at the boy. "If you want to chat with him, he's down in room ten. Doubt he'll give you much of a response though."

"Then it was Echizen who was―"

"Don't get so worked up kid. He might be in a coma right now, but he's a tough boy. I'm sure he'll come out of it just fine."

Fuji stared up into the man's eyes; shocked that he could just easily brush things away. "How can you just act as if things are fine?"

"I know my boy pretty well, and don't just think I'm sitting here without care. I'm worried about him too," he pulled his fingers through his short, dark hair. "What's your name?"

"Fuji Syuusuke."

The old man's eyes perked up at the sound of his name. "Is that so? Then maybe it will do some good for you to visit him. As I said, Ryoma's in room ten."

"Thank you… um…"

"Echizen Nanjiro."

"Right, Echizen-san, thank you," after slightly bowing, Fuji left the man to head for where Ryoma resigned.

Nanjiro let out a sigh and placed his hand to his forehead. "Ah, so he's the one Ryoma's always talking about. To come all this way… Fuji Syuusuke, you're one caring upperclassman."

Finding the room mark with the number ten, Fuji slipped his way through the opened door. Under the white covers and lying on a small bed rested Ryoma; his head and left arm wrapped carefully in bandages. To the side of the bed was a machine that gave off a rhythmic beep to match that of the young boy's heart. Gazing off to the other side, Fuji took sight of Ryoma's white hat, now covered in dirt, sitting on a chair with the blood stained jacket resting behind it. Fuji finally allowed for himself to walk in further and stand by the bedside; staring down at Ryoma's still body.

"To see you this way…" Fuji mumbled as he pulled his hand up and gently traced his finger around Ryoma's eyes. "I wonder if my words can be heard by you. If by chance you can, Echizen, I―"

The door creaked farther open as a young nurse came in. She pushed her long, black hair behind her ears and smiled towards Fuji. "I'm sorry, but I must ask you to leave while I check a few things on Echizen-san."

"Oh," the boy turned away from Ryoma and barely let his words slip from his lips. "Wake up for me."

When Fuji made his way to the lobby, he noticed a woman crying into Nanjiro's arms; Ryoma's mother. The sight stung his heart, and he forced himself out of the building before it became too much. His pain, he knew, could never match up to that of the parents who had to wait there for their son to wake from his death-like state. There was still a lump of uncertainty in his throat from the thoughts of the worst. To be placed in a coma may result in never waking up, and even if he was to, Ryoma may no longer be the same person he was before.

"Even so," Fuji placed his hands over his pounding heart, "it won't change this…"

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