Entry for "A Love Like Fire 2011"

Title: You Belong to Me

Author: TwidictedByrd

Beta: Lueefishes and callsignc30

Pairing: Edward/Bella

Rating: M for lemons, language and adult content.

Prompt: Eminem - I Love You More

Disclaimer: We do not own Twilight. Stephenie Meyer created the characters that we all wish we had thought of first.


The first time I saw Bella in junior high, she sashayed into the classroom like she ruled the world.

But I wasn't going to let shit go down that way.

This was my world and I was the king.

The first time I looked into those brown eyes, that bitch owned my soul.

She was going to be my queen.

She just didn't know it yet. And neither did the assholes that I saw looking her up and down like she was a piece of meat.

She was hot. She was what I wanted- what I would always want. And she would be mine, no matter what the cost.

I always get what I want. That damn Jake kid found that out the hard way.

I pounded that fucker to almost beyond the point of recognition after her first day of school, just for sitting with MY GIRL at lunch.

The next day, I more than made my intentions clear to all the rest of the dickwads who thought they could tap my girl, Bella.

I can still remember the first words I ever said to her.

"I'm Edward…Edward Cullen…and you're Bella. You're fucking mine."

I never knew I could see the chocolate in someone's eyes literally catch fire, but she wasn't gonna take that shit from me.

"I don't fucking think so," she told me.

She glanced over at Jake's badly bruised face, then back at me, quirking her eyebrows.

She saw his eye swollen shut as evidence of what I did, to show the entire world who she belonged to. And it would be something that she'd never forget.

To this day, the russet eyed queen that she is, never wastes an opportunity to remind me of the consequences if I don't give her what she wants, when she wants it.

Bella knows how to play her cards with me in order to get her way, and she plays them like a championship poker player.

Five years later, here we are seniors in high school and I showed her who the boss was, in more ways than one.

Bella and I are always going to be together.

I own her heart, soul and especially that kick ass body.

There's no fucking way she can deny that she's mine.

She's not waiting for me in front of the house, as I pull up in my silver Volvo S60, to pick her up for school.

Shit. She knows I can't be late today of all days.

I slam on the horn with both fists, over and over, until she finally decides to move her slow ass out the door.


That stupid prick! I fucking need to take this test NOW.

No way this is really happening to me.




I wipe the tears off with the back of my hand.

We'd always been careful.

The first time we fucked, (there is no other word for it), was the hottest, most intense, experience of my life.

He used a condom, even though I was on the pill.

The next time, things got heated so fast.

Before I knew it, I drew his cock inside me and before he knew it, Edward was slamming into me so hard; almost making me blackout with pleasure.

No condom.

As soon as he finished, he shoved me away.

"Fuck. God Dammit! Shit. I can't believe you! No condom! Are you trying to get pregnant to keep me?" Edward screamed at the top of his lungs.

"What? I am pretty sure you were there with me when that was happening, Edward. I'm on the pill you know, nothing is going to happen you ass!"

He drew back his hand back and punched the wall beside my head leaving a huge hole.

I was totally shocked.

I jumped from the bed and pulled his t-shirt over my head.

I threw the lamp from my side table and it shattered as it hit the wall above his head.

"Don't. Ever. Act. Out. In. Anger. Around. Me. Again." I gritted my teeth as I spat the words at him like venom.

He threw the lamp to the floor, and grabbed at his head.

It was bleeding.

Good. Maybe he'll have a scar to remind him to keep his damn hands to himself and control his fucking anger around me.

"Jesus, Bella. I'm bleeding."

He got up from the bed and came to stand in front of me.

He reached towards me and I pulled away.

"Good." I told him.

"Bella, baby, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you. I wasn't thinking. I love you. You know I'd never hurt you."

He stepped closer to me and ran his hands through his bronze sex hair (there's really no other word for it and I loved to run my hands through it every opportunity I got).

Those sinful green eyes, full of what looked like sorrow, lured me in like they always do.

Like magnets, we are always drawn together even in anger.

His hands reached out and he gently stroked my cheek where he'd hit me.

Those eyes, that touch, and my whole body was on fire, again.

"I just… damn, we're so young. You're mine. You belong to me, only you. I don't want anyone else to EVER take you from me. I'm sorry I freaked."

Before I knew it, "no condom" action was happening again.

Sex was just so much better without a condom, for both of us. So we agreed not to use them anymore.

I took those damn pills religiously at the exact same time everyday like clockwork!

I wasn't going to be like my mom and get knocked up in high school and have to get married.

I saw how that story ended and it wasn't happily ever after.

Since the divorce when I was a year old, my mom Renee and my dad Charlie didn't even talk to each other anymore unless it was about me.

It never failed that every conversation ended in a shouting match; even if it was to decide the color of my birthday cake.

I looked at the box.

Five more minutes.

That's all I needed and I would know if this was a nightmare or just a dream.

Alice. I know Alice will help.

He honked the horn again and again.

I put the box under my bed, grabbed my backpack and camera bag and headed out to Edward.


As she finally walked out of the house, I rolled my eyes. She jerked open the car door and threw her bags in the backseat. I sped away from her house.

"You know, I've got neighbors. No need to wake up the damn neighborhood," she snapped at me.

"What-fucking-ever! Thanks for fucking gracing me with your presence this morning," I said sarcastically.

"You know that I can't be late today. We've got a team meeting before school for tonight's state championship football game."

"Oh I forgot the world totally revolves around you and fuck anyone else, right?"

"What the hell is your problem?" I screamed at her.

"Nothing, Edward. Absolutely, nothing that you would give a shit about. Alice and I have yearbook deadline early next week and we need to include coverage for tonight's game," she rushed out.

"It's a lot of planning and since she's the editor, I need to know what pictures she needs me to take tonight."

"Oh, baby, there is only one person you need pictures of tonight and that's me," I said. "I'm the fucking star, the quarterback."

As I pulled into the school parking lot, I parked next to my sister Alice's yellow Porsche.

I leaned into Bella, my breath spread across her face and she shivered.

I grabbed her face so she was looking at me.

"God, I love how your body shows me that you belong to me." I kissed her hard as she melted into me.

"If I had the time, I would take you right here in front of everybody," I rasped.

She was breathing heavily, trying to compose her traitorous body - the body that is really mine.

I opened my door, leaned across and quickly kissed her again.

"I've got to go baby. The team is waiting. See you soon."

I winked at her and headed into the building.


I sagged in the seat of Edward's Volvo after he left.

It was insane the pull he had on me and my body.

It's like I wasn't even my own person when he's around.

My body always gave him exactly what he wanted, even if it wasn't what I wanted.

God, I so didn't want that stick to say yes.

After I was as composed as I could be, I grabbed my bags and trudged into the school to the yearbook room.

Alice was slaving away on the computer as I entered the classroom.

"Bella!" She yelled animatedly as she ran toward me and hugged me.

"I'm so glad you're here! We have so much planning to do. This state game coverage has to be perfect, absolutely perfect. I know with your photography skills you're going to get some outstanding pictures tonight. I especially can't wait to see the pictures of Edward."

"Slow down. Breathe, Alice. We have plenty of time."

After Edward and I started dating, I quickly fell in love with not only Edward, but his family. His sister Alice became my very best friend and the sister I had always wanted and never had.

I sat down in the chair, dragging the computer mouse across the screen, while my thoughts strayed to the box under my bed.

"Bella, what is it? What's wrong?" She looked at me with concern in her eyes, as she gently touched me on my arm and sat down next to me.

"Alice, it's Edward. I…." I hesitated and looked around the room.

There was no one else here.

I knew that she would keep my secret from Edward until I was ready to tell him - if there was even anything to tell him.

I looked around one more time towards the classroom door, as the hair began to stand up on the back of my neck. But there was no one there.

I was just being paranoid.

"Alice, I'm late," I murmured.

"No. Bella, you were early today, just like I asked."

"Alice, not that kind of late," I whispered. "I think I may be pregnant."


Damn coach. He called us in to school an hour early to tell us to kick ass tonight.

Like that wasn't going to happen.

There was still enough time before school started. I could take Bella into the woods behind the school for a quick fuck.

I needed to work off some of this energy that was streaming through my veins, and my girl's pussy was the best place to do that.

I knew my sister would have her working away on the computer the second that she walked through the door.

Bella wouldn't mind if I gave her a little break that would definitely relax her and help her deal with my sister's deadline demands.

As I neared the room, I heard her say my name.

I felt myself getting hard. Damn, I needed Bella and I needed her now.

I waited outside the door to try to calm myself. My sister didn't need to see my cock at full attention.

Bella's voice got softer.

I was so in tune with her, that I could hear her like she was standing next to me.

The next words I heard had me bunching my hands into fists.

I could hear my heart pounding rapidly in my ears like a drum.

"Alice, not that kind of late. I think I may be pregnant."




I'll show her.

Oh, I'll show her good.

I went outside and headed to the football field where the cheerleaders are practicing. I am going to get my "game" on tonight in more ways than one.


"Oh, Bella." Alice hugged me gently to her.

"Have you taken a test yet? How did Edward take the news?"

"I was going to this morning, but I totally forgot about Edward's team meeting. I've got a test under my bed. Alice, I can't tell Edward yet. Please, please, please promise me you won't say anything."

"But Bella…"

"He will freak the fuck out, Alice. I can't, I won't say anything until I know if there is even anything to bother telling him. Please…."

"If you're sure, I won't say a word." She hugged me again.

I could see fear and sympathy in her eyes.

I knew that Edward's eyes would be telling a different story if he knew.

"I'm sure, Alice."

"I'm here for you no matter what, Bella. I consider you my sister. We will get through this, together."

"I know."

"OK. We can't do anything now. You are still planning on riding to the game with me tonight, right? You're truck would turn that hour long trip into a week and a half trip," she said trying to lighten up the mood.

I rolled my eyes at her. "Alice, I know that you just want to be your speed demon self in the Porsche."

"I'll take you home right after school. You can take the test then, since Charlie won't be home and Edward will be on the bus with the team. Can you wait until then?"

"Yes, Alice. I think I can. Enough about me, what do you need from me today?"

She began to tell me all the things we needed to do, and about the pictures I needed to take.

I nodded my head trying to pay attention.

My nerves were humming.

I needed a distraction.

I needed to calm down.

I needed Edward.

My nerves continued to drive me crazy.

Where was Edward? He wasn't in class.

I guess the coach was taking this game seriously.

He probably had Edward watching hour after hour of video footage of their competition.

No way he could know what was going on and be avoiding me. Alice didn't tell him. I didn't tell him.

I needed to relax. I'm sure I'd see him at lunch.

As I entered the cafeteria with Alice, there was no sign of Edward. We went to the table and sat down.

"Alice, have you seen E? I haven't seen him since before school this morning."

"No, Bells. With the big game today, there is no telling what my crazy brother is up to. We both know how he loves to be the center of attention and he is probably just waiting to make his grand entrance."

"What's wrong, Bella? Can't you keep Edward?" A voice sneered from behind me.

Tanya. Fucking Queen Bee Head Cheerleader with her blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and killer figure. She loves to flaunt her huge silicone tits (yes, we have proof they are silicone, before and after yearbook photos) in the face of any man under the age of 50.

"Shut the hell up, you skank whore," Alice said to her in an almost menacing voice before I could even find mine.

"Oh, please. Just shut your virgin, nerd ass mouth up!" Tanya shrieked at Alice, who took the muffin from her tray and threw it in Tanya's face.

I laughed. Hard.

Tanya literally stuck her nose up (also surgically enhanced) and sauntered away.

"Thanks, Alice. I just don't have it in me to fight with that slut today."

"Don't worry about it, Bella. You know I've always got your back."

She smiled and grabbed my hand and gently squeezed, trying to reassure me.

Unfortunately, her touch wasn't the one that my body was craving.

The rest of the day passed in a total blur and still no Edward.

Now I was really starting to worry.

I NEEDED Edward.

After the last bell, I trudged out to the parking lot to wait for Alice.

I kept anxiously glancing around for Edward as Alice finally made her way to her car.

"Bella, are you ready to find out?"

I swear that I almost jumped out of my skin when she spoke those words. "Let's do this."

We waited together, sitting on my bed holding hands. Alice's silence is what I needed at that moment.

Those five minutes felt like it lasted an eternity.

"It's time," I told Alice as I glimpsed at the clock.

I held my breath on the short walk to the bathroom. What I saw caused what breath I'd been holding in to rush out of my body.

Two words made all the weight I'd been feeling for days lift from my shoulders.

Not pregnant.

Despite the results, as Alice and I were on the way to the game, something felt off, way off.


I don't think we've ever gone this long without talking to each other since we started dating.

I knew that he had a lot riding on tonight's game. College scouts would be watching him tonight.

His, no, our future was on the line tonight. Of that, I had no doubt.

Alice had pulled some strings and gotten me a sideline pass, so I could be closer to the action to take photos.

There wasn't an empty seat on either side of the stands. I kept wishing that I could be filled with the excitement that I felt radiating throughout the stadium.

The announcer began and I felt the butterflies turn to elephants in my stomach, as the Forks team ran through the banner onto the field, with the band playing the school fight song and the fans standing on their feet cheering and screaming.

Through the lens of the camera I finally saw him for the first time since he dropped me off at school this morning.

I could never get enough of Edward's body and in that football uniform, he was beyond beautiful.

I imagined myself running my hands over those sculpted abs and that finely toned ass.

I stopped myself and refocused my attention on my job for tonight, taking pictures.

I lost myself in the world I saw through the lens.

I watched the offensive lineman, Edward's twin Emmett, knock player after player flat on their asses as he protected Edward.

I also listened to the crowd get louder and louder, as the score got higher and higher, and the time on the clock got lower and lower.

Suddenly, the crowd began to rush the field as Forks won the game in a landslide victory.

I was filled with such pride as I saw Edward raise the trophy above his head. I snapped shot after shot of his elated face and kept waiting for some kind of signal from him.

I cringed as I saw that red-headed whore throw her arms around him and suddenly I felt Edward's eyes on me.

He was smirking at me and winked.

I watched as he hugged her back and whispered something in her ear.

Tanya giggled.

I was almost shaking as I began to fill with fury.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I needed to get away and I needed to find Alice.

The crowd seemed to be closing in on me.

I don't know how long I stayed looking for her, but I finally began to head to the parking lot, still taking pictures of the fans celebrating.

I watched as the team, and unfortunately the cheerleaders, load onto the bus.

I picked up the camera from around my neck and zoomed in on the inside of the bus.

I continued clicking the button until the image in front of me slowed the beat of my heart.

I watched as red hair filled the back window seat with a huge smile on her face.

I saw my future, what I thought was my future, sitting beside her.

Those jade eyes were filled with lust….for her.

I watched as his huge hands grasped her head and pulled her to him for a passionate kiss.

She threw her arms around him and I could feel the edges of my world blur around me.

As the bus began to pull out, I saw Edward guide Tanya's head down into his lap.

My heart stopped.

My knees gave out.

I crumbled to the ground as I saw the look of ecstasy appear on Edward's face.

As darkness closed around me, I thought I heard someone scream my name.

My vision was hazy as I came to and I heard Alice's frantically worried voice.

"Bella, Bella, what happened? Are you ok? Do you need a doctor? What can I do?"

She was holding my hand and had my head propped up on her jacket.

I struggled to find my voice as I began to sit up.

"Edward," I said in an empty voice. "Edward and Tanya."

I didn't really remember the drive home or how I got into my bedroom.

My always dependable Alice helped me get undressed and got me into bed. At least there was one Cullen I could count on.

"Bella, where's Charlie?"


"Charlie, your dad, is he going to be home?"

"He's not going to be here tonight," I said blankly. "He's working the night shift because of the game."

"Bella, you are really scaring me here. You're not crying or anything. Please, please tell me what I can do to help you."

"I think I just need to be alone." I couldn't even look Alice in the eyes. "Please. I need to think - really think about everything."

"How about I make you a deal, Bella? I'm going home for a bit to make an appearance at the party, that I have no doubt that certain relatives of mine are probably having as we speak. I will get some things and be back in an hour to spend the night."


"Bella, you're my best friend. I love you. I don't want to leave you alone. I know that you're hurting and I want to be here for you, even though my asshole brother is the reason for your unhappiness."

I hesitated, but I knew there was absolutely no stopping Alice when she was on a mission.

"Fine, Alice. You can come back and stay with me. Thanks."

I tried to put some heart-felt feeling in my voice as I added, "I love you, too. You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for."

I used what strength I had left in me to hug Alice.

"See you soon, Bells." She gently shut my bedroom door as she left.

As I lay in my bed, the image of Tanya and Edward kept playing over and over in my mind.

I loved him more than my own life.

He was mine, just as much as I was his.

Without him, who am I?

Do I even exist without Edward?

Could I exist without Edward?

I couldn't cry.

There were no tears for me to shed.

I was numb.

Was I even alive anymore?

When I felt my heart stop, had it stopped for good?

I dug my fingernails into my arms. I felt no pain, but there was some blood.

Can you bleed if you're dead?

He was gone, for good.

I could feel hollowness in my chest where my heart had once been.

It was like someone had reached in and ripped out my heart and I was left with utter emptiness.

Edward was my heart.

He had taken it with him as he had his little escapade with Tanya.

I had loved him with everything I had and I thought he loved me too.

I used my fingers again to dig into my chest to try to see if I could find the love-filled heart that beat for Edward, always for Edward.

All that happened was a trickle of blood from the tracks of my nails.

Still, I could feel no pain.

He was gone.

I was also gone.

I was just a hollowed out shell of a person without him.

Shells can't live unless they are filled with a life.

Edward had stolen that from me tonight.

I needed to feel something, anything. How can I feel again?

I got up from my bed and went to Charlie's closet. I knew where he kept his extra guns in a locked combination box.

As I grabbed the box, I turned the dials, over and over.

Dammit! I couldn't remember the combination.

I threw the box back into the top of Charlie's closet and collapsed on his bed.

"He's gone. I'm gone." I kept repeating to myself over and over.

The bathroom.

I looked in the medicine cabinet. No pills, only aspirin.

I felt no pain, so aspirin wouldn't work at all.

At the back of the cabinet I saw it, the razor blade. It was new. That meant it was sharp. Sharp meant I could feel, right?

I took the blade back to my room and sat on the bed - the same bed that I had spent so many hours in with Edward - talking, sharing our secrets, fighting, fucking and making love.

He's gone. I'm gone.

I put the blade to my wrist.

I begin to see blood trickle from it. I get ready to apply even more pressure.

Where was the pain?

"Bella, no!" Alice screamed at the top of her lungs.


We won. I had to have my head in the game.

No time to worry about Bella and her bullshit.

Scouts were out tonight, and Emmett and I want to get picked up by The University of Southern California. USC has the best football program in the nation.

I saw Bella, as I hugged Tanya. I made it a point to wink at her ass, too. I whispered in Tanya's ear to sit next to me on the bus. Tanya was more than ready to be a player in the next game I had planned for tonight.

As we all took our seats, I sat at the very back, waiting for Tanya.

Everyone else was at the front of the bus, holding the trophy, talking with Coach, patting each other's backs and shit.

"Congrats, E! Great game." She said, sitting down next to me.

"Thanks, Tanya." And I leaned over, and fucking kissed her.

She let out this sexy-ass moan, and I guided her head down towards my dick.

Tanya smiled, as she tugged on the drawstring of my uniform pants.

I lay my head back, as she pulls out my hard cock and licks the tip. "Fuck, that feels good."

I held her pony tail, as she took my whole length into her mouth. She sucked, licked, stroked and grazed her teeth along my shaft.

I felt my balls contract and said, "Ohhh fuck, Bella. I'm gonna cum..."

I groaned and came in my own hand, because Tanya snapped her head up and said, "What the hell did you just say?"

I reach over, grab her sweater, and clean myself up, smiling.

"Oh, come on Tanya. I'm sorry." I said, trying to hide my laugh.

"Screw you, Edward."

And with that, Tanya went to sit with the other cheerleaders near the front of the bus.

I get to my house and head upstairs to shower and change for the party.

Bella was supposed to meet me at my house with Alice, because my sister has to dress her.

Don't get me wrong, Bella is hot as fuck. But she doesn't care for shit like that, and Alice always has to go overboard for special occasions.

I got dressed, and made my way downstairs. I look around the room, and I see Alice talking to my dad. They're walking out of his office, and he has his medical bag in his hand.

"She wasn't out for long, dad." I heard Alice tell him.

"Did she hit her head when she fell?" Dad asked Ally.

"Al. Where's B? What's going on?"

Alice walks right up to me and clocks me right on my left cheek.

"You mother fucking asshole! How could you do that to her?"

I stood there stunned. I have no idea what she's talking about.

"Bella saw you on the bus with Tanya! She was looking through her camera lens, you stupid fuck!"

"It's not even that big of a deal, Alice. I was pissed at her. I heard her talking to you before school this morning about …" I shrugged my shoulders.


Right across my face again. She was strong for a little pixie.


Alice NEVER gets this mad. Her face is beet red.

"You are such an insensitive asshole! If you were a REAL man, you would have manned up and helped Bella! She was scared and needed you!"

The whole room was quiet. The only voice I heard was Jasper's, stifling his chuckle. Dick.

She got right up in my face and with a fury I didn't know she had, and whispered in my ear.

"She's not even pregnant! If you had been with her, you would have known that! But no, you're a selfish prick, thinking of no one else but yourself!"

My sister turned around and walked out the door with my dad.

Jasper came up and puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Don't hit me, E, but fuck, your sis it HOT! I'm going to marry her one day."

Emmett came up and smacked Jasper on the back of his head. "Ouch! That hurt, you giant fucking monkey man!"

"Jaz, last time I checked she was my sister too."

He tapped me on the arm. "What the fuck, E? Tanya? Jesus Edward, Bella has been nothing but good to you. Where in the hell was your head?"

"Em, man, Bella is it for me. You know she's mine, just like she should be. She belongs to me. Tanya is no big fucking deal. It's not like I slept with her."

Em and Jaz both looked at each other, then me. "Come on guys, seriously, it's no big fucking deal. It's time to party. Em, US-fucking-C man, it's ours!"

Emmett's faced filled with his huge shit-eating grin. "You're right. Let's party."

Shit. Were we having an earthquake?

As I opened my eyes the next morning, the world wouldn't stop spinning. I hadn't had a fucking hangover like that ever.

But man, we had to party. State champs and likely full rides to USC for me and Em.

As I got up and headed to the shower, I thought about Bella. Jesus, just saying her name made me rock hard.

While I washed the hangover stench off of me, I had to take care of business.

I firmly grasped my cock, picturing Bella's small hands stroking me from the base of my shaft, to the tip.

Her hooded hot chocolate eyes gaze up at me.

I could see her licking her lips, getting ready to surround my cock with their moist heat.

She licks the head, takes me into her mouth and hums with pleasure. She sucks me like her favorite lollipop and her hands gently squeeze my balls and my ass at the same time.

Jesus, my body shook as I came, hard.

Bella, I fucking needed to be in her and fucking soon.

I had to see her this morning to see if she is still pissed.

She is the ONLY one who belongs to me, and I need to set her shit straight on that.

Tanya was nothing. I mean, I'm a guy. A guy's gonna do what a guy's gonna do. (Whenever, wherever, however and most definitely whomever).

It's not like it was the first time that I let someone else suck my dick since I've been with Bella. But Bella is the only one I've ever fucked without a condom on. I lost my damn virginity so fucking early, that I'd been getting tons of action for a few years before I'd ever even met Bella.

When she's out of town without me or I'm out of town without her, I play. But I make sure the girls know the deal. I love Bella. She's the only one I will ever love, but fucking doesn't always have to do with love. Sometimes I've just got to get off and my dearest friend "Rosie Palm" was not always the option my body needed.

I decided to stop by the store. I picked up a box of Bella's favorite orange flavored chocolate (she loves citrus, especially lemons), and a bouquet of lilies.

As I pulled up to Bella's, I noticed Alice's car was still there, but there was no sign of Charlie. I gathered up the candy and flowers and knocked on Bella's door.


"Bella, no!"

Alice screamed at the top of her lungs. She ran to me, taking the razor blade from my hands and throwing it across the room.

"What the hell, Bella? What are you doing?"

Alice started to cry and grabbed me around the waist, burying her head against my shoulder.

I notice another set of hands as they grab my injured wrist. It's Carlisle.

"Bella, honey, what have you done? Let me see," he says in a gentle voice. I don't understand because I'm numb. There is no feeling throughout my body at all.

"Carlisle," I whisper. "I don't hurt. I can't feel anything at all."

"It's barely a scratch, Alice. Breathe," he says trying to calm her.

They don't understand, not at all.

I'm nothing.

There's nothing here to hurt.

"Are you hurt anywhere else, Bella?" he murmurs as he cleans and puts a small bandage on my wrist.

"I told you. I don't feel, anywhere," I mumble.

He grabbed my other arm and noticed the scratches. He cleaned those up as well, as Alice starts to calm down. I could hear her sniffling in my ear.

"Alice, she's going to be fine. Her injuries are merely scratches."

He kneeled down in front of me and took both of my hands in his. His eyes filled with love and concern.

"Bella, I need you to talk to me. You know we all love you. Why did you do this?"

I really didn't grasp what he was saying to me. "I'm not here anymore. He's gone. I'm gone. He's gone. I'm gone."

I feel Alice grab a hold of me tighter, as I take my hands from Carlisle and wrap my arms around myself and I begin to rock.

I keep whispering over and over. "He's gone. I'm gone."

"Jesus, dad, what the hell has E done to her?"

"Alice, I think she's in shock."

"Bella, Bella, please, please stop this. I'm here. I promise it's all going to be okay. Dad, should we try to find Charlie?"

"I don't know, Alice. I just don't know." Carlisle rubs his hands across his face and through his hair, messing it up. Like father like son.

Alice put her hands on my face and forces my head in her direction.

"Bella, you are a strong, independent woman. You don't need a man to exist. You are an incredible, loving person and my brother is a complete jackass. You can get through this. I'm not leaving you Bella. You are here and I'm not leaving your side, not until you order me away. You are here, do you hear me?" she screamed at me.

"He's gone…." I knew when I closed my eyes that I was going to dream about Edward Cullen.

I woke up the next morning wrapped up in Alice's arms, my head on her lap.

She was sitting up in the bed looking down at me with worry-filled eyes.

God, I had the worse nightmare ever last night, I had screamed in my sleep or something.

What could have caused Alice to have eyes filled with what almost looked like fear?

I notice the bandage on my wrist. It wasn't a dream.

"Oh God no! Edward," I cried. I finally cried.

"Bella, please, it's okay. I'm here." Alice and I wrapped our arms around each other as I wept.

"Oh, Alice, how could he do that to me, with that bitch Tanya?"

Alice rocked me and rubbed her hands gently across my back.

"Shh, Bella. You're going to be okay. I promise."

"I just don't…" I shook my head trying to clear my mind and erase the picture of Edward and Tanya that had burned itself into my brain.


I got to the front door of Bella's house, and I knocked. No answer.

B and Ally were probably still asleep. I got the key from under the mat, and unlocked the door.

I made my way up to Bella's room and she was laying in Alice's lap.

"Bella?" Alice gives me the evilest look I've ever seen.

"What the fuck are you doing here Edward?"

"I came to talk to my girlfriend Al. Go home."

"Listen you mother..." Bella cuts off Alice before she can finish.

"Alice, Edward and I need to talk. Can you please leave us?"

"Bella, I don't think..."

"It's okay, Alice. I'll be okay," Bella says.

What the fuck? Alice acted like she couldn't leave me alone with my own girlfriend.

"Fine. I'll go home and shower, and be back in a few hours with something for you to eat."

"Thank you Alice. Love you," and Bella and Alice hugged.

Bella was sitting on the edge of her bed, and I walked over and sat down in front of her.

"I'm sorry baby. I brought you flowers and chocolate."

Bella took them out of my hands and threw them across the room.

"That stuff means nothing to me, Edward. How could you do that to me? To us? And with that skank ass whore?"

I sighed and mumbled, "I'm sorry, B. I just freaked out when I heard you talking to my sister yesterday before school."

Bella rolled her eyes at me and said, "And you didn't think to come and talk to me about it? Why do you keep thinking I'm trying to trap you? You know how my mom and dad turned out. I would NEVER do that to you. I know how much you want to play pro-ball, and a baby would ruin that for you."

"I know that, babe. I just panicked. I know you love me, and want what is best for our future too."

Bella stood up and started walking out of her room.

Under her breath, she said, "I don't even know if you are a part of my future anymore, Edward."

And she was gone.

"What the fuck does that mean Bella?" I yelled making my way down the stairs after her, two steps at a time.

"We can't keep doing this Edward. All we do is argue and fight. I thought I lost you last night. I can't keep holding my breath when it comes to where you're concerned."

"Don't be fucking stupid, B. I love you. Let me show you."


"Stupid! I'm the one who is fucking stupid? I don't think so! You. Stupid. Worthless. Mother. Fucker!"

I shoved him as we neared the bottom of the stairs, and he lost his balance and falls down.

I walked into the kitchen. I needed to get away from Edward and his bullshit, even if it was only for a minute.

I walked up to the cabinet to get a glass for some water and Edward grabbed me by the arm, spinning me around forcing me against the counter.

The glass fell to the floor and broke into pieces.

"Bella." I could hear his teeth grinding. He was a moron if he thought he could scare me. "You. Belong. To. Me."

"I belong to no one but myself, Edward!" I spat back at him.

I pounded him in the chest, trying to break free of his hold on me, not just the physical hold, but the emotional one, as well.

He pushed closer to me, as his hold on me tightened.

"Listen to what your body is telling you, B," he said as his voice changed to one filled with not only anger, but with lust as well.

I felt his erection as he pushed his lower body into me again and I shivered.

"Bella, you belong to me. You know it and I know it."

He reached up under my boxers and impaled me with his fingers. He pushed hard into me, as his fingers curled up to hit my g-spot.

I gasped.

He smirked and removed his fingers.

I groan.

"Edward…" He pulled me tighter against him, so close I'm not sure where he ended and I began.

"Look at this." He forced me to look at his glistening fingers that had just been inside me. "So wet for me, Bella. FOR ME!"

"My body may be betraying me Edward, because you know how to play it like a piano, but you lost my heart yesterday while you let that sorry excuse for a boob job suck on this dick."

I reached my hands down between us and squeezed his cock with all the strength I had.

He hissed and grabbed my hand, as I reached in and squeezed it in his pants. I continued to squeeze him, hard. Harder.

"Fuck, Bella." He slammed his mouth into mine. I bit his tongue and he pushed it into my mouth. "That's fucking it."

He held my head with both of his hands and kissed me again.

I could taste the blood in his mouth. My mind is telling me to find a way out of this - to find my way away from Edward. But my body began to succumb to him.

He reached down and ripped my boxers and underwear from my body and he pierced me with three fingers.

"Jesus, Edward." I moaned as he unzipped his pants and shoved them aside.

He was everywhere... kissing my neck, my face, my mouth, my stomach, never letting me go.

His grip was so tight. I knew that I'd have bruises all over.

He picked me up and carried me to the kitchen table, kicking the barstool out of the way.

He shoved everything from the table to the floor.

I heard even more glass breaking, including a jar of pickles that Charlie hadn't put away yesterday.

He threw me on the table, hard, causing me to hit my back.

I hit it so hard, I gasped for breath.

I tried to look up and he slammed my head into the table and pulled me to the very edge. His hands grabbed me by the ankles and threw my legs are over his shoulders.

His cock penetrated me so hard, so deep, that I think I may be ripping in half. There was pleasure and pain.

He continued to pound in me with all his strength, harder, harder. His fingers dug into my hips as he went deeper than I ever thought possible.

He picked up the pace, working my body into a frenzy. His thumb began to circle my clit, applying just the right amount of pressure.

I gasped, as I came hard all around him.

"That's right, B. Let it go." And I know I'm not finished. Edward continued rubbing my clit in circles, as he angled me so his cock is even deeper; hitting pleasure zones I didn't even know existed.

With one final, animalistic thrust, and a guttural moan, our bodies shook, sending us into an oblivion together, in a climax more intense than we'd ever shared.


"So do you forgive me, B?" I say as I'm getting dressed.

"No, Edward. What you did with Tanya is unforgivable. You betrayed my trust in you. Obviously I'm not enough for you."

"I think what we just did on your fucking kitchen table says otherwise. I told you I was sorry Bella!" I wasn't gonna kiss her ass and beg. Fuck that.

"Fine. You want it to be over? It's done. This is the last time you'll ever see me. It will be like I never existed."


"You'd leave me... just like that? As if we never meant anything to each other?" I choked back a tear.

"What do you want me to stay, Bella? I asked you to forgive me! I'm not gonna beg," Edward said.

"Please... I'm sorry. Please don't leave me. Please? Please, Edward!" I grasped at his hands, as he headed towards the door.

"You... you broke my heart. How am I supposed to get over that?" I sobbed.

"I don't know, Bella. You either do, or you don't. I can't make up your mind for you."

He turned, and walked out the door.

And just like that, my reason for living is gone...

Edward and I have been fighting for two weeks. He didn't get it. He cheated on me. We broke up right after championship game weekend.

I haven't seen Edward since Tyler asked me out to the movies a few days after the break-up.

Edward sat in his car the entire time I watched the film. I saw him when I walked out of the theater.

I grabbed my slushy drink, and slammed it onto his windshield.

Fuck him, if he thinks he has a say in what I do.

I didn't look back, as he started screaming, "YOU BETTER REMEMBER WHO THE FUCK YOU BELONG TO, BELLA!"

FUCK. THAT. I belong to no man.

My dad went fishing with Harry and Billy, so I was home alone. I threw in a load of laundry, and jumped into the shower.

I looked down, and inspected my legs. I really needed to shave. I didn't even remember the last time I needed to.

Suddenly someone was standing behind me, with their hands over my breasts. I jumped! It's Edward!

He smiled this devilish smile, and told me to turn around.

He reached for the body wash and loofah, and rubbed it all over me; paying extra attention to my hardening nipples, slowly circling each one. Then, he washes my hair - lathering and rinsing it for me.

I haven't said one word to him, this whole time.

He whispered in my ear, "Can I have you?"

A moan came out, and I nodded. Edward turned me around, and kissed my ear, my cheek, my neck.

He slowly made his way down my body and touched my entry. I'm already wet and ready for him.

He groaned and mumbled, "Fuck." Edward wrapped one of my legs around his waist, and entered me slowly.

Edward always knew exactly what to do. He started a beautiful rhythm. In and out. In and out. I held the wall with one hand, and his shoulder with the other.

Edward whispered how sorry he was in my ear. And just like that, all is forgotten.

I felt my body start to tremble, as he circled my clit, and I held on for dear life, as I rode out my orgasm.

Edward came not long after I did, grunting, "I fucking love you, Bella. I love you."

We collapsed to the bottom of the tub, and Edward pulled out of me, as we sat and caught our breaths.

He turned the water off and grabbed two towels. Wrapped one around me, one around his waist, and walked us toward the bed.

Edward then started to dry me off. He even dried and brushed my hair.

We didn't bother dressing, as we climbed into bed and he wrapped his arms around me, and the sound of his breathing lulled me to sleep.

Just as I neared the state of unconsciousness, I thought to myself, "I love it when Edward is attentive towards me. This is the man that I love."

But nothing lasts forever... And I'm out. I'm finally done with him. It's over.

At school the next day, I spent my lunch hour pounding away at the computer working on yearbook deadline.

Being in the cafeteria was just too awkward. I could feel Edward's presence everywhere I looked.

I was so engrossed in my work I didn't notice when someone walked into the room. I heard someone clear their throat and I jumped out of my seat and screamed.

"Bella, I'm sorry. I thought you heard me."

It was Mike, Mike Newton. He was on the football team. He was the second string quarterback - the All-American boy with blonde hair and sea blue eyes.

Even though he was on the football team, he was NOT friends with Edward.

Everyone knew he hated the fact that Edward was the one who was always in the spotlight.

Newton wanted that spotlight and he wanted it bad.

"It's okay, Mike. I was just in the zone." I got up out of my chair and looked at him as I leaned against the computer desk.

"Yes, well, how's the yearbook coming?"

He was nervous about something and it made him look even more adorable. He shoved his hands into his letterman jacket.

"It's going great, Mike. Thanks. I think it's going to be the best yearbook that Ally and I have put together yet."

I grinned at him and he grinned back.

"That's good, really good. Ummm, Bella, I was wondering," his voice trailed off and he looked down.

"What, Mike, is everything okay?" I walked toward him and gently placed my hand on his arm. He looked up at me, smiling even bigger and he placed his other hand on mine.

"I was wondering if you would, well, would you like to go out with me?"

I needed a distraction from Edward and all of his bullshit and this might just be the way to do it.

Edward and I are done. Finished. It's time for me to do something for myself for once.

Mike was handsome. He was sweet.

His fingers stroked my hand and I actually felt something that I thought I couldn't feel for anyone but Edward.

"Sure, Mike. I'd love to go out with you."

His face lit up with excitement.

"Great, that's great, Bella. When, uh, when would you like to go out?"

"I don't have any plans at all, other than being Alice's yearbook slave." I laughed and he laughed with me.

It almost felt strange to have this kind of camaraderie with a man. It was comfortable, easy - maybe even too easy.

"How about tonight? We could do dinner and a movie in Port Angeles."

"Sounds good, Mike."

He gently pushed my hair behind my ear, his hand lingering on my cheek, his thumb gently stroking it.

I wondered to myself how those fingers would feel stroking my body somewhere else.

I remembered how Edward's fingers stroked my body and had to clear my head.

I put my hand on his cheek and said in my most seductive voice, "How about you pick me up at six?"

I ran my hand down his neck, his chest, to the waistband of his pants. He swallowed thickly.

"Yes, six o'clock. I can't wait, Bella."

He rubbed his thumbs across my lips and I lean in and suddenly my inner-seductress is cock blocked by my best friend.

"Bella, I've got those pages ready…" Alice trailed off as she entered the room and saw Mike and I and what she just interrupted, causing Mike and I to separate.

"See you tonight, Bella," he said as he left the room, his voice deep, almost sultry.

"Bella, what the hell," Alice grabbed my arm and pulled me to sit down with her. "You and Newton? What about Edward?"

"Ally, I've told you over and over again. We. Are. Over. Done. I can't trust him. I can't be with someone I can't trust."

"And you think you can trust Newton? You know how he feels about Edward."

"Al, I don't know, but I have to do something. Edward and I together, well, we are just…it's too much. I need something else."

"Edward is going to…"

"Alice. I love you and you are my best, very best friend. I know Edward is your brother and you love him, but he's out of my life now. I'm moving on."


That was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.

Had Cullen's damn sister not come in the room, it could have been Bella and I being the ones who were cumming.

Cullen thought he was king and that he gets what he wants, when he wants it. I've been biding my time, waiting.

As soon as I heard he and Bella were on the outs, I knew this was it.

It was my time to get something that Edward thought belonged to him.

Bella is going to be one hot fuck. Tanya thinks she is all that, but Bella, well, Bella is hotter than she gives herself credit for.

I headed to the cafeteria to hang with Tyler and Ben. Cullen was sitting at the table across the aisle from us.

"Hey, Newton. What took you so long?" Ben asked.

"I had an errand to take care of," I told him. I knew that I had a huge grin on my face.

"You are awfully happy about something, Mike. What gives?" Tyler asked.

"I've got a date tonight." I looked across the aisle. I wanted to see his reaction to my words.

"I'm going out with Bella tonight."

Edward grabbed the edges of the table in a fury. I could see his knuckles begin to turn white.


Fuck you, Cullen.

I gave him my biggest smile.

I saw him shove away from the table and leave the cafeteria.




Bella knew how I felt about him.

She knew I hated him with every fiber of my being.

She wanted to play that game? I can play it better, longer and harder than anyone.

I see Jessica walking down the hall toward me and she gave me an almost too warm of a smile.

"Hi there, Jessica."

I know how to use that "fuck me now" voice.

I've gotten it down to an art form.

She stopped next to me and glanced at me from under her lashes.

"Hey, Edward. What's up?"

I stepped close to her and wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her to me.

"Well, Jess, I seem to be getting up right now."

I lowered my voice and grabbed her hand leading it to my zipper.

She sighed as she felt my cock getting harder.

"Edward, I would hate to see you suffer. Is there something I could do to help you with your, not so little problem?"

She rubbed her hand firmly over my cock and she leaned into me, whispering in my ear, her other hand rubbed across the button of my jeans.

Damn, this was almost too easy.

"Jess, that's quite the offer. Let's fucking go." I grabbed her hand and she giggled.

I found the nearest empty classroom and locked the door.

I didn't need much time.

I slammed Jessica against the wall, kissing her neck. I shoved up her shirt and began to kiss her nipples through her bra.

"Oh yes, Edward. I'm yours." It's not Jessica's voice that my brain hears. She is not the one who is mine.

She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pulling my dick free of its confinement.

I pulled a condom out of my back pocket. Jessica ripped the packet open and sheathed me. Her hand stroked my entire length.

I lifted her skirt and wrapped her legs and around my waist and shoved her underwear aside. I slammed my dick into her.

"Oh, uhhh, Edward. Harder, harder."

She wanted it hard…that's exactly what she got.

I grabbed her hair hard and I hammered myself into her, even though it was not her body that I was fucking.

It didn't take me long and with one last thrust, I finished.

I knew she wasn't, but I didn't give a shit.

I stepped back from her, grabbed a Kleenex of the teacher's desk and got rid of the condom.

"Edward, what the fuck? What about me? I didn't cum." She whined.

Fucking whined like a damn baby.

"Jessica, you said you'd take care of my problem. I didn't say a damn think about taking care of yours."

The bell rang as I unlocked and sauntered out the classroom door, Jessica was not far behind me, telling me to go to hell.

As I finished adjusting my clothes, I look up and see Bella across the hall. She stopped in her tracks as she looked first at me and then at Jessica.

She knew what the fuck went down.


Fuck. Her.

I shrugged my eyebrows at her and turned and walked away.


So it was like this now.

I would always love Edward, but I just couldn't see a way for us to be together.

Not right now anyway.

Edward wasn't the only one who could play games.

I had learned from the best.

Edward knew how to play me emotionally, physically.

I knew that I had the power to play Mike physically too.

As I got ready for my date with Mike, I knew exactly what I planned to do and how far I would go.

I found my blue blouse and frilly skirt that Alice had picked out for me.

It was one of Edward's favorites. He and Alice always told me that I looked hot in it.

Edward and I rarely made it passed the bedroom when I wore it.

I hoped that would be the case with Mike tonight.

I didn't want to appear too eager when Mike arrived, so when Charlie yelled at me to tell me that he was here, I finally descended the stairs almost ten minutes later.

I saw Mike's eyes almost bug out of his head when he saw me.

"Bella, you look beautiful." He almost stuttered.

I was feeling pretty smug.

He got up from the couch and handed me a dozen roses.

"Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl."

"Thanks, Mike. That's really sweet. Let me go to the kitchen and put them in some water."

Roses, fucking roses? I hate them, but I wasn't about to piss Mike off when there was something that I really wanted from him.

As I got to the kitchen, I heard someone behind me clear his throat - Charlie.

"Bells, I know you say you and Edward are over, but you said you loved him. You were together a long time. Don't you think you should take a break and take time to get over him?"

"Char—Dad, I know what I'm doing. I promise." I smiled and touched his arm gently.

"A part of me will always love Edward."

I wondered to myself if it would really always be Edward for me, but the pain we caused each other was just so unbearable.

I felt my heart tumble in my chest at that thought.

"I think the best way to get over Edward is to get out and spend time with other people. You used to gripe at me that I spent too much time with Edward."

I knew that line would do the trick and Charlie would change his tune.

He cleared his throat again.

"Maybe you are right, Bells. Have a good time and try not to stay out too late."

"I will." I kissed him on the cheek and he blushed.

"Don't wait up, Charlie. I'll be fine."

I went back to the living room and Mike met me at the door.

"Are you ready, Mike?"

He grinned. It's almost like he read the hidden meaning to my question.

"Oh, Bella, I'm very ready."

He gently reached for my arm and guided me out of the house.

The restaurant in Port Angeles was one I had been to very often with Edward.

No matter where I went or what I did, I couldn't get away from Edward.

Mike requested a booth for us. Since it was circular we were able to sit close, very close.

I order my usual, mushroom ravioli. Mike ordered spaghetti and meatballs.

The conversation with him was easy, yet filled with sexual tension.

He would lean close to me and whisper in my ear.

I would do the same and place my hand and gently rub on his upper thigh.

I felt him shiver as my hand neared his dick.

I loved this power I had over him in this moment.

I was the one who was in charge and I made sure that he knew it.

My hand would almost touch him then wander away.

I took his hand and placed it on my thigh and he grinned wickedly, moving circles on my leg while my hand held his in place.

"You're driving me bonkers, Bella," he whispered. "Are you ready to go?"

"Sure," I whispered back in his ear and nipped his earlobe. His entire body quivered.

Even though it was almost winter in Forks, the drive-in movie theater was still open for a few more weeks.

There were few options for entertainment in the small town, so owners always thrived on making as much money as possible.

Mike pulled in the back row towards the outside.

Since the theater allowed you to program your radio to a station to hear the movie, Mike kept the car running with the heat on after he parked the car.

I unbuckled my seat belt and scooted next to Mike, running my hand down his arm.

"Mike, this was a great idea." I leaned in and kissed his neck, bit gently and ran my tongue over the same spot.

"Fuck, Bella. You're driving me crazy."

He turned towards me and put his hands on my cheeks. I looked at him with hooded eyes.

He was playing right into my hands, literally, as I ran my hand over his hardening cock.

I licked my lips and finally his lips were on mine. He began to worship me.

How long had it been since I had felt Edward worship my body like this?

I don't know that he ever had. Mike was so gentle. I guided his hands where I wanted them to go.

Under my shirt, on my breasts, under my skirt, along my inner thighs and up to my hot center.

I kept my eyes closed, imagining someone else's hands there, making me wet and ready for Mike.

He was kissing me hungrily.

"Mike," I broke away from him. "I need you. I need your mouth on me."

I'm pretty sure I heard him moan, "Fuck, yes," as I now guided his head to my breasts.

He took his time, paying equal attention to both breasts, nipping with his teeth and gently easing the ache he created by twirling his tongue around my nipples.

I keep his hand working my pussy, finally guiding his fingers underneath the plastic band of my thong. He hissed.

I begin to push his head lower. He knows what I want and looks up at me and smiles. "Bella, I always knew you'd be like this."

He pushed me towards the passenger door and I opened my legs wide for him as he raised my skirt to my waist.

He rubbed both of his hands on my bare ass and grasped my thong and began to pull it down my legs.

He licked his way back up my legs, my knees, my inner thighs.

"Mike, stop fucking playing with me. I want your mouth on my pussy now."

His fingers open my entry and his tongue begins to drive into me, from top to bottom, bottom to top.

I felt his teeth nip at my clit and it's my turn to groan.

"Yes, like that. Exactly like that. Use your fingers too Mike."

He first inserted one finger in me as his tongue and teeth worked my clit.

"At least two fingers!" I said in an almost harsh voice.

He complied. "Harder, harder," I ordered him.

It has never taken me this long to come before.

Do I have to teach this stupid prick everything?

"Curve your fingers up, Mike, and push as hard as you can!"

Finally, after what feels like forever, I felt my walls begin to clench.

As I finally came, I saw the overhead light come on and hear Mike yell, "Let go of me you asshole!"

I looked up to see Edward dragging Mike from the car.

"Keep your damn hands off her!" Edward growled with fury and he began to punch Mike.

Mike, too stunned, couldn't get any hits in on Edward. I stumbled my way out of the car.

"Edward, stop! You have to stop this right now!" I screamed.

A crowd started to gather and I heard someone yell to call the cops.

Great, just what I needed.

"She. Belongs. To. Me!" Edward hit Mike with such force I'm almost certain I just heard his nose break.

There isn't a part of Mike's body that Edward's hands didn't damage.

I moved behind Edward and hit him in the back over and over.

"Edward, you have to stop. STOP! You are going to kill him! Let him go! Please, for me, Edward... Let him go."

I heard sirens in the distance. Tonight is so not turning out how I planned.

"Edward, now!" His hands finally released Mike, who crumbled to the ground.

Before I could get to him to check on him, an onlooker was looking over his injuries.

Edward turned around and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me against him.

"My hands are the only ones that should EVER touch this body. My lips, my everything! You belong to me, Bella," he snarled and my damn body already attempted to betray me.

I shook my head to try to clear my thoughts. "No, Edward, not anymore."

Jesus, I still love him. After Tanya, after Jessica.

What the hell was wrong with me? My brain must not work right.

"I know you love me," he murmured in my ear as he kissed my neck.

"Me. As I love you. You are it for me, Bella."

I could see the red and blue lights of the police car next to us now.

"What happened here?" the officer asked as he stood next to us.

Mike finally spoke. "Him," he pointed to Edward and whimpered in pain.

"He beat the shit out of me. I want to press charges."

Even through his haze of pain, I think I saw Mike smile as he demanded Edward's arrest.

Edward tried to lunge at Mike and the Port Angeles officer grabbed him and held him back. "Son, you need to stop now."

Edward reached back and hit the officer in the face.

Everything moved fast after that.

Edward was slammed against the hood of Mike's car, handcuffs slapped harshly on his wrists.

He screamed at the cops at the top of his lungs, fighting against the arresting officer.

He's wild, like a cougar on the attack.

"Edward, calm down, please," I ordered him. "You are making things worse. Please."

"Shut the fuck up, you slut!" He glared at me.

"You know who owns you and you were with that worthless bastard!"

I cringed at the painful words he was firing at me.

"Edward, no, I'm so sorry. It's only you. It's only ever been you." I began to cry and reach for him. "He means nothing to me Edward, nothing."

"Bella, you let him do things to you that are mine to do!" He yelled with utter viciousness.


"We're back here again, Edward? God, I fucking HATE you!"

Bella just asked where I've been, when I show up at her front door unannounced with a huge vase of 2 dozen Calla Lilies.

After my arrest, dad thought it best if we leave town for a while.

He paid the right people the right amount of money and after me promising not to do anything like this again, I was free as a motherfucking bird.

Dad thought I had a problem with my temper.

Sure, whatever.

I'd been gone two weeks. It was winter break, and I wasn't going to pass up hanging out with my boys in Aspen.

There was gonna be tons of Snow Bunnies in skin tight ski clothes.

Blistering wild sex with girls I don't even know, in front of a raging fire.

Now that's hot! I'm not going there with my girlfriend.

I was on single status while with those bunnies. (When I'm away from my girl's pussy, I've got to find someone for some "fun.")

Bella was my girl, even if she thought she wasn't.

My name is tattooed permanently on her heart, mind and soul.

"What? You fucking hate me? I swear to God Bella, the only way I'll fucking leave you alone is if I were dead."

I was tired of this shit. We have the same fucking arguments over and over again.

Bella threw the flowers I bought her, and the vase nearly grazed my head and slammed into the wall, shattering into tiny pieces.


Oh, she wants play like that? Okay then, let's see if she means what she says.

I ran after her and tackled her to her bed. She put up a fight.

She broke away from me and started to run down the stairs.

I smirked and ran after her.

As Bella reached the last steps, I grabbed her ankle and she fell on her face. She bruises easy, so I knew there would be a mark.

Bella ran out the front door, and I grabbed her arm and stopped her.

I had her by both arms and looked dead into her eyes.

"You wanna kill me?"

"No. I love you", she said.

Feeling like Dirty Harry, I pull out a 45 auto, from the waistband of my jeans and show it to Bella.

Her eyes are bugging out.

"You still love me? Make my day."

I cock the gun. "Take this." I try to hand it to her. She stared at me.

"You ready? 1.. 2.. 3.."

Two shots ring out...