Borrowed Time.

The first Matchmaker sequel story.

They survived Walpurgisnacht. They created a new destiny for each other. Borrowed time. How long will Miki Sayaka and Sakura Kyouko have?

I don't own Puella Magi Madoka Magica or the characters associated with the anime.

As with Matchmaker, this fic is rated M for language, violence, sexuality, and generally mature, sometimes graphic, and occasionally potentially triggery, themes.

She stood in silence. There was little for her to say. She could only look down at the simple memorial stone.

Kaname Madoka. 1996-2011.

Junko's cheeks were stained by mascara. She had cried all the tears she had, and now simply stood. At her side, Tomohisa stood, holding their young son Tatsuya. Little Tatsuya had cried as well, and now had his eyes closed, his head resting against his father's shoulder. He seemed to be breathing evenly, and was probably asleep. Tomohisa watched Junko closely. There was little he could do. He had cried as well. Probably this was all he would ever be able to do.

Kyouko stood to one side. She held Sayaka closely. It had been half a year since Walpurgisnacht. In that time the blue-haired girl had let her hair grow out, until it now reached just below her shoulder-blades. It looked nice, or so Kyouko thought. Now, of course, was no time to think of such a thing, but Kyouko couldn't help it. Maybe she had to keep her mind off of Madoka. Or maybe she had to keep her mind off the fact that, of all those here standing around the memorial stone, she alone hadn't cried. Kyouko wasn't certain.

Saotome Kazuko gently placed a hand on Junko's shoulder.

"Sorry," she whispered quietly, before turning to leave. There was little more she could do, or say. A family friend, Madoka's teacher, she had little contact with Junko even for all that. The last months had been difficult, but she, at least, had another dozen some children to focus on. Junko had only Tatsuya now.

Sayaka turned at last, wiping her eyes. She took Kyouko's hand, and walked slowly over to where Madoka's family stood.

"Sorry for your loss, Kaname-sama," she said quietly. Junko turned to her.

"You … you were with Madoka at the end?"

Sayaka nodded softly.

"Yes. I … well, Kyouko and I both. We … she stood up, Kaname-sama. She stood up to help her dear friend Akemi-san. I know that she died to protect her."

"But Akemi-san … she is gone also?"

"Yeah," Kyouko spoke up, "she had to leave. I don't think she could stand being here without Madoka. Not after what she did for her."

Junko shrugged, and looked back down at the memorial stone.

"I've never felt like she was dead. My Madoka … I won't really accept that she's gone. Not .. not until we find her. Find her and lay her at last to rest."

Sayaka glanced at Kyouko. They both knew that could never happen. Madoka's body had vanished when Walpurgisnacht's barrier collapsed. It was the fate of a Puella Magi, to die unappreciated, to vanish from the world of humans, and to never be put to a proper rest. Maybe Madoka's spirit could look down at them, from wherever she was. Maybe she would be able to comfort her mother in her dreams. Maybe.

Kyouko squeezed Sayaka's hand.

"We … we gotta get going. Kaname-san … sorry."

Junko turned her gaze briefly on the redhead, and nodded.

Kyouko turned, and strode away, practically dragging Sayaka behind her. When the blue-haired girl finally managed to look at Kyouko's face, to question why she had so abruptly left … well, no words were necessary. Kyouko's eyes were leaking tears, tears that flowed down her cheeks and fell off her chin … Kyouko didn't want anyone seeing that.

The classroom was sombre. It was still on the minds of most students, how abruptly Madoka and Homura had been taken from them. The knowledge that the upperclass student Tomoe Mami, had vanished at the same time made it somehow even more frightening. Sayaka knew more than the others, and yet despite this loss she had a small spark of happiness in her life. Kyouko. The two had grown closer since Walpurgisnacht, and had vowed to live every moment as though it were their last.

"With Homura dicking with the time-line, you never know," Kyouko had pointed out.

Despite this vow, Sayaka found her home life smoothed out. Her parents, especially her mother, had started to at least trust Kyouko with their daughter's safety and happiness. The redhead was still as abrasive as ever, but she had come to terms with Sayaka's mother.

"Class," announced Kazuko, "I realize that things have been very rough on us for some time. Many of us have missed several days of class for various reasons, and … well, we have two missing classmate. But, I do have two pieces of good news to announce. The first is …."

She held up her left hand, beaming widely.

"It's a real diamond! I think this one is for real, and that is just the best news ever, don't you all think so?"

There were a few grunts of approval, and one or two of the more romantically inclined girls sighed in jealousy. Of course, everyone knew that this relationship would somehow end in disaster.

"Oh... yes. There is another piece of news as well. We have a transfer student to welcome to our class as well. Please?"

A fiery redhead entered the room. Her school uniform looked to be a size too big for her frame, and her stockings … one was at the proper height, just below her knee, but the other was inching down her shin. The overall effect was … sloppy. The unkempt nature of her hair, and the presence of a Pocky in her teeth, made a few students giggle.

"Yo. Sakura Kyouko. Nice to meetcha and … shit."

Kazumi blushed heavily as the students laughed.

"Young lady, we do not use such language in this classroom."

"Oh fu … er … yeah. Sorry. Hmmm, where shall I sit?"

She walked toward an empty desk immediately behind Sayaka's desk. With a smirk, she glanced at the blue-haired girl.

"Oh hey there, cutie, anyone sitting in this seat?"

Sayaka blushed several shades of red. She looked down at her desk. Kyouko stroked Sayaka's cheek, increasing her embarrassment, and the other students laughed. Kazumi cleared her throat, and Kyouko took her seat. She was going to enjoy this ….

Sayaka and Hitomi sat on the roof of the school. They were eating their lunch, and glancing from time to time at the doorway back down into the school. There was no problem with them being up here, but they were concerned. Kyouko and Kyousuke were supposed to be meeting them here. The two Kyous, as some wits in class were beginning to call them, had both needed to purchase a school lunch today, and were supposed to join them after doing so. They were apparently delayed.

"So," Hitomi said, "since we don't have to come in tomorrow I was thinking we could see a movie?"

"Oh. I think that sounds like a good idea," Sayaka said smiling, as she pushed hair out of her face. She had let it grow long since Walpurgisnacht, and while she liked it, she wasn't yet used to it. It kept getting into her mouth whenever she tried to eat thanks to the breeze.

The door opened, and Kyousuke limped out onto the roof. He held the door open for the fiery redhead, who scoffed.

"You don't have to do that, silly. Hell, I should be opening it for you."

"A gentleman holds a door open for a lady."

Kyouko laughed.

"Lady, huh? Never been accused of being that before."

She scampered ahead to sit beside Sayaka with a big grin. Sayaka shook her head and chuckled. The first time they had met, Kyousuke had been … pained. He was, of course, never going to play the violin again. Sayaka somehow had missed this fact, and continually purchased classical music CDs for him, thinking that hearing music would cheer him up. Kyouko had noticed his pain straight-off … and the love letter he had been writing to Hitomi.

Kyousuke sat down beside the green-haired girl. Somehow, despite their somewhat rocky start, the four had become close friends. It was probably because of Sayaka. The other three all loved her, more or less and granted in different ways. But the blue-haired girl was the social center of their group.

"We've been discussing going to see a movie tomorrow," Sayaka announced with a grin. Kyousuke nodded.

"That sounds like a nice idea."

Hitomi turned to him with a huge grin on her face.

"I was hoping you'd approve. Though … well, what do we see?"

"No god-damn chick flicks," Kyouko said with a frown. Sayaka giggled.

"Well, we have to see what is playing. I don't want to see anything with too much … well … violence … or horror."

Sayaka wanted to forget about the real world. A real world in which witches existed. A real world in which the possibility existed any day of everything simply ceasing to exist. Homura had warned them … she had gone back in time to try to save Madoka again … and there was no guarantee that the world they now inhabited was stable, or real … enough to continue existing.

Despite Kyouko's protests, they ended up seeing a vapid American romantic comedy. It turned out well enough for them though, since the couples spent most of the time paying attention to each other rather than the movie. Hitomi and Sayaka had sit beside one another, for tactical reasons. They could lean over to their loves and do what they wished without getting in one another's way. Of course, Hitomi was a prude in comparison to Sayaka so she mostly spent the evening cuddling against and kissing Kyousuke. Sayaka had, in contrast, become quite "perverted," as Hitomi told her teasingly, and she did a fair amount of nuzzling underneath Kyouko's green button-up sweater. Kyouko didn't object to this in the slightest, though she had to suffer an occasional glance from the other Kyou from time to time. One time when the girls (meaning here Sayaka and Hitomi) had to excuse themselves to go to the ladies room, Kyouko leaned over to Kyousuke.

"Coulda been yours, dude … coulda been yours."

She smirked and Kyousuke rolled his eyes.

"Don't remind me," he retorted with a smirk of his own.

After the movie, the friends said their farewells and went separate ways home. Mostly this was because Hitomi wanted to walk through the park with Kyousuke, the night being warm and lit due to a nearly full moon. Kyouko had other ideas on how to spend her time that night. She and Sayaka took a shortcut home.

Kyouko's choice of homes was suitably ironic. It was a sizable place in an older section of town, one that for whatever reason had slipped through the cracks. There was an owner on record, and apparently rent had been paid for some considerable time by this non-existent owner. All of this had been set up courtesy of the previous actual resident. Akemi Homura.

Kyouko had found most of the interior space to have been an illusion. It was almost chilling when she thought of it in retrospect. Homura's space was eerily like that of a Witch's barrier, and even now Kyouko wondered sometimes just how much Homura was Puella Magi and how much she was actually Witch.

Still, Kyouko needed no more than a double bed, a refrigerator, plenty of storage space for food, and a table to sit at.

Sayaka insisted on one or two other little touches. After all, this was her home as well. Kyouko and Sayaka's mother had come to an understanding, and though they still didn't really get along, Sayaka no longer was subjected to lectures about appropriate behavior, and Kyouko had managed to eat several meals with Sayaka's family without a repeat of the first catastrophe seven months or so previous.

So Sayaka had been given a little money and a little understanding, and she had set up a cheap computer, a collection of stuffed animals, and a few other touches that made her feel a little better about the place.

Kyouko took this all in as much stride as she could muster.

"Mom? Yeah. I'm at Kyouko's. Well, it's late and …."

She blushed a very deep red.

"Mooom! Welll … I … ummm … Yeah … but … well, you knew that before. Yes mother. I know."

She closed her cell phone and her blush if anything increased.

"You didn't say hi from me?" Kyouko teased.

"She doesn't know whether she should be happy or sad that I'm dating you. She's glad that I won't get pregnant before I'm ready. But she is … well, upset that I won't ever get pregnant."

Kyouko smirked.

"Hell, if you want me to knock your ass up lets just call on Kyuubey. You can still make a wish with him, yeah?"

Sayaka giggled at this.

"I don't think I want to become a rock for that. Oh god, the poor child! No honey, don't throw mommy into the trash can!"

Kyouko laughed and pulled Sayaka in close.

"Well then I'll just get on top next time. Hell, that's how babies get made, right? When you're on the bottom and all?"

Kyouko winked, and Sayaka grinned. They both knew better.

"Actually …."

Kyouko's smile vanished.

"Christ. Don't tell me."

"I mean, not right away. But, one day I would like to have a child. Probably … we could try to adopt a child. Maybe?"

Kyouko sighed and shook her head.

"You really think that we would be good parents, Sayaka? I mean hell, I'm a rock after all. And you're a fucking wacko."


"Just sayin!"

Sayaka stuck her tongue out at Kyouko.

"Oh yeah, real mature … definitely the makings of a good mother."

Playful teasing led to a little bit of horseplay. Sayaka made not very serious efforts to wrestle Kyouko down to the ground, "forgetting" that she was quite ticklish … and that Kyouko knew this. She never stood a chance as every playful effort to get at Kyouko's legs was met by roving fingers that found their way into Sayaka's armpits, or her inner thighs, or her feet, and Sayaka was reduced to a fit of laughs as she tried to squirm away from Kyouko … only to regroup and try her assault a second time.

"Moron … you're not getting it, huh? I know all your secrets, and weaknesses. I own you, little Sayaka-chan!"

"Ack! Nu huh! Oh, I am so gonna get you this time!"

She charged, and again, as always, Kyouko got the upper hand and Sayaka was reduced to a giggling squirming pile as Kyouko held her down and mercilessly tickled.

These sessions inevitably ended with Kyouko's fingers roving to more sensitive parts of Sayaka's body, giggles quickly giving way to breathy moans as Kyouko's assaults shifted from armpits to breasts, or from inner thighs to nether lips. Soon enough tonight, Sayaka was squirming from a different reason as Kyouko's fingers slid past a thin pair of white panties to rub the silken moist folds of Sayaka's slit, to pinch and tease her fleshy pearl, until Sayaka cried out in passion and her intimate juices coated Kyouko's hand. As Sayaka panted, Kyouko licked her fingers clean.

Of course Sayaka had planned this. She never expected to actually beat Kyouko. It was all a game to the both of them, one that Sayaka enjoyed. And when Kyouko pulled down her jean-shorts and guided Sayaka's face between her legs she talked it up like it was the victor's rights to enjoy the spoils of war, but it was nothing Sayaka had ever tried to avoid. She was all too eager to lean in and worship Kyouko with her tongue and her lips and her nose, tasting and smelling and feeling every texture of Kyouko's sex. Kyouko's fingers would trail through her long blue hair, gripping as the pleasure of the act increased. Kyouko thanked her God that she still had sensations, zombie body or no!

And as usual, the girls retired to the double bed and cuddled up tight, skin against skin, their living dream of love, warmth, and comfort lulled them both into a sleep more peaceful than either would ever have believed possible.

Sayaka found herself waking up sometime later. Kyouko was on her hands and knees, head nuzzling between Sayaka's legs, and doing a thorough job of pleasing her. She moaned, and saw Kyouko's eyes glance up toward her.

"Morning," Sayaka groaned, with a pleased smile on her face.

Kyouko said nothing, mostly because her mouth and tongue were otherwise occupied. She did increase her efforts, including that little trick of hers where she would trace out kanji with her tongue as she murmured the sounds. It didn't take many characters before Sayaka's back arched, muscles straining, as an intense orgasm hit her … there was no way to deny that Kyouko was good at this part.

They cuddled up again.

"Mmm ... breakfast?" whispered Sayaka.

"Had mine," Kyouko said with a smirk.

Sayaka giggled.

"My turn, then ..."