Hey guys :) This is my first fanfic, read if you like and let me know what you think! Thank you! :) xx

What would you do if you had a secret? A secret so dark you could never tell but secretly wished you could? Bella Swan has such a secret; she isolates herself from everyone, causing her classmates to think she is a freak. But what happens one day when the bronze haired, golden eyed Edward Cullen joins her school? Will he find out her secret? Will she let him break her shell or just push him away like she has everyone else? (Changing POV's) (I know this has been done before just humour me?)

I do not own anything, Stephanie Meyer does.

Chapter 1: Meeting Edward (BPOV)

As another dreary day in Forks rolled around, just as the sun was coming up, (not that you could see it through the clouds though) I, Bella Swan was already up and about. I had already cleaned my room and was half way through cleaning the kitchen when I realised I'd forgotten to make Charlie's breakfast! Crap! I quickly set to work.

Charlie is my dad; he's the chief of police here in Forks. It's just me and him here in our small 2bedroom house since my mom died when I was 8. I'm now 17 and Charlie has been beating my since she died, he blames me for her death. So do I.

He stumbled into the kitchen, half asleep and probably hung-over, and slaps me hard across the face.

'Where's my breakfast b***h?' He screams.

'H-here dad.' I stumble over and bring it to the table.

He quickly tucks in and I'm thankful that's all I'm going to get from him this morning. I don't relax though; I can't, for I know that only means It'll be worse tonight.

As I go to the bathroom to get ready for school I check my face in the mirror for injuries. I'm not too bad, I realise. I've got a busted lip, a slight black eye and a bruise on my cheek from his recent slap, but I've had worse. Its nothing a bit of foundation won't cover up. I open the cabinet to get it, only to find out I've run out! How did this happen? How could I forget to get more? Oh well guess I'm going without it today. I finish getting ready and hear the door slam as I'm getting changed; meaning Charlie has left for work. Thank god. I quickly leave myself, beginning the long walk to Forks high.

School for me is... well difficult to say the least. You'd think that what with the constant beatings at home and all the cooking and cleaning I've got to do, along with working 2jobs, school would be an escape for me. No such luck. I get pushed and shoved, teased, covered in various objects and tripped on a regular basis. And this is mostly from the school sluts, Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory. They think they're the queen bees of the school and since I'm the only one who doesn't 'bow down' to them I get bullied for it. Oh, and right on cue here comes the bimbo twins themselves.

'Ooh look it's the ugly duckling!' Sneers Jessica in her ridiculously nasally voice. (Honestly how does anyone put up with her without smacking her around the face?)

Lauren, not to be left out of the taunts asks: 'Hey Swan, fallen into any bins lately?' (Yes it's true, yesterday I pushed into the bins around the back of school, causing me to be late home, leading to yet another brutal beating from Charlie because he was home before me, without any dinner.) Ignoring the bimbos I quickly run to my locker not wanting to be late for my first class, Spanish.

Upon entering the classroom I realise something's different... someone is in my seat... no one ever sits in my seat... Hesitantly I walk over to this girl. She must be one of the new kids, Sullen or Cullen or something I think their names were. She was petite to the extreme, with short, jet black hair that pointed in every direction. It suited her though; she was very pretty and clearly stylish as she was dressed in the latest fashion, straight off the catwalk. And if I'm not mistaken they were Jimmy Choos that weren't officially being sold for another few weeks... (So I read fashion magazines, sue me.) They were to die for.

I hesitantly sat in the seat next to her and waited for class to start. Then something unexpected happened...

'Hi! I'm Alice! You're Isabella right?' She was clearly a very happy person, for her voice was very high and upbeat. Wait a second... did she just talk to me? NO ONE talks to me.

Well this was new... I had a sudden overwhelming urge to talk to the beautiful Alice, to get to know her, but I couldn't. If Charlie found out I'd get it worse than normal. So I just looked at her, and then turned away to pay attention to the teacher. She didn't seem deterred, she chatted on and on and on about, shopping or the latest fashion or even what we would be having for lunch. I got the impression she didn't like silence.

After Spanish was over, I raced out of the room, hoping to avoid being tripped up today. No such luck. I had barely taken a few steps before my foot got caught on something and I went crashing to the floor, books and papers flying everywhere. I went to collect my things but soon realised they weren't on the floor, I stood up and looked around only to see the most beautiful person I had ever laid eyes on. He had messy bronze hair that had that: 'just got out of bed' look, and deep gold eyes, just like Alice's only it seemed like I could see right into his soul, and my god it was beautiful. He was the one who had picked up my books. He smiled at me, a gorgeous crooked smile that made my heart skip a beat, and handed them back to me.

He held out his had, presumably for me to shake and said: 'Hi there, I'm Edward Cullen. Are you okay? You hit the floor pretty hard then.' Oh good lord his voice was heavenly... wait what? What is going on with me today? He was still waiting for a response. But I couldn't give him one. Just like the beautiful Alice, I wanted to; I wanted to get to know him, to talk to him. But I couldn't. There was no way I could let this handsome stranger into my train wreck of a life. I noticed he had a frown on his face by this point, as though he knew what I was thinking... hmm... strange.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn't talk to him; I shouldn't have even acknowledged him. I just took my books from him and hurried off to my next class, biology.