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Chapter 21: Let's go home


The court was adjourned for half an hour while the jury deliberated and we were currently waiting outside. I was so proud of my Bella for going through that. I could see how hard it was for her and I was so proud of her for going through with it. She had been very quiet since we left the court room though, and I knew she was scared that Charlie wouldn't go down. So I just held her in my arms, letting her know that we were all there for her.

Eventually we were told that the jury had made a decision so we went back inside for the moment of truth. Poor Bella had a death grip on my hand and I was worried she would hurt herself.

'The Jury have made a decision. What is you're verdict?' The judge asked. One of the members of the jury stood up and said: 'We find Chief Charlie Swan…' I heard Bella take a deep breath and hold it. 'Guilty!' She let it out. I think she was in shock. I heard her mumble 'guilty?' to herself before it set in: she was free! Suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. 'Thank you. Thank you so much. I owe you so much, whatever I can do to repay you let me know and I'll do it.' I hugged her back not saying anything. Silly Bella. She didn't have to do anything. Just be happy.


I couldn't believe it. I was free! He was gone! I couldn't keep the grin off my face and I didn't want to let go of Edward for the life of me but I knew I had to eventually. Charlie had been sentenced to life imprisonment which meant I never had to see him again! The Cullen's had already said I could stay with them as long as I wanted which was very nice of them.

As we were on the way back to their house Alice was talking my ear off about having a celebration party. All I really wanted to do was to go home and relax. Hmm… home. I hadn't used that word in so long… sure I lived in a house but I never had somewhere to go that really felt like home. Anyway I let Alice have her way because I figured she was only going to do it anyway and it would be easier if I was on board. I wasn't even listening she was saying something about colour schemes and outfits and guest lists but I just tuned her out. Edward just turned and rolled his eyes and me when she kept talking. I giggled. I think I was going to like it here.

When we arrived at the house Edward opened my door for me and we stood outside the house holding hand for a few moments. I just wanted to take everything in. I couldn't believe it… after everything that had happened I was finally free. I could live my life however I wanted and no one could stop me. I couldn't wait.

Edward stepped forward, looked back at me and said: 'Come on love, let's go home.' I sighed.

Better words had never been spoken.

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