Characters: Morishima, Bridget
Summary: She's too cold to be real.
Pairings: Morishima x Bridget (one-sided)
Disclaimer: I don't own Record of a Fallen Vampire.

He notices it immediately from the moment they first speak to each other (First meetings don't count; Morishima knows that showing up unexpectedly is wont to make a cautious person frown darkly, as Bridget did when he came marching in). It's impossible not to notice and Morishima smiles to hide his observations—he smiles to hide everything.

From Bridget Frostheart, Morishima does of course expect a controlled individual. To be the leader as such a disparate and scattered community as the dhampire community takes poise and judgment; as such Bridget, Morishima hypothesizes before even meeting her, likely stands on her dignity a great deal. He doesn't expect her to be given to mood swings or wild displays of emotion.

But what he expects even less is the utter lack of emotion Bridget evinces when they meet.

I believe the clinical term is a blunted or flat affect, Morishima reminds himself after she has taken her gigantic presence with her and he can breathe. A lack of emotional reactivity from an individual. Even when she talks about things that ought to have her raging—by all rights should make her angry—she's cool, calm, flat. No emotion from all. The smirk's a sham as well as that little coy level in her voice.

His eyes narrow as he stares out over the night's cloak of darkness. If his eyes blur a little he thinks he can catch sight of a wisp of gold, but when they clear it's gone and Morishima chalks it up as nothing—it's not really nothing but still.

There's a woman. A dhampire, in fact. Fierce and terrifying—and beautiful. She's determined; the sheer intensity of her single-minded focus on her task is incredible. And she has been utterly stripped of feeling.

An emotionless shell, at least she's perfected the art of seeming as such.

Sad, really.

Morishima doesn't think he's ever seen anything quite so sad as something as beautiful and as fierce and wild as Bridget Frostheart become what she's become: a cold shell, a veneer of ice over nothing (At least so she wants them to believe).

It would be interesting to see if life can still be injected into something as that.

She's too cold to be real.