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Summary: When Arthur loses Merlin during a battle, he feels lost and guilty. As everyone is trying to understand that Merlin will not come back, they are stunned to find he has come back. Merlin has changed, however, and his friends try to help him. Will everything be alright?

Set during season 2: I really don't want Morgana to be evil. She always used to be such a close friend to Gwen and she was there for Merlin and Arthur should they need her. I really miss that so now I can have that back.

AN: Any and all mistakes are completely my own. I named this story after a song that I kept listening to while writing this chapter. Tears of an Angel by RyanDan is simply beautiful and has in fact inspired me.

- Tears of an Angel -

Chapter 1

The attack was brute and abrupt. Not a knight had expected it, but as always, they fought well and with all their heart. After all, they had much to defend. The rebels had appeared out of nowhere, their swords heavy in their hands and their eyes filled with rage and determination. It was clear they were not going to give up until the last man of Camelot's army was dead.

Arthur had simply not seen it coming. He had been riding with his men through the forest, having thought they were on a routine reconnaissance mission. Many inhabitants of a small village near the border of Camelot had complained about missing food and animals and Arthur had been ordered by his father to take some men to see what it was all about. Having arrived in the village, Arthur had found nothing suspicious. The villagers had told him the rebels must have moved on since nothing was stolen anymore.

Arthur had taken his men and left only to have walked into a trap. There were at least two dozen men fighting them and only ten knights were present. And of course Merlin. Arthur had no time to worry about his servant, however, considering he was fighting five rebels at the same time. A deep cut already ran all the way up his arm. The soft fabric of his tunic was soaked with blood, but Arthur knew it was not all his.

"Arthur!" It was Leon who called, warning the Prince about a cowardly attack from behind. Arthur spun around just in time to see the sharp edge of a sword swing at his throat. Arthur jumped back, his own sword shifting in his hand and lashing forward. He hit the rebel in his chest and he instantly fell down, his hands cradling the wounded flesh. Only now did Arthur see how young the rebel truly was, perhaps fifteen years old.

Arthur had no time to think about this. Right now it was kill or be killed. Arthur ran towards a knight who was in trouble, having deep wounds in his neck and back. Arthur struck the two attacking rebels hard and swiftly.

"We can not win this battle," the knight Bedivere said, "we must retreat."

Arthur let his gaze slide around. Bedivere was right. There were simply too much rebels and already three knights had fallen. Arthur wasn't even sure if they were truly dead or mortally wounded. It was then that he heard his name being called out again.

"Arthur!" Leon ran forward, but he was held back by a rebel who cut of his passage. "Arthur!" With his sword, Leon pointed to his left and Arthur rapidly shifted his gaze towards Leon was pointing to.

His breath fell flat in his chest, his heart suddenly speeding and his blood racing through his veins. He could not believe what he was seeing and all that Arthur knew, was that he needed to prevent it.

"Merlin!" Arthur turned away from Bedivere as he started to run. He jumped over the bodies of dead rebels, he even rushed past a fallen knight in his hurry to reach his servant. He knew he could never reach Merlin in time, no one could. "Merlin!" he called out again.

Merlin, only having Arthur call out his name now, turned his head in bewilderment as he couldn't understand why Arthur would sound this distressed. The young warlock carried a sword himself, probably one he had taken from a fallen rebel since he never carried any weapons. His eyes locked with those of Arthur's for one short second, but it was long enough for Merlin to understand what was happening.

Merlin twirled around, only now seeing the rebel heading for him, but he was too late. The sword of the enemy buried itself deep into his stomach, the pain searing through Merlin like a thousand hot needles penetrating him. He gasped for air, but he was unable to move and as the rebel retracted the sword from his body, Merlin could no longer hold his own weight. He fell towards the ground, his hands covering the deep bleeding wound and instantly, they turned a dark red.

Merlin knew the blood should still feel warm, but it seemed he was unable to feel anything else but the cold wind brushing him. Everything was cold.

"Merlin." Arthur was with him only a second later. One second too late. "Look at me," Arthur ordered his servant. The Prince dropped his sword next to him, using his hands as he pulled his servant closer to him, his head resting in his lap. "Merlin, look at me." Arthur turned Merlin's head, only to see how Merlin's blue eyes had become vacant. Empty.

"No," Arthur roughly shook Merlin's body, "wake up." His hands trembled as he reached for Merlin's hands. "Don't die." There came to response.

Merlin was gone.

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