It was the end of the school day. Will was about to leave his classroom, when Emma appeared.

"Will," She said.

"Emma what's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing's wrong, I was just wondering if you want to have dinner," Emma replied.

"What today? What about Carl" Will asked.

"Yes today, and Carl's at work. He won't mind us catching up," She smiled.

"Sure, just give me a minute," He laughed.

Will picked up his bag and put it on his shoulder. He turned the light switch off. Suddenly there was a crackling noise. Sparks flew and Will felt a biting, burning pain shoot through his body. He screamed in pain and collapsed.

"Will!" Emma shouted.

Will opened his eyes. Where was he and why was it so bright? He groaned and rubbed his eyes.

"Will," A voice said.

He looked over to see Emma.

"Em, what... where am I?" He asked.

"You're in the hospital," She replied.

"Why? What happened?" Will questioned sitting up.

"You were electrocuted, I'm just so glad your okay," Emma smiled.

It all came back to him. He was turning the light switch off and about to go for dinner with Emma.

A doctor then entered the room.

"It's good to see you awake, how are you feeling?" The doctor asked.

"I've been better, my head's spinning," Will replied.

"You're lucky to be alive. Your friend had to do CPR, as the electrocution stopped your heart," He said looking at Emma.

Emma smiled at Will.

"Well I'll be back later," The doctor smiled before leaving.

"Thank you," Will said.

"It's okay," She smiled.

"Why did you save my life?" He asked.

"Because you're my friend and I couldn't let you die," Emma replied.

Emma's cell phone then rang. She looked at it. It was Carl.

"I'll be back in a minute," She told him.

It seemed like an eternity until Emma came back. Will knew something was wrong when he saw her.

"Everything okay?" Will asked concerned.

"Yes, Carl was just worried that I wasn't home," Emma explained.

Will knew she was lying. He nodded and smiled.

"Well I'm gonna get some sleep, I'll see you later," He said.

"Okay, I'll see you later," She smiled.

Emma hugged him and then left.

As Will closed his eyes again, he felt a pain in his heart. What was Emma hiding?