Author's Note: It's my first Sephiroth/Tifa fic! YAY! I finally get to put them together! This is a hybrid of AU and "What if" and acknowledges Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, and uses parts of Dirge of Cerberus. Hope everyone likes it! :D

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my laptop and my ridiculous imagination! All else belongs to Square Enix.


Prologue: The Pursuit

The rain pelted down as the red head ran through the streets. He couldn't hear them, but he knew they were following them…they were always following him. Did they think he was stupid? That he was going to lead them to AVALANCHE? Well, if that's what they thought, they were just as insane as their older 'brother'! He was a Turk and Turks don't fail in their missions.

He turned into an alley, hoping to lose them, but they had anticipated his move. Reno skidded to halt when he saw the familiar outline of Loz, his Dual Hound glowing as he charged it. Reno backed up and looked back towards the way he had entered, but found Yazoo blocking the exit.

"Damn," he muttered. His only options were down through the sewers or up over the rooftops. Given the state of the sewers, Reno nixed that idea instantly and lifted his eyes towards the dark sky.

Without warning, Kadaj dropped from a fire escape and struck Reno on the back of his head with the handle of his sword. The red head dropped to his hands and knees, moaning pain.

"You didn't think you could avoid us forever, did you?" Kadaj asked with a smirk.

"I was hoping to," Reno said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Brother is very unhappy with you," Kadaj continued as he stood over Reno. "First you free his prisoners, then you steal from his personal materia stores, and now…now you are hiding key members of AVALANCHE…a crime punishable by death, of course."

"Of course," Reno said as he pushed himself to his feet and faced Kadaj. "But if your 'brother' is so damned concerned about it, why doesn't the great General Sephiroth get off his ass and do something about it himself?"

"Who said I haven't?"

Reno paled slightly as he turned and looked back towards Loz to see Sephiroth stepping past the oldest remnant and enter the alley himself. The lightning made his silver hair shine more brilliantly than normal and the shadows thrown from his body made him seem even taller than he was.

"So, Sephiroth, you finally decided to come out of your tower and grace the world with your presence?" Reno said mockingly as he tried to hide his fear.

Sephiroth smirked. "Only for my favorite Turk. I can overlook your transgressions against me to a certain point, but hiding terrorists is not one of those transgressions. I know you are privy to their location and I know that you can be counted among their ranks, Turk. Now, tell me what I want to know and I might let you live."

Reno brazenly pulled out a cigarette and lit the tip, inhaling deeply and releasing the smoke before smirking. "Well, that's mighty generous of you, General, but I just can't do that."

"A senseless death won't make you her new hero," Sephiroth taunted with a smirk. "She'll barely give you a second thought once you're dead."

Reno smiled. "That just shows how little you know of Lockhart. Cloud is still a hero to her even though he's disappeared into the bowels of that torture palace you call home, Seph. She'd probably cream for me if I died for her."

Kadaj snarled and backhanded Reno. "How dare you speak of brother's property in such a perverse way!"

Reno spit a mouthful of blood to the side before taking another drag from his cigarette. "Last time I looked, Tifa was no man's property, junior and if she hears you call her that, well…" Reno smirked at the youngest remnant. "I hope you're not a fan of your balls."

Kadaj was about to strike him again when Sephiroth grabbed his wrist. "Enough. Obviously this little Turk won't give us anything. Why waste anymore effort on him?" Sephiroth pulled out his Masamune and smirked. "I'm sick of this little pest anyway."

Sephiroth frowned before he could strike. Something was off…they weren't alone anymore. He looked over his shoulder and ducked in time to avoid being hit by Loz as he was thrown towards them.

"I hope you ain't thinkin' of killin' that Turk there Sephiroth," Barret said with a smirk before firing in their direction with his gun arm. Sephiroth blocked the shots easily.

"There are four of us and only two of you," Kadaj pointed out as he blocked a few shots as well. "I think the odds are in our favor!"

"Kadaj!" a voice yelled.

Kadaj turned slightly and was surprised to be face to face with Yuffie. She smiled brightly before punching him in the face followed by a strong roundhouse kick as well. She turned and winked at Reno.

"You owe me one, Red!" she said as she threw down some smoke pellets.

Yazoo fired into the smoke, but once it cleared, Reno and Yuffie were gone. He ran over to Loz and knelt beside him as he sat up.

"I'm gonna kill that guy!" Loz growled as he pushed himself to feet and sped past Kadaj and Sephiroth towards Barret.

Barret smiled and quickly transformed his gun back into his hand. He was able to grab Loz by the throat and lifted him into the air. "Maybe some other time, bitch." He easily tossed Loz into the side of the building before smirking at the others. "See ya 'round, ladies!"

Kadaj and Yazoo were about to go after him, but Sephiroth held out his arms and blocked them.

"Let them go," he said without emotion. "You won't be able to find them."

"What about Reno?" Kadaj asked.

Sephiroth smirked. "We'll catch him eventually and then he'll give me back what's mine."