Small, white, flakes drifted lazily down towards the earth from the light grey colored sky. The flakes disappeared among the millions of other flakes that already coated the ground with 2 inches of cold, soft snow. Tree branches were coated with it, as were all the other plants in the forest. In a small clearing, the snow had completely covered the area. A lone figure in a long black cloak was standing in the middle of the clearing, like a dot of black ink on paper. A light dusting of snow covered the top of her hood and her shoulders. Her hood did not fully conceal her face, but it hid most of it from view. Sapphire blue spheres almost seemed to shine from under her hood, and the slightest turn of her head revealed a small strand of chocolate-brown hair. Finally pulling off her hood, the figure fully revealed her face, smirking slightly.

"So, they finally chose to show..." she said to herself as hundreds of small, pure black creatures appeared out of nowhere around her. "'Bout time they showed up" she said simply, and summoned forth what looked like a simple scythe, but closer revealed it to be a type of War Pick with Arcane symbols along the blade. Her eyes kept looking at the swarm in front of her, ready to defend herself against them. One of the creatures leapt at her, and with a simple swing, she killed it. It dissolved right in front of her, and then the others began to attack as well. She easily killed them, and if someone had been watching, they would have said that she looked like she was dancing with them as she killed them. She started to hum "Carol of the Bells" softly to herself as she fought, the music keepin time with her twirls, swings of her weapon, and occasionally, use of a small bit of magic against them. With one final swing, she defeated the last creature, with hardly any scratches on her and the song only half-done. Her weapon disappeared, and she pulled her hood back up. A huge, montrous creature seemed to rise out of the ground behind her, but it was different from the others. It was a very light grey, almost white in color, and it had no face, only a strange marking, and it had what looked like a blue-tinted silver-ish colored scarf around what must have been its neck. The ends of the scarf were flailing around as if the wind was blowing it back, even though there was no wind. Weapon back in her hand, the figure quickly spun just in time to block what looked like black and white colored thorns, and quickly dodged more that came at her. She kept turning to avoid them, humming again. This fight took much longer, since she had to keep dodging the attacks, but just as she finished the song, the creature fell and faded away. She panted slightly, and had several minor cuts and scratches on her. Her weapon disappeared again, and the lone figure smirked ever so slightly beneath her hood before disappearing into a dark-colored portal.

Right before she left, she said something very quietly to herself.

"There's definetely something here...A very strong heart perhaps...maybe even a future member...or maybe, just a strong-willed shell..."