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I made this story with a cooperation of "Susan Hilton". She is a co-writer.

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Chapter 1: 99 Needs a Comfort.

"I can't believe it, I just can't believe it!" cried 99.

" Please calm down and tell me what are you crying about." Agent 112 answered compassionately. Only the Chief called her 112. Everybody else thought of Agent 112 as Melissa Berges. This mid-aged woman was famous as a person who really listened, tried to help, to sympathize. Agent 99 cried on Melissa's shoulder.

99 raised her tear-stained face and began to tell her story:

"While talking with the Chief who was bragging about our achievements, Max had said: "Chief, would you mind if I went down to the lab for five minutes?" Chief had said: "OK". Five minutes had passed, ten minutes had passed, fifteen minutes had passed... Chief had decided to let me go. I had gone down to the lab. I expect anything but this… The glass door was opaque so at first I didn't enter the lab. I saw my husband holding in his arms and passionately kissing Dr. Lewis. You know Dr. Lewis – it's a "sweet" woman-doctor. I had to enter the lab and to interrupt this love scene.

Max as always had said that he could explain everything. However, I wasn't believing this. I had cried so loud that the assistant to Dr. Lewis had ran to see what was happening. And these witnesses had heard me announce that our marriage was over. Now I don't know what to do – you're my only hope!" 99 cried on Melissa's shoulder inconsolable.

Melissa touched her friend's hand.

"I don't know why he did it. Even the best men turn off the straight and narrow. But he is so foolish!"

"Why do you think so?" 99 asked. She always thought of Max to be kind of a fool and a "mad" man, but now she starting to consider it true. She only wanted 112 to verify it.

"Why is he a fool? Because he lost the best woman of all ages and nations - he lost you, darling. I will not even try to compare you to Dominique."

"Dominique?" 99 looked at Melissa with surprise and wonder.

"It is Lewis' first name, darling. I will not compare you to her only because you are better. You have lived with Max for a year. You know all of his idiosyncracies, you ironed all his clothes, all his wishes were fulfilled. I think he will regret his choice."

"I hope so, Melissa. But why, why, why?"

Melissa sat more erect on her chair. Her deep voice became somber.

"Forget him. You have to think about the future, not dwell with the past."

"How? When I saw Max and this... woman, I thought my life had ended!" 99 still was replaying what she had seen in her mind.

"Max is not the only man in the world. There are so many other good ones." Melissa said.

"But Max was unique, he was... perfect! Oh, it sounds so stupid." 99 cried. Her viewpoint of life began to change. It was clear even for the naked eye.

"There is only one perfect person, but he wouldn't be a good husband. It's Hymie, darling." Agent 112 smiled. "I think there are other good men to be your other half, but don't expect them to be perfect. One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch."

"What should I do?" 99 was starting to calm down. Now she looked at Melissa with grateful eyes.

" If I were you, I would forget about Max and search for another man who will love you more. Go on with your life."

"Maybe you're right. I think I will. Thanks, Mel." 99 sighed.

"So what are you going to do now?" Melissa asked.

"I'm gonna go to "Gringo" and get wasted. I will bury my grief in hard liquors."

99 the beautiful but tear-stained agent rose and walked to the door. Near the exit she turned and looked at Agent 112. Melissa smiled.

"If you can't drown your grief, come to me. I will always listen to you. And don't forget: my bar is much greater than Gringo's!"

"Thank you, Melissa." 99 tried to smile also and walked away from the room.

While going down on an elevator to the main exit , 99 thought sad thoughts about their apartment. It was going to be so empty without Max who was kicked out of their apartment by her. "It will be hard to begin a new life. Can I do it and will I?" Those had been her last thoughts before the elevator door opened.