Chapter 6: Epilogue

Two hours passed. Max and 99 had time to eat and to lie in bed. Both were tired, but neither could sleep. They lay on the bed and listened to the road traffic outside. Max asked his wife:

"Did you like Theodore?"

"He was a handsome, polite, appealing man. You know I was tempted to fall in love with him."

"Only for the mission, I hope." Max growled sternly.

99 laughed:

"Of course, Max. And what were you thinking about?"

"I thought about women's inconsistancies."

The beautiful agent (not Max) thought about the situation that was the same for both of them.

"You know that I had really thought about leaving you, when I saw you kissing Dr. Lewis in a such a passionate way."

"I was just playing my role." Smart said.

"I know these roles. You think you love this man and suddenly... boom!"

"There will be no boom!" Assured her Max.

99 sighed. She decided to test him. She leaned and kissed Max. Then asked:

"Has Dr. Lewis kissed you the same way I just did?"

"No, she kissed better." Answered Max.

99 playfully pushed his back.

"You, liar!"

"I am not a liar. I am Smart!"