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Victor Krum swallowed hard and looked around once more. After all his hard work and research, he was finally within sight of his goal. He turned and looked at the Acromantula lying behind him. Although Victor hadn't killed the creature, it scared him how close he'd come to doing so.

He reached forward to grab the cup; an image of the cheering crowds filled his mind. In particular, Hermione Granger's face stood out. Shaking his head clear, he grabbed the cup and was suddenly pulled away as the portkey drags him away.

Krum landed hard, his knees grazed by the ground. He barely had time to stand up when a cold, harsh voice said, "Kill him!" and the last thing Victor Krum heard was the sound of a killing curse as it flew towards him.

"Our plan has failed Wormtongue. No matter, we shall have to find another way." Lord Voldemort hissed in a coldly angry voice. He looked down at the body of the young wizard. "Such a shame, I would have preferred not to have advertised my presence to Dumbledore."

"I am sure that we will find another way Master." Nagini hissed.

"I am sure we will. Wormtail, prepare for us to leave."

"Are you sure master?" Peter asked, his voice quivering slightly.

"Of course I am sure! It will not take the Ministry long to realise that the tournament has gone wrong. We must leave."

At Hogwarts, Barty Crouch Junior silently cursed as he saw Harry and Cedric come out of the maze. But before he could do anything, he felt his mark burn a simple message.

"Do nothing."

It took almost six weeks to find Krum's body and it wasn't until Harry's seventh year that Harry discovered the truth.