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'So 'Lion King' or 'Little Mermaid' first in our little Disney marathon?' Blaine asked, sitting crossed legged on Kurt's bed holding a DVD case in each hand, Kurt looked up at his boyfriend, (yes boyfriend, he still couldn't quite believe that he could actually call him that.)

'Definitely The Lion King, save the best till last and all that' Kurt replied turning on the DVD player and taking the disk from Blaine

'Great minds think alike' Blaine said smiling and making himself comfortable on Kurt's bed, amongst Kurt's pillows (that were totally going to smell like him later) Kurt looked up at him, laughed a little bit and rolled his eyes at how much space he was taking up

'Scoot over, I need some bed space too you know'

Blaine laughed before shifting a little, giving Kurt space to sit beside him, Kurt sat in the space snuggling up a into Blaine, Blaine wrapped his arms round him and pulled him further into his embrace, Kurt sighed contently before turning his attention to the film that was just starting. They stayed like that for the entirety of the film and when the credits did start to roll at the end, they were both reluctant to move to change the disk

'One of us is going to have to do it,' Kurt said into Blaine's shoulder, still snuggled into him 'I vote you'

'But if I do it that means you'll have to move anyway...'

Kurt contemplated this for a second

'That is true...'

'And if you do it I'll make it worth your while' Blaine said adding a wink

Kurt rolled his eyes before getting up and changing the disk, grumbling something about how it had 'better be worth it'. When he returned to Blaine, Blaine welcomed him with open arms

'See it wasn't thaaaat bad'

Kurt resumed his position in Blaine's arms

'Just hush up and watch the film Anderson'

Blaine laughed and placed his chin on Kurt's shoulder and whispered in his ear

'Oh I will Hummel'

The film progressed in pretty much silence, expect from the slight humming along with the songs from them both. When 'Kiss the girl' came on Blaine sang out loud, though changing the lyric from 'kiss the girl' to 'kiss the boy', Kurt pressed his lips together tightly throughout the whole song to stop himself from squeaking and when Blaine hit the very last note he turned his head toward him and pressed their lips together, Blaine smiled and moved to kiss him back, after a few minutes when oxygen became an issue they pulled apart

Blaine laughed 'Finally! You took your time, I though I was going to have to...' he was silenced by Kurt throwing a pillow at him before kissing him again.

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