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By the way, you may not want to read this if you haven't seen the finale yet – it's a tiny bit spoilerish...

enjoy :)

"We'll see you in class!"


As Mercedes and Sam walked away Blaine turned back to Kurt

"Ok, so here are the nominees for my set list tomorrow..." he paused and looked round "are they out of ear shot yet?"

Kurt looked round Blaine

"Yes!" he paused "and they think we didn't notice!"

Blaine laughed

"Could they like be any more obvious?"

Kurt took another mouthful of his coffee and nodded eagerly

"I know right!"

Blaine smiled and titled his head to one side

"I really do love you you know"

Kurt's smile in response was enough to split his face in two, he leaned over the table and pressed his lips to Blaine's

"I love you more!"

"I don't actually think that's physically possibly" Blaine responded

Kurt stuck his tongue out at Blaine

"C'mon," he said getting up and putting his jacket on "lets go and get your sheet music sorted out" he held out his hand for Blaine to hold

Blaine took Kurt's hand in his and leaned his head closer to Kurt's

"You know your should be careful with that tongue... I might get distracted and just take you home right now..."

Kurt blushed and shuddered while Blaine just laughed and pulled Kurt closer into him

Just as they were leaving the coffee shop Kurt turned to face the direction that Mercedes and Sam were sat

"See you guys!" he smiled and paused "We know by the way!"

The look on the pairs faces were priceless.