The man then grabbed my arm, sleeve actually, and I jerked away out of instinct. The sleeve tore, revealing my whole left arm, including my scar.

The smile vanished off the guy's face and he just stared at my scar like he had never seen one before.

"She has a mark," he mumbled in awe. It was obvious that they thought I was either dangerous or a rare creature, but I wasn't going to stay long enough to find out.

The opening they had all gone through was still there and before I had time to doubt myself, I sprinted past them and out into a hallway.

"Don't let her escape!" I heard one of the guys yell behind me. I didn't really care if they were going to chance me or not, I knew they weren't going to catch me. I had a really good metabolism.

Watching door after door fly past me, I couldn't help but wonder what was in them. I knew it would be really stupid to stop running and look, but I couldn't here them behind me.

I stopped running and slowed to a walk in front of the first door I saw that had a window on it.

Staying alert for any sign of the guys behind me, walked up to it and looked in.

All the walls in the room were completely black and were illuminated by a single red light bulb in the middle of the ceiling.

There was a girl, huddled in a corner, wearing a red dress and her face in her hands.

Then I watched as she slowly lifted her head so I could see her clearly. Her mouth and eyes were stitched shut!

I gasped and turned around, only to find that yet another girl was standing in front of me. She had straight brown hair and sharp green eyes. She was shorted than me, and she looked younger too.

"Follow me," she said calmly, turning around and walking in the direction that I had been running.

"Who are you?" I asked when I caught up to her and matched her pace.

"Well, who are you?" I stayed silent.

"Exactly!" she said. Then my mind began to race as I remembered what I was doing.

"Do you know who those guys were?" I asked, "Wait... shouldn't we be running?"

"Those would be the guard demons that are in charge of everybody and I took care of them."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I got rid of them if that's what you're asking."

"Okay then. Well, since you know who those guys were, do you know what an S.C. is?"

She stooped walking and turned to me, "You're a succubus?"

"A succu- what?" She looked deep into my eyes and I had the weirdest feeling that she was digging through my thoughts.

"You're not lying."

"Of course I'm not lying!"

"Then you must be only half."

"What is a succu-thingy anyway?" She turned again and began walking and I began to walk with her.

"They're feminine demons who go into men's dreams to seduce and kill them. & your mother was one."

What? This just got a whole lot more confusing.

"Where are we exactly?" I asked, honestly not knowing where the hell we were or where we were headed.

"You don't know?"

"No, I don't."

"You're in Hell."


"Your dead and this is Hell."


"Yes, I'm serious."

"Does that mean you're dead too?"



"You'll get used to it."

"How did you die? & what are you doing? In here I mean."

"Long story short, I had these weird dream powers, blah, blah, blah, when I died, I got stuck in the dream world with Krueger, escaped to Hell, and now I'm helping people escape to no man's land. Any questions?"

"Ya. Who's Krueger?"

She sighed. "Krueger was granted special privileges when he died, so now he's in the dream world massacring the people of Springwood, which is where I lived, and died." Wait, Springwood? That was where I lived!

"Me too!"

"What do you mean 'me too'?"

"I lived and died or whatever, in Springwood!"


"What's Krueger last name?"

She laughed like I had asked a stupid question before answering, "That is his last name. His first name's Fredrick, but people call him Freddy, and I call him Krueger."

"Freddy Krueger huh?"


"Hold it, so his initials are FK?"


"My scar."


"My scar, it's in the shape of his initials."

"Wait, you're marked?"

"Yes, is that a bad thing?"

"A very bad thing. I'm sorry, but I can't lead you any further." She stop dead in her tracks and turned to me.

"Goodbye," she said calmly.

"Wait no-" She disappeared, quite literally. She vanished into thin air. Now I had been abandoned by my dad and someone who actually knew where they were going! Now what was I going to do?

I stood still, not sure where to go, and then, quite suddenly, I felt a firm hand grasp my ankle. I looked down and saw an arm coming straight out of the ground, clutching my foot!

Before I had the chance to scream, it yanked me down into the floor! It felt like I was submerged in water and everything around me was grey and blurry. Out of habit, I began to swim up.

I closed my eyes and then felt the water slip away and I opened my eyes and found myself in a different room.

This room was made of cement and the walls and cold floor were damp. It was very dimly lit and it smelled terrible, like whiskey and charred meat and it was making me quite uncomfortable. & I wasn't alone.

There was a man wearing a red and green striped sweater and some kind of brown, tattered hat passed out, face-first, on a table with a glass bottle on top. The bottom half of his body was propped up by a chair and his left arm dangled loosely by his side.

Right off the bat, just by his hand, I could tell that this was no ordinary man. It was burnt in a cartoonish sort of way underneath the frayed sleeve of his sweater. The flesh showing in between pieces of missing tan skin was a pale pink color and his fingernails were clear.

I made my way over to the right side of him where the bottle was as quietly as I could and read the label: Hard-Ass Vodka.

Then I turned and looked at the man's face. It was charred in the same way that his hand was and his teeth were stained yellow and black between snarling lips.

"Nasty," I whispered to myself. I stood back up and looked around the room, and once again, there was no way out.

"Crap!" I said in a normal voice, not really thinking about whether I would wake up the man until it had already escaped my lips.

I was about to turn around to see whether I was lucky enough that he stayed asleep, but before I could, a dark, gravely, and overall teasing voice snarled into my ear, "Now what do we have here, did the little piggy get lost?"