Chandler was in the kitchen. He was going to cook some dinner for Monica and himself. He reached out to turn on the plug socket. Sparks flew and Chandler felt a biting, burning pain shoot through his body. He screamed in pain and collapsed.

Rachel and Joey entered just as Chandler hit the floor.

"Chandler!" Joey shouted.

Rachel is at Chandler's side in an instant. Turning him onto his back, fingers to throat and eyes to neck. One quick glance and she can already see; no rise of the chest, and no inhale or exhale from the lips - Chandler's not breathing.

"Joey, call 911!" Rachel ordered.

Joey ran to the phone and pressed in 911.

Rachel was looking at Chandler. She had to do something. She couldn't let her best friends husband die.

Moving with calm she did not feel, Rachel tilted Chandler's head back and exhaled two long breaths, lips sealed over lips.

Now, fingers tangled, she twisted across to face Chandler's chest. Levering herself high up onto her knees she then leant all her strength on to Chandler's sternum, applying quick, heavy pressure to ribs and counting out loud: terrified of missing a beat. She returned, pinched his nose closed, and exhaled again, twice.

She switched back to chest compressions; concentration solely on counting and praying. After a few rounds of each, Rachel pulled back from Chandler's lips and stared at the inanimate face, irrational anger building in her body.

"Come on Chandler, you will not die!" Rachel said.

Rachel leaning forward again, two breaths and compressions, but with so much more worth behind them before, full of emotion and hope. Eyes blinded by unshed tears, profanity uttered under her breath, hoping, praying.

Joey was beside her now. Waiting and hoping his best friend was alive.

"Chandler?" Joey asked.

And she missed the flicker of eyelids; the breathy inhales from Chandler as he sucked back in air and began to return to hazy consciousness, but then Rachel had switched and leant down to press her open lips solidly against his.

Startled, Chandler widened his eyes but could only see the unfocused outline of his friend. Chandler coughed and gasped. Rachel jumped back in surprise. She was over the moon with happiness.

"Chandler, Are you okay?" She asked.

"Y-yes, Thank you," Chandler stammered.

Chandler smiled as Joey hugged him. Rachel had saved his life.