Pairing: Zack x Cloud

By: KlonoaLight / ZFairCStrife aka Sora

Summary: After having gotten together after the tragedy of losing both of their wives, Zack and Cloud face another problem in their relationship, where their precious children are getting in the way of their intimacy.

Genre: M Rated (Oh how I've missed you sweetheart!)

Setting: O_o The bedroom and Cloud and Zack are Advent Children Ages.

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Type: Standalone

Disclaimer: All related Final Fantasy names and characters are copyrighted © by the almighty Square Enix. The plot line for the story though, belongs to myself.

Five months.

That is how long it had been since Zack and Cloud had been intimate with each other and as much as they hated to admit it, it was because of their daughters Namine and Xion always popping up when they least expected it.

They had been extremely lucky that they hadn't been caught in the kitchen at one point where Cloud's trousers and boxers were hanging around his ankles with Zack perched on his knees all too eagerly.

But the lack of intimacy was driving both of them insane and Cloud was worried he was getting used to not being close with his husband, he didn't want their spark to die out so soon, not after he had gotten together with the raven in the sweetest way possible.

Due to having two daughters who were both at the age of fourteen, they were now having a sleepover with their friends much to Cloud's dismay since he had been making endless bowls of popcorn for them since they had arrived at the house and he kept on mentally slapping himself for even allowing he sleepover to happen, but he just couldn't see his girls upset…not after they had lost their mother.

"Zack, could you take this up to them?" Cloud asked as he lifted the new bowl of popcorn in his hands and held it out to the elder male; their eyes met for a few seconds before Zack finally took the bowl and left the room without another word making the blonde's heart ache, he knew sex wasn't everything but the lack of contact was really effecting them.

"Girls, more popcorn!" Zack laughed as he pushed the door open, only to have several pillows hit his face like the other four times he'd done this, "for the love of Gaia," he shook his head chuckling before with a fling of his wrist made the popcorn fly over the girls, making them shriek and giggle at him.

"Thanks Zack," Xion grinned and Zack just winked back at her before leaving again, rolling his eyes when he caught the last bit of Namine's sentence 'there's a boy in my class…'.

They were growing up too fast for his liking.

But he couldn't think about them at the moment, not when his body was practically calling Cloud's name in every way which possible, he missed his blonde being close to him, missed the act of their love so much that it had kept him awake for the last few nights.

They needed to sort this out before they started to stop talking to each other for good.

"Cloud," Zack said as he hurried down the stairs, startling the blonde in the kitchen and he laughed when he saw Cloud try and keep a hold of his drink.

"Hey," Cloud replied with a dark blush upon his cheeks at his movement and swallowed deeply when Zack came walking over to him with long strides making his eyes widen, he knew what the raven was going to do and he quickly placed his drink in the sink, his lips curving up slightly when he was pulled into the man's arms and his lips were taken with the sweetest passion.

Zack's hands grabbed his thighs and lifted him up so the blonde was now sitting on the kitchen counter with his back pushed up against the wall as their heated kisses continued undoubtedly going to give both of them bruises in the morning.

"Zack," Cloud whimpered as his neck was bitten, one of his favourite things that Zack had taken note of, the wound that was made was then delicately tickled with a long stroke of Zack's tongue.

Purring gently, Cloud pulled the elder male closer by wrapping his legs around Zack's waist and pulling him in, his head resting on the raven's shoulder as he continued to moan quietly at the kisses that were being placed on his neck.

"Daddy?" Cloud's eyes snapped open and he quickly pushed Zack away from him and jumped down from the counter at the sound of Namine's voice, her innocent form appearing in the kitchen.

"W-what's wrong Namine?" Zack asked sounding a little out of breath but thankfully Namine didn't seem to notice.

"We're thirsty," Namine giggled, "can I have the cans in the fridge, pleas?" she asked politely and Cloud licked his lips as he nodded silently with his finger placed on his slightly swollen lips.

"We're going to sleep after a movie, night daddy," she stood on her tip toes and kissed Cloud's cheek and then went over to Zack, "night dad," she kissed his cheek as well before walking off and leaving them alone again.

"Zack," Cloud whined and quickly hid his face in the elder's chest, feeling extremely frustrated with himself.

"I know,"

After checking in on the girls for one last time that night, Cloud was satisfied that they were asleep and then looked up at Zack who stared back at him as their hands linked together, quietly making their way into their own bedroom.

As soon as Cloud had shut their door, he was slammed against the wall on the other side of the room; almost as if Zack hadn't entirely thought out his strength at this point and didn't even care by the way he was pushing against Cloud's body with a sense of hunger.

"Ow," Cloud said in between their messy kisses as Zack's handling became a little too rough and he pulled away to raise his eyebrows at him to try and snap Zack out of his daze, knowing the raven would never intentionally hurt him.

"Sorry," Zack chuckled before they both fell silent upon catching the other's eye, his large hands pulling Cloud's legs up and around his waist as he moved them over to the bed, gently laying the blonde down before he caged Cloud in with his body.

"It's been too long," Cloud smiled as he slowly started to undo Zack's shirt, biting his bottom lip suddenly when he felt the raven's hips roll against his.

"Don't try to be dominant Cloud," Zack chuckled and Cloud pouted making his blue eyes grow twice the size.

"Well as I recall, you didn't mind it when I took charge last time," Cloud arched his eyebrow trying to jog Zack's memory and he grinned when Zack started laughing at the memory.

"Yeah that was a good night," the raven remarked and placed several kisses on the blonde's lips as they soon fell back into their passionate embrace, their hands roaming over the other's body desperately trying to familiarize themselves once more.

Spreading his hands over Zack's now bare chest, Cloud moaned against the raven's lips and pulled the thin shirt away from his husband's muscular form before removing his own and clinging to him so that their bare skin could finally touch, a smile of his lips when he felt Zack do the same.

"Trousers," Cloud's eyebrows knitted together at the words but threw his head back a second later once he felt Zack cup him through his jeans, soon getting them away from the blonde entirely.

"Um," Cloud blushed slightly as he lay underneath Zack in just his dark blue boxers, his hands tugging at them shyly as he tried to signal for Zack to remove his own trousers.

"Ugh, don't blush you don't have any idea what that does to me!" Zack whined hiding his face in Cloud's neck as he set to work on getting his own trousers of whilst Cloud smiled and began to bit softly on the raven's shoulder, purring.

Shivering at the feeling of the blonde caressing his shoulder with his lips, Zack kicked his jeans off and moved away from Cloud so that he could lean back down and start kissing the younger's chest, his tongue stroking the soft skin that he loved so much.

"Zack," Cloud bit his bottom lip as he watched his husband getting further down south on his body, making his anticipation grow visually.


Both of them froze and Cloud's teeth grit tightly as he heard the tapping at their bedroom door and held back laughter when Zack came flying towards the bedroom door and locked it silently so that Xion wouldn't walk in on two extremely aroused men.

"Xion, we're sleeping," Cloud replied pulling off a very tired voice expertly.

"I know, I just heard funny noises, I thought you were in pain dad…are you alright?"

Zack had to turn the other way so that his laughter wouldn't be seen by Cloud as he watched the blonde's face burn red.

"No I'm alright, Zack was just moaning in his sleep, you know how stupid he is," Cloud replied with a fake laugh as he shot a glare at Zack who had now turned around upon hearing he blonde's words.

"Okay, night dad!" Xion replied with a giggle before returning to her room.

It was then that Cloud's angry eyes met Zack's with his arms folded across his chest.

"It wasn't funny, I can't help that you…" Cloud blushed darkly and looked to the floor making his bangs cover his face.

Zack licked his lips and crawled over Cloud again, pushing the blonde back onto his back where his hand then stroked Cloud's stomach.

"That I…turn you on?" Zack guessed and smirked when Cloud whimpered in response as he felt his boxers slip from around his waist, to the floor along with Zack's so that their bare members were touching making it difficult for Cloud to keep his volume down.

"Zack, please," Cloud wrapped his arms around Zack's neck and pulled him down so that their faces were inches away from each other, "please don't tease, not tonight," his blue eyes sparkled so much that Zack lost himself in them for a second or two.

"I honestly wasn't going to tease," Zack chuckled quietly and kissed his husband's forehead gently, rubbing his nose against the blonde's cheeks.

"Then do it," Cloud whispered into the raven ears a little seductively making Zack moan deeply against the blonde's cheek.

"I'm not arguing with that," Zack smirked as he tapped his fingers against Cloud's lips, asking for entrance that the blonde was more than willing to give and he took so sucking on the elder's fingers a little more erotically than Zack had hoped as he could feel his arousal stiffen further if possible.

"Mmmh," Cloud moaned around the raven's fingers as he twirled his tongue around them, nibbling the tips of them whilst his half lidded eyes continued to stare back at Zack who resisted the urge to scowl at the blonde for flirting with him.

"You shouldn't do things like that," Zack whispered when he removed his fingers and began poking around Cloud's small entrance making the blonde arch his back instantly, biting his lip.

"Says the prince of teasing," Cloud hushed as his lips caught Zack's at the same moment he was suddenly invaded by two fingers, his eyes slamming closed at the pained it caused him after not having felt this for so many months.

The feeling of Zack's finger scissoring inside of him was always a strange but pleasurable moment for Cloud, he'd never really thought it was a good idea for Zack to prepare him seen as though he could never get the thought 'he's got his fingers up my bum' out of his head.

"I love you," Zack smiled in between their kisses, his breath brushing over Cloud's face like a highly addictive drug.

"I love you too," Cloud whispered trying to calm down his breathing as their hips began to move against each other's hungrily when Zack's fingers left him.

Lining himself up, Zack gently pushed himself into the blonde beneath him, his teeth immediately biting down on the younger's neck as he tried ot hold back a cry of pleasure from how tight Cloud actually was.

"Oh my god, are you bigger?" Cloud gasped with a slightly frightened look on his face that made Zack giggled against his neck, "sh-shit," his head slammed back into the mattress as Zack began to move in and out of him, warm kisses being placed all over his neck and collarbone sending flashes of passion through the blonde's veins.

"No, it's just been a while," Zack replied huskily as he rolled his hips against Cloud's viciously, trying to see whether or not Cloud would give in to his usual screaming.

But Cloud seemed to be in more control much to Zack's dismay and he was now rolling his hips along with the raven, gently panting and groaning against Zack's ear, turning his husband on even more.

"No," Cloud whined as he felt himself already reaching the end, his nails digging into Zack's back more violently than he had wished to and he ignored the elder when he hissed in pain, moving faster inside of the blonde.

"It's alright," Zack groaned as he reached down between their bodies and grabbed a hold of Cloud's length, pumping his fist around it causing Cloud to shake beneath him and arch his back so much that Zack was a little worried the blonde would hurt himself.

Grabbing the pillow from behind him, Cloud let out his moan into it as he felt his orgasm flow through him and he blushed darkly as he felt it splatter onto his stomach before gasping loudly as Zack came only seconds after him.

"Cloud, here," Zack said urgently as he removed the pillow so he could bring his precious into a passionate set of kisses, their arms tangling around each other as they got on their knees, moaning lightly against the other's lips passionately as they kneeled in their after sex glow.

"I love you," Cloud purred shyly, chuckling slightly when Zack pushed him down on the bed and crawled in next to him, the warm bed covers covering them as their bodies pressed against one another's.

"I love you," Zack beamed as he squeezed Cloud in his arms, rubbing his lover's arm caringly, "now sleep,"

As the two of them drifted off to sleep peacefully and satisfied, Namine in the room next door to them sat wide awake, a little disturbed.


I just really wanted to write another chapter for this little story :) I love the idea of Zack and Cloud as parents w