This is an experimental fan fiction of Bone that takes place after the Great Cow Race. I realize its terrible, but I'm trying to get a feel for it.
Disclaimer: Bone and all characters in this story are not mine.

Fone Bone sighed and collected his things into his backpack. As he scooped it in, his eyes fell on his latest attempt to get Thorn to notice him:

Dear Thorn,
I know that I am short, bald, and have a big nose, but I like you a lot!
a secret admirer

He quickly ripped the paper up and stuffed the pieces into his bag next to Smiley's comics.

Who was he kidding? Thorn would know it was him if she found such a letter.

Secret admirer he thought in disgust. He was hopeless.

Ted hopped up. "Hiya Bone!" he said. "How's ya doin'?"

"Sh!" Fone said, glancing nervously at his sleeping friends. "Do you want to wake 'em all up?"

"Sorry Bone," Ted said, not the least bit softer. "I is jes excited from th' race 'n all. How's you?"

"I'm fine," Fone sighed.

"Okidokee, Ima jes get along now!" Ted said as he sprung away.

Fone Bone watched him go and then kicked his bag in frustration.