-Fandom: Transformers; 2007 movie (hints of G1)
-Character(s): Frenzy, Barricade, homeless man.
-Summary: they all knew he was crazy but none thought Frenzy would be this insane.
-Disclaimer: I do not own anything. This is fanmade and I am in no way making money off of this, so do not sue me, damnit.
-Warning: This chapter has character death in it. If you're slightly twisted, you will find it funny. However, I do not support the actions taken in this chapter. My beta reading is making to type this warning and such to ensure that there is no backlash. This chapter is why this story is now rated M, although I wanted it to be more graphic (I recently watched a gore-horror movie) but I was a bit iffy if it would be reported and deleted.


A little ways down the tunnel (Barricade will never admit that its a drainage system), the two decepticons moved forward in an attempt to keep themselves out of the public eye yet find an escape. The larger mech tried to ignore the little robot sitting on his shoulder, chatting away (probably to himself) in their native tongue. If there was one thing that the cruiser learned about his new partner, it was that the tiny 'con was a chatterbox, but didn't talk to anyone other then himself. He was sure that the entire time they'd been together, Frenzy did not say a single word to him, despite the fact that all he ever did was talk. He didn't know why and really didn't want to know, it was one of the things that he would rather be left in the dark about.

Once he was sure that they were out of danger of being discovered (because even though he didn't know much about humans, a police cruiser going over a cliff had to catch some attention), he stopped racing them through the many turns. His optics turned to the little chatterbox, who shut up and was currently giving the larger 'con an unnerving stare, while attempting to figure out how exactly he was to communicate with this mere hatchling-minded creature. His processors finally came up with something that he was sure even this simple minded creature could understand. "Its time for some guidelines, cretin."

"Ohhh," the little fellow responded in an almost cooing tone, as he made his way up to sit on his partner's head.

"If you do not follow these rules, I will return you to Nemesis in pieces," Barricade warned darkly when he was sure that the cassetticon was actually listening. He wasn't even remotely surprised when the little fragger hung off the top of his helm and four blue optics met two red, well, one red since he merely dangled in front of it. "Get off of me!" He swung when the little creature began cackling, only for it to leap into the air and land on the back of his hand. He shuttered his optics in frustration, growling lightly. "How does Soundwave put up with you?"

It stared at him but said nothing, head tilting ever so slightly. Barricade nearly threw the little beast, but instead lifted his hand to meet gazes with the tiny troublemaker. "Now stay there," he grumbled and the tiny 'con nodded. He was surprised but refused to admit it, fearful that it would go back to its previous behavior. "Now, these rules. The first one is simple, you will listen to every order I give you, Cretin. I don't have the time to babysit you, we're on a mission. Understood?"

It nodded and stared calmly at him. It was almost creepy.

"Second, you are to sit in my passenger seat with a seat belt on. You will touch nothing," he grumbled and glared. The little one nodded again, and clicked an 'understood' in their native tongue. "Third, is... hey," he snapped when he noticed the small beast was no longer looking at him. Its head was turned around and staring over his shoulder, azure optics shuttering and focusing on something in front of Barricade. "What the pit are you looking at?"

He lifted his gaze and focused on the direction the smaller was staring. That was when he saw it; a fleshling that clearly did not bathed in quite sometime, the cloth that covered him tattered, and there seemed to be something growing on his face. The three of them seem to have a staring contest, none really sure what to do with the other. Not even Barricade, who was more surprised then anything to see a human in these tunnels (but he should have known that these insects were nothing but trouble). What happened next was even more surprising (but probably shouldn't have been) for the cruiser.

"Oh shit," the human shouted suddenly and turned to run.

"Come back, come back," the little cretin screeched as he sprung off of Barricade's hand, flipping through the air. "Messy death for you!" Three blades fired from the little silver mech's chest, they slice through the air at speeds that Barricade couldn't comprehend. They shifted and pointed edges emerged just as they hit the human; blood splattering from the wounds to his back and neck. The body landed just as the tiny creature did, fingers and toes used to balance himself. The only sound that danced through was that of the human drowning in his own blood, gurgles and splatters, then all was silent.

Barricade turned his sights from the bloodied mess and to the silver cassetticon, who was currently crawling over to his victim. He hadn't expected it to have such abilities, after all, it certainly never showed much before hand. He observed how the little beast poked at the corpse, checking to see if it had died before shuddering its body and shoving a claw deep into the skull. There was a crunch of metal breaking through bone, the cruiser nearly grinned at the noises coming from the puny mech. As pleased as he was about his partner's kill, he knew they couldn't waste anymore time. If this human was here, Primus knew what else lurked down here to discover them.

"Frenzy, get away from that thing," Barricade ordered. "We have to move on. I'm sure Starscream will be contacting us soon." Much to his surprise, the insane little cassetticon crawled from the corpse and to his feet, latching onto him then climbing up. It took the little creature only moment to appear on his shoulder, splattering insults (which he was sure were directed at the dead body and not him) in their native language. The police vehicle did not remain idle for long, advancing forward and continuing through the tunnel. He listened to the sling of words echoing from the young creature on his shoulder, nearly smirking when he heard a phrase.

'Stupid insect, you thought you could get away from the mighty Decepticons', along with some other mindless ramblings.

He was amused by the change in the little cretin. In the beginning, he had figured this was some sort of punishment, that the tiny 'con would weigh him down. Now, though, he realized that the insanity that the creature possessed was dangerous, that this puny being might actually be worth something. He turned his optics to his partner, feeling his spark fill with pride... but it was washed away quickly.

Frenzy, the mech that just slaughtered a human for being there, was currently chewing on his foot. Barricade's head dropped forward and a sigh echoed from his vents. He prayed that this was almost over, that Soundwave would take this little psychopath back soon.

End Note: I felt like this chapter was lacking something. I know its rather short, or at least it looks that way to me. It took a turn from the humorous little thing to something a bit darker for a reason. No matter how funny Frenzy is, he's still a Decepticon. I wanted to embody that in this chapter but I'm not sure if it came across that way or not. Like I said above in the warning, it would have been more gory and such, if I wasn't so worried about people reporting it. I think that might be another reason why I found it lacking. My Beta-Reader was a bit disappointed when she read this; claiming that I shouldn't have brought the violence in so quickly, but eh, when have I ever listened to her. (Ps: I love you, my beta, don't kill me. Haha)

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