Title: Toilet incident

Author: SeverusHermioneForever

Pairings: Harry/Ginny

"You won't believe what James did," Ginny said, shaking her head as she carried Lilly Luna in her arms. Harry looked up to his wife and smirked. Knowing James, he had done something to get himself in trouble.


"What's he done?" He asked, putting down his newspaper.

Ginny put their daughter down on the floor and put her hands on her hip.

"You go into the bathroom and look there. I knew you shouldn't off told him our tale." Ginny smiled and gave Harry a quick kiss on the cheek before tending to Lilly.

"Where's Albus?" Harry asked as he made his way to the door.

"He's at Hugo's. He'll be home by 6," Ginny said and Harry nodded and he walked up stairs.

After the war, life has been perfect for him. Ron had finally asked Hermione to marry him and they now have one son and one daughter, Hugo and Rose. Harry married his lovely Ginny and together they had two sons and one daughter, mainly named after people who have been closest to them throughout the years.

Harry walked towards the bathroom and opened the door. It wasn't a massive bathroom, just an average sized homely one. Its tiles were a creamy brown colour and the floor had a light chocolate carpet. It took Harry a moment to see what was wrong when his eyes laid above the toilet seat.

There was red writing on the walls and Harry thought that James must of gotten his hands on muggle crayons again but then instead of being angry, he put on a huge smile on his face and laughed.

Above the toilet seat, in James scruffy hand writing said;

The Chamber of secrets has been opened, feel free to enter.