'Right, ready?'

'Erm, I haven't got anyone.'

'Oh, Ron you're with me.'

'Isn't Mundungus meant to be with you, Alastair?'

'Hasn't shown. Tonks, you take our new addition, Gilmore with Tonks, Ron with me. Everyone know the plan?' Mad-Eye looked around. 'I'll say it again anyway. Seven Harry's, get to your given place, port key to the Burrow. Easy. See you there.'

'I really don't think that this is going to work,' whispered the Harry-Hermione to Harry-Ron and Harry as they made their way to the garden.

'I'm sure it will, it's Mad-Eye's plan, he's a hardened auror, his plans never fail,' said Harry, trying to convince her and himself that this would work.

'It will, no doubt about it.'

'Oh just because your with Mad-Eye!'

'Sorry 'Mione I didn't chose,' smiled the Harry-Ron.

'I'm with Hagrid,' Harry looked at Harry-Hermione.

'Harry wins,' grinned Harry-Ron.

'Good luck mate. I'll see you at the Burrow,' smiled Harry. Harry-Hermione gave them each a hug; Harry found it weird being hugged by himself.

'I don't need it. Mum better have some food for when we get back, I'm starving.'

Each couple stood in the garden with their chosen transport. They waited patiently for Mad-Eye's signal.

They were off.

Molly rushed around the Burrow as couples arrived. Then George arrive, his ear lost.

It seemed that everyone was back, but she hadn't counted or checked, she had George to be looking after.

Two hours or so later, everyone sat down in the Burrow's living room; the Burrow had been a rush and finally they could all sit down with a good cup of tea. Molly sat down with a sign; all of her children were back and safe.

Molly gasped, her hands slamming over her mouth, tears in her eyes, her cup smashing shattering the warm, comfortable silence.

'Mol, what?' Asked Arthur, his face full of worry.

'Ronnie! My poor baby!' She began weeping.

'Ron's here,' smiled Arthur, looking around with a smile, but slowly his smile faded. 'Someone's seen him...?' Everyone present shook their heads.

Realisation dawned on them. Neither Mad-Eye nor Ron had made it back and they'd had no word. The worst part being that no one had noticed for two hours.

Where were they? And were they dead?

The answer to the latter probably was 'yes', but you can always hope...