Rick watched as the barrel of a woman's shot gun aimed for his wife. Oh dear God. Please, no. No, no, no. She was going to kill her? She couldn't. The woman tensed her body ready to pull the trigger. Rick choked. If Lori died he didn't think he could live anymore.

Lori caught a look at Rick and followed his eyes to the woman and the gun. A barely audible mutter passed through her lips, more like an exhale of breath than words but Rick knew what she meant. "My Judy."

Lori jerked her body and the spraying shot of the gun hit her hard, blowing off her back and side, ribbons of ripped flesh dyed her top red. "LORI!" Rick screamed, as his wife doubled over. Clutching her side and hissing a sob. "NO! My LORI, my BABY!" he screamed, no longer caring about Carl who was unaware of the scene and sill running. These damn monsters had already taken away the two people he loved the most. He didn't want to live.

The Woodbury woman hesitated, watching the one-handed man break down over the woman she shot. /Move/ she thought, urging the man to run, this was hard. He looked too pitiful to shoot …, why did she shoot the woman clutching rags to her chest? "Oh dear God." She saw it. She saw her. She saw the baby.

A crying child bundled in makeshift robes rolled out from under the woman, not a scratch on her. The mother must have shielded it with her body. "Oh dear, God." /I killed a mother and almost her baby. That crying man must be the father. She was horrified.

"What are you doing, Violet? Shoot THEM!" barked the unkind voice of the Governor at her. H-he wanted her to kill … a baby? A newborn baby and her handicapped father? Her lip quivered and she turned to the governor. Regret melting into something more potent.

"YOU WANT ME TO KILL A BABY?" she screamed. Faces turned to look at her; the Governor looked slightly worried at her temper. "You sick FUCK! I killed the mother! You want me to kill a BABY?" Violet started shaking out of anger and sadness. Before she could think her shot gun was in the man's mouth and the rigger pulled.

Rick stared at Judy, she was alive? Rick forgot about the fighting, the zombies and the yelling. /My wife's baby is alive./ Wait, no. Not just her baby, their child- Carl. He needed him, not just the baby. Carl would shatter into a million pieces if his dad died and no amount of anything would put him back together.

The two month old baby was grabbed and pulled into his chest and he ran. Out of the prison, past the zombies and up the hill to where Carl was sitting- waiting for him.

"Dad! Judy!" he yelled, "I ran to the hills but when I stopped you and mom weren't there." he was folded over and panting, spitting thick spittle onto the grass. He hadn't exercised his long for awhile.

Five minutes of coughing and wheezing later Carl finally asked. "Where's mom?" His voice was calm and controlled but Rick's reply wasn't.

Rick pretty much screamed the answer. His hands covered his ears $as if to block out the undeniable with little avail. "She's dead! My wife is dead! Your mom is dead! Judith's parents are dead!"

Not far away the gun shots continued.