The three of them walked, they walked and walked till their feet ached and they then walked some more. It was hard for Rick. He knew he was being selfish but since Lori's death he couldn't bring himself to look at Judy. The only reason he loved her was the connection between her and his wife. Looking at her tiny face only seemed to mock him; It pointed out the one he loved the most of was dead and even she cheated on him. Now Rick had to pick up the pieces.

"Dad," Carl called quietly, "my arms are tired. Can you hold Judy?" Carl had been holding the baby since their last stop that was over a hour ago; They picked up supplies like powered milk and baby food.

Rick was caught off guard. "Umm, can you keep holding her…," he quickly thought of an lie but realised it was pretty much the truth, "I'm thinking." His son sighed and shifted the baby, Judith was a particularly good baby; She didn't cry or scream at all, if upset she'd make a little whimper and 'eh, eh' sounds.

/Carl/ Rick thought. He was a splitting image of Lori, he had her jaw, hair and eyes. It hurt to look at him. /My wife died to save a baby- wait, no, I have to stop thinking about Judy. I have to think of Carl/ and so he did but the thoughts merely brought back pain. Rick had put all his efforts into Lori and her baby, it was wasted. He felt like there was a whole in his chest, like someone scooped out his heart and lungs and left nothing but some dust. It was a bad feeling.

"We can stop here," Rick muttered, pointing to a car. Checking it showed that it had no fuel or keys but it would make a good bed for the night. He managed to pull the door off. They had nothing, they left it all at the prison were his friends died.

Carl watched his dad get into the front seat and curl up, not even bothering checking for roamers. His dad hasn't been the same since mom died. He was more than disappointed, everyone had to die sometime but mom had to go and mess dad up with it.

It was getting still fairly light but it was the run up to spring so it could already be quite late for Judy. Carl lay the baby across his lap and wrapped her in his jacket. His dad didn't do anything. He couldn't be asleep already. He wasn't.

"Dad…, we need to talk," Carl said, his voice steady. Rick didn't reply but the eight year old continued, "I know you're sad but this needs to stop. Accept that and let's just move on. Judy needs you." His dad didn't even shift from his spot. He didn't care, did he? He just sits there in his own little world like he has been for the last week. Carl raised his voice slightly, "Stop it, Dad. Mom is dead. Moping around is only going to get us killed!"

Rick snapped, "Just shut up!" He turned to look his son in the eyes. "Don't you think I know that? Just shut up… I need to time to think!" he growled and looked away from Carl and Judy; They could no longer see his face.

Carl let out a breath he didn't knew he was holding and tried to relax to no avail. Now feeling rather sad he lay down and across the seats (Making sure the door was closed so no zombies could get in) and held the baby Judy to his chest. "Never mind, Jude, me and dad can talk later." Letting his serious demeanour slip, Carl craned his neck and kissed his baby sister's messy black hair.

"Everything can wait till later…" What a damned lie.