Chapter5 – In Denial

Whatever was moving, was moving so quickly no one could see clearly who or what was attacking Sam, but Paul knew. He sensed something familiar and said nothing. Even after the thing ran off. "Did anyone get a good look at the thing?" asked Sam. "Jared?" Sam asked, Jared shook his head. " bout you?" Hoping the rest of his pack had managed to get a good look, but Seth shook his head "Nope...Sorry Sam" . Then finally he turned to Paul, "how about you Paul? you seem a little quiet did you see or sense anything?" He didn't answer right away but eventually, he lifted his head to Sam. "I didn't see anything, but I did definitely sense something familiar" Paul said quietly.

"How is it?...Why is it?...what the fuck is happening to me?" Paul thought out loud.

Everything seems to be going wrong for him. Whenever they think they are clear of each other, they catch the others scent. Both try desperately to deny what they are feeling hoping avoidance makes the heart grow colder. It seems that the harder they resist the stronger the connection that they may have for each other and that of which makes them want each other more.

Paul just remembered what Sam had said a couple of days ago and wondered if he actually had done it, but decided to keep it to himself till he knew for sure. Paul keeps going over and over it in his head, 'I didn't think it was possible, Is it actually possible?' he wondered to himself.

James went out for a hunt, lately hunting wasn't the same as it used to be. He kept thinking about Paul and his so called 'life' has changed in the last few months. Soon as James left Paul went to see Jacob later that day to talk with him about the current situation he's in. Jacob didn't know what to make of it, but at the same time he understood a little of how Paul feels. Jacob turned to Paul with a sympathetic look on his face "It sounds like you have, but we both know that we don't have control over the situation, so what is done is done and now we got to live with it, just like Sam and Emily"

"But why is it me and a filthy bloodsucker called James?"

"Why does anything happen to any of us"

Paul was just about to talk again, but stopped when he felt James drawing nearer. James crept up and said "I once heard that if anything ever happens it is for a purpose".

"So basically what you both are saying is it's meant to happen and just go with it"

James and Jacob both replied "Yes" . Then started scowling at each other.

Before Jacob ran off he said to mainly to Paul "Whatever this 'Attraction' is, it is unheard of, it might have happened before, but it was probably dealt with"

"If it had happened before and was dealt with most likely The Volturi stepped in and killed them both" said James.

After about another week or so of trying to ignore the signs and their feelings in the attempt to deny each other, they both decided to give in. They made an arrangement to meet discreetly, with one condition. The condition was that every time they meet it will be in a different spot and at a different time so no one would suspect.

After several weeks of discreetly meeting up, someone had spotted them without them knowing and he saw enough to know...