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"Argh, Draco!" complained Harry Potter as the former boy dropped into his lap. "Must you sit on me? I need to do this essay for McGonagall! Please, hon, please get your own armchair?"

Draco chuckled and nuzzled his face into Harry's neck. His breath was warm as he said, "Not a chance. You're just so comfortable and warm. Besides, there are Gryffindors here."

"Maybe because it's the Gryffindor common room…?"

"Quiet. You're comfy, and also dead sexy when you're frustrated."

"And you're adorable," replied Harry.

Draco sat upright. He glared at Harry and said, "Whoa, now. No. Malfoys are not adorable."

"Cute, then?" suggested Harry.

"No. Not a chance. Malfoy men are gorgeous, sexy beasts. And very manly."

Harry rolled his eyes and remarked, "Oh yes. So very manly. Now get your bony arse off of me, please."

Draco gasped and fell off of Harry's lap. "HOW DARE YOU?" he exclaimed as he quickly got up and modified everyone's memories so that they forgot what had just happened. Then, he flounced out of the Gryffindor common room, dragging Harry along.

Harry, having his memory Obliviated, had no idea what had just happened. "How dare I what?"

Draco slapped him. "You called my arse bony! Look at my arse!" Draco turned around and practically shoved his ass in Harry's face. "It's glorious! It's exquisite! It's divine! My arse is beautiful, dammit!"

Harry clutched his stinging cheek and exclaimed, "What the hell, Draco?"

"Apologize," commanded Draco as he turned around.

"To what?" asked Harry.



"NOW, Potter."

"I'm sorry? Draco, you know how much I love your bum. It's very fit, you know."

"That it is, Potter. That it is."

"Besides, I already know how wonderful it is. I stick my cock up it, don't I?"

"WHAT?" yelled a voice. The two turned around to find a disturbed-looking Snape, and a chuckling Dumbledore.

"Oh, Severus, leave the children be. Come, let's go to bed," suggested Dumbledore.

Snape looked at him for a moment, and then replied, "An excellent idea, Headmaster. Off we go. Good day, boys."

Dumbledore winked, and then said, "By the way Draco, you do have a nice arse."

Snape and Dumbledore clasped hands and sauntered off, leaving Harry and Draco speechless.

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