Summary: This is a canon SPN/Black Horse AU Xover. Yep, I'm re-doing Appointment in Samarah, Black Horse style. When Canon Dean becomes Death for a Day in exchange for Sam's lost soul, he discovers that he needs an Apocahorse, of course, of course. Part 1 of 2.

Warnings: Possible minor spoilers for Appointment in Samarah. Spoilers for Black Horse? None. Hey, Good's gonna triumph over Evil in that 'verse. That's how I roll.

Warning#2: Rough language ahead. Dean cusses. A lot. Cover your ears, young'uns.

And a shout out to: Heartless_BytchhakaHelenBach1 for coining the name "OneDayDean."

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. This is for entertainment only, and not for profit.

Part 1 - A Horse Is A Horse...

Our lives are weird.

Well, duh. Sam told me that one time, back when when we were hunting that zombie chick at that college. We didn't know weird back then. We only thought we did. Sam died in Cold Oak, and I made the crossroads deal to bring him back. I had one good year, and then I died and went to hell.

I came back. Can't say I got better, 'cause I didn't.

Yeah, we thought we knew weird, but we didn't. One year ago Sam sacrificed himself. He caged Lucifer inside his own body and willingly fell into the pit with Michael. Sam's back now, and you'd think I'd be happy about that, but I'm not.

My little brother came back minus one thing: his soul.

I'm standing here staring at Death's ring, and the slick, heavy feel of the thing makes my skin crawl. All I have to do is slip it on, become Death for a day, and Death will get Sam's soul out of the pit.

Those dicks Lucifer and Michael are hatebanging on it right now.

Sam doesn't give a fuck about anything or anybody anymore, including me. He told me so.

That's not gonna fly.

He's at Bobby's place until I get back from this, and I can't shake the feeling that Sam's up to something. I can see it in his eyes. Never thought I'd ever say this, but I hate leaving him alone with Bobby. Push come to shove, if stupid breaks out, I'm pretty sure that Bobby can get the drop on Sam, put him in the panic room until I get back.

If Sam doesn't get Bobby first.

Damn, I can't wait for this to be over with.

I've done some stupid things in my life, y'know? On a scale of one to ten, I usually average about a seven, maybe eight. This isn't any different. I have to get Sam back, and I mean all of him back. Death says he can put up a wall, keep Sammy from remembering what happened.

Keep him from going insane.

Listen to me, huh? There was a time when I'd gank a fugly just as soon as look at 'em. No questions, no hesitation. Now I'm listening to them, making deals with the damn things. Weird doesn't even cover this. I figure this day is gonna bury the needle on the Winchester Weird-O-Meter for all time.

Well, hell with it. I don't need to think about this anymore. I slip the ring on.

Bobby's yard disappears in a flash of white light.

Next thing I know I'm standing on a street somewhere, no different from any other Bumfuck Nowhere town I've ever been in. People walk by me on the sidewalk and they don't even blink. I don't think they can see me.

Like I said, weird.

And then I hear this voice behind me.

"He doesn't have a horse."

Female. Low and husky, like Kathleen Turner in Body Heat. Damn, she was really hot in that movie. I grin to myself, 'cause a chick with a voice like that has to be one hot babe.

"No, he doesn't have a horse." Huh. Male. I can hear the smirk in that voice.

Maybe I'm still dazed from the whiteout. Takes me a moment to recognize that voice, and when I finally do the hair at the back of my neck stands on end.

Oh, shit.

I turn around real slow, and as I do I slip my right hand under my back waistband. Instead of a chromed gun butt I grip nothing but empty air, and that's when I remember that I left my Colt 1911 at home.

Death for a Day wouldn't need any weapons, right?

A few feet away stands the biggest, blackest horse I 've ever seen. Looks like the damn Black Stallion, but the eyes are copper, like new pennies.

The dude standing next to the horse rolls his eyes when he sees me reach for nothing but air.

He looks just like me.

Sonofabitch. I am so screwed. Why do these friggin' shapeshifters always have a hard on for the way I look?

I take a real good look at the bastard, and that's when I realize 'shifter boy doesn't look exactly like me. He's got these thin scars around his right eye, and his right hand is glowing like some damn firefly. Other than that, he's me. He's even got my brown leather jacket on with the collar flipped up the way I like it. Denim overshirt, black tee, faded jeans and work boots.

I blink, and that's when I see something fugly. His clothes change.

Everything goes midnight black. Reminds me of that get-up Keanu Reeves wore in The Matrix. My brown leather jacket morphs into this long black hooded leather coat. What the hell?

Black leather turns back to brown leather and faded blue jeans in an eyeblink. I open my mouth to say something, anything -

And then the horse's lips move and Kathleen Turner's voice comes out: "How can he be a Horseman if he doesn't have a horse?"


My mind goes blank.

The 'shifter smirks at me like he knows exactly what I'm thinking. "Samirah, he's only doing this for one day."

"One day!" The horse's ears go straight up. "That's ridiculous! Whose idea was that? We've done this for hundreds of years. He doesn't even have a horse!"

"Speaking of which, Princess," the double drawls, "I wish you'd stop trampling every classic white Cadillac you see."

The horse shakes her head no. "Can't promise that." A red Camry passes by on the street. The black horse lowers her head, tracks it with her eyes like a cat staring at a mouse. She stares at the car until it goes out of sight and then she swings that big black head in my direction.

I feel like backing up when she walks towards me. For a moment we stand there nose to nose, and then she tosses her head and snorts as she walks around me. No way in hell I'm gonna turn my back on her, so I turn around in a complete circle. I make sure we stay face to face. She's even bigger up close.

"What the hell you staring at?" I growl at her. "I don't have to explain myself to Mr. Ed wanna-bes."

The horse twitches her ears at me. "Not the first time I ever heard that, Wil-bur."

She flicks that long tail of hers at me as she heads back to the other one. "I like him! Can we keep him?"

I don't fuckin' believe this...

"Keep him?" 'shifter boy stares at me and scowls. I scowl right back. "Hell no."

"Aw, why not? We'd have a matched set. He seems sad."

"Hey! Damn it, I'm right here!" They don't even turn around when I yell out.

"He's grumpy too," she says. "He needs a horse."

Okay, I've had enough. If I'm gonna get my ass kicked I'm going down swinging. I walk up to NotMe and Flicka and I stare at his scars and his right hand.

"Dude, what the hell happened to you?"

"You don't have a need to know, Junior."

"Junior? Junior?"

"You heard me." He looks me up and down and sneers. "OneDayDean."

"Neo wannabe."

"Cute," he says, and I can tell what I said pissed him off. "You think that one up all by yourself, did you? Don't hurt yourself."

"Gaelen." The horse stretches her neck out and nuzzles jackass on the top of his head. "I think I'll stay with him for the day."


The dude in black looks shocked. "What? Samirah, you can't do that!"

"Yeah, I can. He needs a horse."

"Let him get his own horse!" Gay-boy gives me another dirty look. "You're my horse and I don't wanna share!" Dude sounds like he's four.

"It's just for one day. You said so yourself."

"Quit using my own words against me, y'hear me?"

"Well, you said so."

It 's my turn to smirk now. It's kinda fun watching them fuss back and forth at each other.

"Dean, what are you doing over here?" Tessa says.

Damn it! I play it off, but I still jump when I realize she's standing next to me. This fade in crap is hard to get used to...

Tessa looks pissed. "Um, I put the ring on. I'm supposed to -"

She looks at me and shakes her head. "Not you. Him."

NotMe grins at her. I guess he thinks that's 'posed to charm her or something. "Hi, Tessa. You look good no matter what 'verse you're in."

"Don't change the subject." Tessa rolls her eyes and crosses her arms in front of her chest.

Good. She's not going for it.

"What are you doing over here, Dean?"

Wait a minute. Second time she's called him Dean. He's-? What the hell?

"Did God ever come back from vacation in your neck of the woods?" Tessa says coolly, like she already knows the answer to that one. I don't know what the hell she's talking about.

"Uh, no."

Tessa quirks an eyebrow at NotMe.

"So what are you trying to say?" Dude sounds really lame.

"I'm not trying to say anything. Aren't you still on the clock then?"

"Well, yeahh. Uh, we just had to come over and see this."

"Uh huh. Yeah. Sure you did."

"Anyway, it's covered." Shifter boy spreads his arms wide as he gives her this cheesy grin. "Everything's fine."

"Sure it is." Tessa glances at me and shrugs. "What?"

"Who the hell is this guy?"

"Who? He's you."


"From an alternate universe. Dean Winchester, hunter, meet Dean Winchester, Horseman. He's Death. He's also known as Gaelen." Her expression softens a little when she looks at the black horse. "That's Samirah."

"Wait a damn minute. I'm not the only one?"

Tessa nods.

"How many more?"

"Believe me, kiddo, you really don't wanna know." She sighs deeply. "I've seen so many variations of you I've lost count."


I jerk my thumb at the other jerk. "He's a Horseman?"

"Yes, Dean." Tessa's talking to me like I'm four. I don't like that. "He's you in a different life."

NotMe snorts. His denim and leather shifts to those black clothes I saw before. "Well, duh. I'm the original. He's just a copy. "

The black horse nods solemnly. "OneDayDean needs a horse. I think I'll stick around."

NotMe definitely doesn't like that. He stares at her like he can't believe what he's hearing. "What? No, he doesn't!"

"It's only for one day," the horse says calmly, like that doesn't really mean anything.

"That's one day too long!"

We eyeball each other really hard now. My right hand curls up into a fist, and so does his. Hmph. I don't know what in the hell he thinks he can do with that glowy thing. Looks like a bad special effect in one'a those dumb movies on the SyFy channel.

"He's not a Horseman. Never was, never could be one." NotMe snorts. "He comes over here with that stupid ass ring that looks like he got it out of a freakin' Cracker Jack box or something. Does he have a horse, did he bring one with him? Heck no." He leans forward and we're nose to nose now. I'm not backing down and neither is he. "He doesn't need a horse."

"I don't want your damn horse."

Oh yeah, I can see by that hard look in his eyes what I said really pisses him off.

"Watch your mouth, boy."

"Boy? Who you callin' boy...Grandpa?"

"She's not a damn horse, and yeah, you do want her. She's better than anything you ever had, OneDay," NotMe snarls.

The black horse pricks her ears. "They're fighting over me. That's so sweet."

Tessa shakes her head. "Oh, please. Dial the testosterone down, boys." She looks around at him, at me, and the horse. I don't like the smile on her face. "He doesn't need a horse? I think he does. That's a wonderful idea."

The black horse nods her head up and down again. "I think so too."

It doesn't hit me until later that we both blurt out "You-you what?" at the same damn time.

"There's really no rule against this." Tessa smirks as she looks at us. "And I do like the classics." She nods at me. "Dean -"

NotMe bitchfaces at her. I'm not impressed.

Neither is Tessa. "Well, OneDayDean -"


"He is supposed to be a Horseman. I don't see how Samirah staying could break any rules."

NotMe sighs. "You're just doing this to get back at me, aren't you?'

"Yep." Tessa says smugly. That smile of hers is sharp enough to cut.

"Okay. All right. One day, you hear me? Just one day..." Horse boy turns and gives me a dirty look. "Keep her away from old green station wagons, classic red mustangs, black Escalades, and '59 white Cadillac Eldorados."


I don't like the smile on his face either. "You'll find out." He glares at the horse again. "One day. I'll meet you back here when the time's up."

The horse nods at him. "Okay."

The air behind NotMe lights up, bright copper light. It's so bright I have to shield my eyes with my hand. When I can see again my heart and stomach drop into my boots.

Another horse. A big spotted critter, this time. But the rider...damn...

The rider looks just like my brother, Sam.

This dude isn't my brother. Mine is back at Bobby's place, mine doesn't give a damn about anything, or anyone, not even me.

This Sam, he's got a soul.

I can see it in his eyes.

His clothes shift, from that blue and white plaid shirt, jeans and work boots, to copper armor, Huh. I think I saw that same rig in Gladiator.

I blink and he's dressed normal again.

Second thing is, this Sam's sitting that spotted horse like he was born to ride. My Sam doesn't like horses. Never did.

He looks at me and his mouth drops open. "Uh, Dean? Who's that?"

"OneDayDean," Gay-boy (or whatever his name is) grits out as he turns and walks back. "He needs a horse."

"He needs a...what?"

"You heard me."

The spotted horse has one copper eye and one blue eye. His ears go up when he sees the black horse standing behind me. "Mother?"

She stretches out her neck towards them, makes this soft horsey sound I don't recognize. "It's all right. It's only for one day."

"It's okay, Nahele." NotMe strokes the big spotted critter on the neck. "She's coming back." He turns and gives me another dirty look. "Damn well better come back."

"Dean, why'd Samirah ditch you?"

"Shut it, Sam."

"Why'd you call me? You could've come back by yourself."

NotMe growls at him.

Sam the second sticks out his hand. Horse boy glares at it before he takes it and swings up into the saddle. He doesn't like riding like that. I get it. In every western I've ever seen, that's the girl's spot.

The other Sam frowns as he looks at me, then he turns halfway around and smirks. "Dean, you lost your horse? How could you lose your horse?" He grins like he's really enjoying this.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

That bright copper light flares up again behind them. NotMe scowls as he puts his arms around his Sam's waist. "Shut upppp..."

The spotted horse turns around and walks right into the lightshow.

When it fades out again they're gone.


Tessa turns to me and nods. "Time to go to work, so suck it up, Winchester. You've got your very own apocahorse now."

"M-My very own apoca-what?"

The black horse nods, then stares at me like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. "Welcome to the party, Wil-bur."

Oh, crap.

To be concluded next week.

A/N: The "old green station wagons, classic red mustangs, black Escalades, and '59 white Cadillac Eldorados" that Gaelen/Dean warns canonDean to keep Samirah away from are cars that belong to the canon (Horseless) Horsemen.

Or any cars like those that Samirah sees on the streets.