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Ninja For A Day

Chapter 1: Masks Make You Feel Cool

Wally took in a large breath and slowly let it all out into a very loud sigh. This was saying a lot. Since Wally is a speedster, he can take in more than a substantial amount of oxygen. His exhale seemed to go on for minutes, hours to the former sidekicks around him.

"Wally, do you mind?" Artemis's voice was edgy and irritable, as if she was trying to control herself from screaming at him.

"Yes," Wally muttered. He hated days like these

"Bye, guys! Bye, Wally! I should be back in about a week tops!" Robin waved goodbye as he hopped into the Batmobile. Batman, with his usual stoned face slammed on the gas and the car lurched forward and sped away, gone within seconds.

"One whole week!" Wally moaned. He was going to be so bored. In his mind, all Supey wants to do is sulk, yell, or beat stuff up. All Kaldur wants to do is train. All Megalicious wants to do is girl stuff and ignore his flirtatiously-too-far comments and Artemis… Wally sat up and frowned. What Artemis wants to do doesn't seem too bad. Well… Artemis is Artemis… and Artemis is mean. Not nice to Wally…

Artemis paused for a moment to glare at Wally as if she knew what he was thinking. She is also creepy and possibly evil. He glared back defensively and ran away at human speed. He had an idea.

Wally snuck into Rob's room and quietly closed the door. He'd secretly wanted to do this for a while. He ran, this time at superspeed, over to his ninja friend's dresser and started rummaging through his drawers.

HERE! He quickly pulled out the black fabric and put the mask over his eyes. Woah. From the moment he put on the mask he felt instantly more confident. His coolness rocketed sky-high, his popularity increased ten-fold, and his hotness… well, damn. He was sexy! He was a chick-magnet. He walked in front of a mirror and stared posing. Side-view, other side, Superman, cool-and-aloof, arms crossed, Robin's Signature Smirk.

Now show 'em the guns.

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