Twenty one ways to piss off Megatron.

OK, last chap, last chance to really get him steamed!

Optimus' girl gets credit for idea twenty.

Disclaimer: Hasbro owns Transformers.

Idea nineteen: Wrong way, stupid.

When Megatron is out cold, take his fusion cannon and modify it to be EXTRA powerful. Now here's the trick; when you go to remount it, put it so the barrel is facing TOWARDS Megatron's head! As I said before, Megatron does not check his weapons much. He won't notice until he gets a face full of fusion plasma! He'll have quite a few burn marks on his face afterwards. Not to mention Starscream laughing his aft off, and random Blitzwing singing the song that goes,"It'll be a hot time in the old town tonight...FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!"

Idea twenty: cyberflower child.

Inform Megatron that when he was an Autobot prisoner, the good guy faction stole a sample of his CNA and now Optimus Prime has been impregnated with the sample to bear a child of the war lord that will fight for the Autobots. Needless to say he'll be mad on two accounts. One; this adds insult to injury as Optimus was the one who brought him down, and two; he didn't give any permission or get any action! To make it seem really convincing, you could photo shop a pic of Prime to make it look like he's carrying. When Megs calls up Ultra Magnus and screams, you can be sure everyone in Metroplex will be laughing their afts off. Well...Optimus will probably be a little pissed at you for implying him so, make sure you have an 'im sorry' gift waiting.

Idea twenty one: Thats a real pisser.

Kind of a reuse from SP's piss list,but its too good to pass up! Drug Megatron and when he's out, transfer his consciousness into an Autobot femme frame! (the stuff you need is in Shockwave's lab.) When the great powerful ruler awakes in a teeny tiny autobot body he'll flip! You might even get a scream of terror out of him. Then, for extra fun, have all the single cons hit on him under the impression that this femme is Megatron's 'prisoner.' eventually, you'll need to change him back; and when you do, get a three day or 150 lightyear head start! Megatron will want you dead or alive!

Well...thats another one.


Starscream: It wasn't me! ! It was the pretender fe-aaaaaaahhhh! ! ! *cut off by fusion blast.*

ohhh...I better make myself scarce. Looks like it will be a few days before Screamers out of the medbay...then he's next! ! See ya later!