Sherry had managed to slip out of the compound; the flash drives were on the way to her government contacts to get to the right people. She was stepping out of a café when she smelled it. The taint of the virus Wesker loved so much. Biting her lip she weighed her options, her gun, an ivory handled revolver, was at the small of her back, the iced latte moved to her other hand as she started down the street. If her Godfather was going to question her about her actions, she was going to make sure it stayed nice and public, knowing that she wouldn't be able to take him on with just the handgun, and physically, she was stronger than most men, but again, her muscles weren't for fighting, she was quick on her feet, but Albert Wesker was quicker.

Another scent came to her, this one being Steve Burnside, which told her the two were hunting, there was no doubt someone had seen her leave. The blond tossed the drink into a garbage bin as she passed. Steve she could take down on her own, the Veronica wasn't as strong as the G after all. All she had to do was corner him, and hope he didn't happen to have his hand-picked strike team with him.

Either way this is going to hurt, just hope that the information gets to them. I can't let them hurt Jill. She thought running down the street looking for a good place to set her trap. Steve would hunt her, after all she was the type he loved to torture, blond hair blue eyes, and can't forget she was one of Umbrella's children.

"Freeze!" She heard the accented voice, seeing the red hair peeking out from under a street cop's uniform. He was dressed as a rookie. Sherry saw a truck heading her way and ran into the street, dropping down as she ran, sliding between the tires and drawing her gun when it stopped. Scrambling out from under the truck she darted through the traffic. Steve had given her warning to how Wesker would be dressed. Spotting a blond officer would be a little harder, After all Wesker had been a cop. Steve was just a little boy playing dress up.

"It was a nice attempt Sherry," The voice was impossibly close. Sherry moved to attack, only to have Wesker grab her wrist making her let go of the gun. Three men, probably in Steve's little hunting party ran up. "Let's not make a scene Birkin, wouldn't want me to have to kill an innocent would you?" He whispered into her ear and she let the fight go. Wesker handed her gun over to one of the other 'officers' cuffing her wrists behind her. "Find out who her contact was, get the files from them." He ordered moving to escort her to a waiting car. Sherry said nothing, by now her contact would have already disappeared into the crowd, Steve would lose him in another minute, and Wesker didn't trust the boy to go anywhere alone, which would mean her contact at the moment would be safe. She was shoved into the back seat of the car, shoved in such a way that she banged her head on the other door.

Wesker got into the driver's seat, Steve piled into the passenger, glaring at her.

"You know, if he'd let me, I'd break your legs for making me look like a fool Birkin."

"I didn't have to try that hard; anyone who's been near a real cop would have seen through the uniform asshole, your badge is on the wrong side." Wesker caught Steve's fist before he could turn and swing at her.

"Don't harm her, I need her cooperation and you losing your temper won't help that. Sherry, I wouldn't antagonize him right now. I may forget you're William's daughter." Sherry managed to sit up a little, catching the anger in Wesker's eyes in the rearview. She sat still, not daring to speak. "Steve, give her the shot."

Sherry felt the confining straps holding her down, she heard screaming nearby, it was Jill, had to be Valentine. Sherry tried to get free, whatever she had still running through her veins was making her weak. "Wesker! Stop this! She was a teammate!" Sherry yelled hoping to get the screaming to stop.

Wesker came into view in the observation deck above the room she was in. "Please, you have me, why do you need to hurt her?" Sherry was scared; she knew she had every right to be terrified, his eyes were glowing softly as he smirked ever so slightly, a look she had always regretted when it was turned her way.

"Need her for another project, you're what they were trying for, I only need you to make sure I can stay in control. And frankly Sherry, I don't need you awake, just alive. Be glad I'm going to let you answer some questions first, after all, there's been a leek for some time. If you weren't my Goddaughter I would have killed you instead of letting you explain why you disobey me."

Sherry watched him, trying to read his face, there was sorrow there, like he was actually sorry he had failed to raise her to be loyal to his cause. Sherry tugged at the straps holding her closing her eyes. "Sherry answer me and this will go easier on you, if you don't I will let Steve question you. Do you really want that?"

Sherry stayed quiet, he already knew she was the leak, he had to know that already.

"Answer me!" This time the order was more angered.

"Why do you think? I'm not one of your precious weapons, and I want it to end." She screamed in pain as she felt a needle go into the nape of her neck, the straps held her down, preventing her from moving and risking breaking it. The burning sensation that coursed through her was something she was used to, It was the antivirus to her strain, it wasn't enough to kill the virus in her, but it would make her weak for a few days.

"Don't let Steve near her, but prepare her for transportation, Gionne will need a sample from her."

Sherry heard the name as she fell against the table. Meant he was planning on taking her to Africa, the virus there she had already leaked out, hopefully it would get to people who could help soon enough. She knew whatever Wesker was planning wouldn't kill her; he needed her blood for his serum, it and Jill's.

Jill sat tapping a few things on one of the computers trying to find something, she remembered a blond who had told her that she'd try to get help for her, so far all the Umbrella and Tricell staff had been checked, the blond wasn't with them so she was checking the databanks hoping to find the woman she figured was about twenty.

The computer beeped at her as it finished the search. Sheva was standing looking over her shoulder. "Is that who you saw?" The words startled her as she looked at the girl who was lying in one of the containment tanks, blond hair was pulled back, held in place with a band almost making the girl look like a female version of Wesker. Jill looked at the name attached to the file.

"Sherry Bi…" She slammed her hand on the desk. "Chris, we need to contact Leon and Claire now. And make sure that tank's still active."

Chris had just started walking into the warehouse they had set up shop until the clean up was over. "What's up Jill?"

"Sherry Birkin, she was the one that tried to help me. They infected her, says she has a mix of viruses. We have to find her, even if she's infected, she tried to help me. I don't think she was working with Wesker willingly, he had to have been holding something over her to get her cooperation." Jill was sure of it, she had seen the girl briefly while she had been healing from the fall she and Wesker had taken, the girl had tried to help give her hope she'd be rescued.

Chris looked at the monitor. "You know where this is?"

"The computers in the compound went down when you and Sheva fought in there, we'll have to work our way down to it and open it by hand.

"Becky's not letting you go anywhere until we're sure you're not getting sick on us Jill, I'll go, alone." He looked at Sheva. "Josh would have my ass if I let you do something foolish in your current condition." It had been two months since they had beat Wesker , Sheva had been put on standby since then, Josh's request when they had found out she was pregnant.

"The compound's empty, eight teams have gone through clearing it room by room, only thing I'd catch in there right now is probably sneezes from the cleaning chemicals." She huffed.

"Better humor him, Last month he threatened to send me back to the States and put me in a psych ward unless I got some rest when I had that fever." Jill warned, "I'll call Leon, the news about Sherry will be easier for Claire to accept if it came from him, you know they'll both be scrambling to get here."

"Wonder how much of the red tape Leon's special agent status will be able to cut to get Claire here." Chris nodded. "Get me the location, I'll try to find her, with luck we'll have her under Becky's care and awake before they get here."