Leon took out the one guard Jill was distracting. Pulling him into the brush the agent walked back to the ex S.T.A.R.S. It had taken them a few days to narrow down exactly where Chris and Sherry had been taken. The two were part of a six man team that was going into the compound. If they weren't out in four hours, they had a small army to go in for them.

Only reason they got that was because Leon had been able to convince President Graham that both Sherry Birkin and Christopher Redfield were actually more valuable than he was.

The rest of the team moved in to cover them. Jill gave Leon a nod as the two of them moved into the building, both covering each other's backs. So far the place seemed deserted. Silently they moved around the main floor, staying within sight of each other. Leon had never worked with Jill or Chris, but the two seemed to work as well together as if they had worked together for years.


The voice over the com made both of them wince even though it was a short message. Here goes working in silence. Coming to a door marked with a stairwell the two glanced at each other. Leon motioned he'd go high and she nodded pressing her back to the wall.

You two better be okay. Jill thought as she took a deep breath. When Leon kicked open the door she rolled into the stairwell, both guns aimed, one up the stairs, the other down. She knew Leon had the higher steps, but she was determined to keep them safe so the landing and lower steps were hers to cover.

Leon moved in behind her, the door clicking closed behind him and the small hum told them that it was sealed. No one else would be coming through that door for a bit.

"Thought it was too easy," Jill whispered.

"Must mean we're on the right track though. They'll keep the upper floors secure. If this is Umbrella or whatever they're calling themselves now, Sherry and Chris will be below ground."

Jill nodded standing, her focus with the twin handguns moved to down the steps, where it was darker. "Just once can't they build a lab in some place that doesn't scream bad horror movie."

"Losing your nerve Valentine?" Leon meant it as a joke, but was actually worried about her. This couldn't be easy for her after everything that had happened.

"I'm good," She responded. "Let's go find my partner and the kid before he does something insanely stupid."

"Thought those plans usually worked," Leon followed her lead, keeping his gun trained up behind them for a landing or two.

"They do, but he doesn't know we're in the building. I would rather not get killed by one of his plans."

Good point, Leon fell silent as they worked their way down. Doors they passed were locked which only put him a little more at unease. Coming to a third subbasement they paused. The bottom of the staircase was one more landing. Something moved in the shadows under the steps. Jill stayed on the landing a moment. "Valentine?"

The door banged open, a small figure launching at whatever was under the stairs making Leon and Jill back up for now.

"Why don't you fight Wesker? He's going to kill Big Sister! You know how weak she'll be after the process, and her friend won't be able to help us." The small figure's voice was a child's, only around ten years old from what Jill guessed.

"Brat, there are intruders. Go back to your room these matters are for the adults." The child was flung from the shadows into the wall, where he slid down. Jill recognized the boy, he had clung to Sherry when she had come to visit her.

"I won't let you hurt people that will help Big Sister." The boy launched at the still unseen figure as Jill threw herself over the rail, twisting as she did so she'd land facing the shadows. The child was thrown over her, as Leon bolted down the steps, managing to catch the kid before he hit the wall again, his gun tucked away for now.

Jill's guns went off, round after round into the unseen B.O.W.

"You were a failed project Valentine, Master will be pleased that you're destroyed." The shadows seemed to move around her.


"Get the kid back, find Chris." Jill ordered.

Mikhail stayed silent a moment, seeing the opening that he'd need. Pushing away from Leon he launched himself forward again, this time drawing two curved blades from where they hid against his back.

Jill saw the movement and paused her gunfire rolling to the left, deeper into the shadows. There was a cry from the older voice and the lights started to flicker back on showing the kid plunging the knives into the back and neck of the other B.O.W.

"We don't have much time before he regenerates. He's a weaker B.O.W. but more than I can handle on my own."


"Mikhail, the other name is what they call me on the radio on missions. Now, I am acting as myself, not as a weapon." He touched the panel by the door. "We won't have much time when they find out that I am betraying them. But they will not look for Marina. Big Sister would if she were free." He didn't look up at Jill.

"Come, the rest of this hall should be safe; I destroyed the Cerberus as I came through."

Leon looked at the boy. "Okay, what do they call you?"

"They call me the name of the four armed destroyer, because with my blades and speed I move with the grace of one with more limbs. The virus I was first infected with, does create other limbs, Sherry fixed me so I would not turn into a monster like that."


And so sorry this took so long to get up. Working on a few other projects which have been eating up my time. One being the next game fitting into this AU (Because even though I love Chris and Sherry how this is working, I'm amused at how the next one's pieces are falling together so it'll prolly be chris X sherry X jake).

I'll see how it works up on paper during the storm, yep... I'm in the path of Sandy yay me.