Leavanny's Short Stories

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: 4Chan, WHY ARE YOU SO ADDICTIVE? It's not so much 4Chan as a whole as it is mainly /vp/ and /co/... but still, they're the reason why I'm barely posting anything here. Even though there is a likely chance that there's an alternative universe where I've written far beyond what I could imagine, for better or worse, let's just say... I still appreciate writing. And the fact that I haven't proves that I'm succumbing to the writer's block yet again. So lord help me, I will write a lot today, and for the rest of the days to come, even if it takes an eternity. So with that said, have some good ol' Gen 5 Pokemon!

Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo. And GameFREAK.

This is Leavanny. Part bug and part grass, she is a young, energetic, naive female who looks after her friends. Her best friend is Scolipede. She also loves to eat, and doesn't mind when she burps or farts in the wrong places. She also has a sweet, high pitched voice.

This is her best friend, Scolipede. Scolipede is the more mature one between the two, and being part poison as opposed to part grass helps her keep her cool from the abundance of fire types. Though she eats as well, she doesn't go to the crazy amounts that Leavanny is known for. Despite being annoyed by Leavanny's antics, she still loves her with every inch of her scaly heart.

And now, you know their backstories. Now, back to our show!

Leavanny poked her head down the empty well as she called down to it. Scolipede poked her head down the well as well, glancing at Leavanny, who sighed.

"Tell me, why are we looking down this well again?" Scolipede asked.

Leavanny turned to face Scolipede, answering her question, "Because I dropped my lucky sandwich down here."

Scolipede simply blinked several times as she smashed Leavanny by the back, causing the grass bug female Pokemon to fall down in the well.

Leavanny sighed as she held her stomach with both of her leafy arms, her stomach growling loudly as Scolipede netered the living room, wearing a white blue cap backwards.

"What's with you?" Scolipede asked as she sat down on the couch, eating some ranchy chips.

Leavanny sighed as she glanced towards Scolipede, licking her lips together as she was feeling hungrier. "Oh... I just haven't a bite to eat since breakfast..."

Scolipede glanced awkwardly at Leavanny, replying to her, "But Leavanny, you already ate three hours ago. It's one in the afternoon."

Leavanny had the most blank expression on her look as Scolipede rolled her eyes.

Leavanny and Scolipede were both on wheelchairs, both of them looking very old and gray. They looked at each other and laughed as he coughed afterwards, being very old. Which made sense since this was... the future. At least one hundred years later...

"So, I herd dat dere Yoshizilla guy or whatever his name is gonna finish all of his unfinished stories," Leavanny wheezed as she covered her mouth. "Poor guys needs us."

Scolipede oddly glanced at leavanny, though being extremely old, she could barely see Leavanny. "Bah! It's been so long! Did he even make a fanfic about me!" She then moved forward as she continued, "Speaking of which, did he even finish that go kart fic of his? The one that made him famous?"

Leavanny rubebd her chin. "Yeah, what was that thing called? It was race related, and I think it had a y and art in the name..."

The two elderly female Pokemon were caught by surprise asAcreus accidentally stepped on the building, his large foot piercing through the roof. Looking down, Arceus apologized, "Sorry. I've been working out."

Leavanny smashed the grassy green ball as quick as she could, being on her game. Scolipede played defensively, hitting the ball light enough to bounce to the front. Leavanny dashed towards the front, spiking the ball high into the sky. Scolipede backed up, smashing the ball back with her tail as it hit Leavanny in the stomach, pinning her down.

"Oh dear Arceus!" Scolipede exclaimed as she trampled the net, running towards Leavanny. "Are you all right, leavanny?"

Leavanny laughed, her voice shaky due to being in pain, holding her stomach. "Ehehehe... let's just say that I dropped my balls..." Removing her hands, several grassy tennis balls came falling down from around Leavanny's stomach. Leavanny laughed as Scolipede sighed.

Leavanny was searching on the Internet, and then sucked through cyberspace. She flipped her mind and bent her spine as things went at a crazy pace. She turned into The Freakazoid, being strong and super quick. She drove the villans crazy, cause she's a lunatic!

"Leavanny, stop copy and pasting the lyrics for Freakazoid on your essay," Scolipede denounced as she slapped Leavanny across her face.
Leavanny sobbed as she burst into tears, covering her face as Scolipede sighed, removing the traces of Freakazoid that Leavanny has added. Much to Scolipede's shock, she was instantly zapped through the computer screen, going through the same things that Leavanny had described...