The woman standing in front of him was perfect. She'd long since learned proper etiquette and applied it in every aspect of her life to make herself the picture of elegance. She'd attended the Ouran High School and the Ouran Academy keeping in the top twenty in both while being the president of the tea ceremony club, which most people considered very difficult. Kyouya merely scoffed at it.

However unimpressed Kyouya was with her academics, he had to admit that she had her merits. She was the daughter of the founder of Triple M Co., which was in the business of inventing and manufacturing the most cutting edge medical examination machines that Kyouya had ever worked with. While brilliant, the machines were also so expensive that only the best and richest hospitals owned them. They became a sign of how well off a hospital was and those who had a choice in which hospital to entrust their health usually looked at which company owned the most Triple M Co. technology. It was Kyouya's father's hospital.

Kyouya had met Mizuki Yagami before. Because their companies did so much business together, Kyouya had made a point of meeting the girl. She was charming. Each time Kyouya talked to her she smiled, laughed, and bantered at exactly the right time. She was witty. Kyouya liked witty people as long as they weren't being smart with him. She was beautiful too. Her hair was a hazelnut brown and paired with large blue eyes, framed perfectly with long eyelashes, pink pillowy lips, and a pale, cream-like complexion she looked like an angel.

They looked good together.

They both had merits to the other.

They bantered and laughed together.

They had intelligent conversations and sometimes even debates.

Kyouya's father had picked the perfect bride for his son and he was proud of it.

There was just one problem: her gender.

Kyouya was gay, very gay. Woman had never been appealing to him in the least, but men were a different story. Kyouya had even been in love with a man during his younger years and when he was brave or drunk enough to admit it he'd say he was still in love with that same boy.

This boy was not as perfect as Mizuki. Besides the obvious problem, there were numerous others. He was mischievous. When he saw the opportunity to cause trouble he jumped on it. He was simply drawn to it like a moth to a flame. He was not the picture of elegance. He wasn't clumsy, but elegant was not a word used to describe him. He had the biggest brother complex Kyouya had ever seen and Kyouya had recognized early in his relationship he could never compete with his bother.

Much like Mizuki's, all Ootoris scoffed at his academics. He was fourth in his class and especially struggled in math. Kyouya used to take great pleasure in teasing him about that when they studied together (more accurately when Kyouya studied and Kaoru bothered him). The only club he had participated in was the Host Club, which was hardly a club colleges were impressed by.

The boy had no merits to speak of. He was a man so dating him was incredibly risky. If word got out that Kyouya was gay, his business career would have been over. The boy was the son of a designer and had followed in her footsteps. She was a very good designer as was he, but that was in no way beneficial to the Ootori's enterprises.

That was not to say he wasn't beautiful. He was, in Kyouya's opinion, much more beautiful than Mizuki, but then Kyouya never had been one for the angelic look. He liked the way the boy always seemed to have that impish look in his eyes, suggesting he was up to something even when he wasn't. The big amber pools that were his eyes were so expressive. When he was sad, happy, contented, any emotion was shown in his eyes. Being a designer he'd changed the style of his hair quite often in the six years he and Kyouya had dated, but he never dyed it. The copper tones of his hair were a wonderful gift from his mother to him and it had quickly become a distinguishing feature of his family. His skin was much the same as Mizuki and it stuck out in Kyouya's mind that it was like silk to the touch.

Kyouya had not gone out of his way to meet Kaoru Hitachiin. They had met through the host club they were both a part of. To be brutally honest, when Tamaki was having difficulty convincing Kaoru and his twin, Hikaru, to join, Kyouya encouraged him to give up. This is the only instances in which Kyouya was glad Tamaki never listened to him.

Now, you might be wondering if Kyouya was only with this boy because of his exceptional beauty. That isn't true. The reasons why Kyouya dated and loved this boy are simple.

They didn't look perfect together; they were perfect together.

Their relationship didn't have to have merits and Kyouya loved this. It meant he was under no pressure.

They bantered and laughed, but not the way he did with Mizuki. He was himself with Kaoru so his banter was sarcastic and even rude at times and he laughed a real laugh that only the Hitachiin could draw out.

They had intelligent conversations sure, but they could talk about even the most trivial things and Kyouya would find that he wasn't bored or annoyed at all.

Kyouya had found himself the perfect lover and for six happy years they loved each other, but all good things must come to an end. When Kyouya met Mizuki, he accepted the fact that Kaoru was out of his life forever and that Mizuki was his bride. That's all there was to it and that's all there would ever be.

Kyouya was sure that Mizuki'd be a very good wife.

Little did Kyouya know, his world was not as set in stone as he thought and he'd never really find out whether or not Mizuki was a good wife.