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Kaoru groaned when the doorbell began to ring. Looking at the clock through half-lidded eyes, he muttered a curse. It was eight o'clock. Who got up at eight? More importantly who was foolish enough to bother Kyouya at eight? If he had woken up he would have murdered the annoying idiot. As it were, Kyouya was still sound asleep and Kaoru couldn't bear to wake him. It was, after all, his honeymoon even if he hadn't gone on it.

Kaoru reluctantly pulled himself out of the warmth of Kyouya's bed. He gave his lover a quick peck on the forehead before trudging downstairs. He opened the door to see Kyouya's father on the other side. "Oh, Mr. Ootori." Kaoru couldn't help but glare a bit at the man who had almost driven Kyouya to marrying Mizuki. "I'm sorry Kyouya's asleep. It's his honeymoon vacation."

"Honeymoons are for the married. Wake him." The graying man commanded. "He wasted my money on that wedding, he will earn it back."

"It was a drop in the bucket to you." Kaoru scoffed. "I won't wake him. He needs to sleep. He collapsed of exhaustion not too long ago you might remember. Or did your secretary not tell you?"

"He needs to do damage control to the Ootori name." The older man pushed past Kaoru and into the house. He began marching up to Kyouya's room with Kaoru hot on his heels. When he found the unmoving lump in the bed he said sternly, "Kyouya, you have work to do."

Immediately, Kyouya's eyes snapped open. He sat up quickly. "Father, what are you doing here?"

"Sorry, honey." Kaoru said sitting down on the bed next to Kyouya. "I thought it was just a really persistent Jehovah's Witness and I didn't want him to wake you. I didn't expect it to be your dad."

"Come now, Kyouya, you didn't think I would let you make a scene like that and not clean up the mess now did you. You have press conferences, meetings with esteemed colleagues and clients, and the like. You will redeem yourself or grovel to them. I don't care which. Get dressed. I'll be in the limo." With that, the older man turned on his heel and walked out the door.

Kyouya sighed. "We shouldn't have stayed up so late." He got on his feet and began looking through his closet. Kaoru frowned. How dare Kyouya leave on what Kaoru had decided was their honeymoon.

"You're going?" Kaoru looked at Kyouya in shock. How could Kyouya give in to that militant? He had almost ruined everything! Kaoru glared at Kyouya as he threw his suit on the bed.

Kyouya let out a breathe in exasperation. He approached Kaoru tentatively. He rested his forehead against Kaoru's and spoke calmly. "Kaoru, I gladly gave up everything for you. As it turns out, I don't have to. Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. Why don't you spend the day with Haruhi and I'll take you out for dinner when I'm finished."

Kaoru frowned, but Kyouya had a point. They shouldn't go burning bridges. So he kissed Kyouya deeply. "Don't work too hard."

Kyouya was already exhausted. The press conference had been draining. The millions of trivial questions. How long had he and Kaoru been together? How long did his father know? How long had he been gay? It had taken every fiber of his being not to snap "always you twit" at that question. He supposed he should have deal with that quite a bit from now on so he put on his fake client smile and answered politely.

The clients weren't much better. As he met with each of them, they asked similar questions and tried to be overly progressive and accepting to the point where they promised to do more business with Ootoris. Then they were those who said they didn't care. It didn't affect them. He liked them the best. The worst were the ones who expressed disgust, but knew better than to make an Ootori as an enemy.

The last one he had to apologize to was Mizuki and her father. Her father scowled at the Kyouya, but Kyouya didn't let it affect him. He and his father sat across from them at the small conference table.

"Kyouya came to apologize for the inconvenience." Mr. Ootori said shoving his son.

Kyouya nodded and smiled fakely. "Yes, I'm horribly sorry that I ruined the wedding. Naturally, the Ootori family will cover the costs and I hope this doesn't reflect too poorly on the Ootori business."

"Not at all. Mizuki also wanted to apologize." Mizuki's father elbowed the girl.

Mizuki's smile was very genuine and warm. It made Kyouya think of Kaoru and he frowned. He had missed their dinner. Kaoru would be absolutely livid. He certainly couldn't blame him. He was still so worried about his health and he didn't trust Kyouya's father. He sighed and realized Mizuki had been talking. "…so I hope you can forgive me. It was impulsive, I know. I should have thought this through more thoroughly. We insist to pay for half."

Kyouya cleared his throat. "I'm sorry, but may I have a moment with my ex-fiancée. We have some things to discuss in private."

The elder man nodded and took their leave. Upon their absence, Kyouya slumped down in his chair. Mizuki giggled a little at how all this time she'd never seen Kyouya untense, but she knew the feeling. The day had been long on both of them. "I'm sorry. I have nothing to say I just needed a minute away from him."

Mizuki leaned back in her chair, breaking her perfect posture as well. "I've been through the same thing." A playful smirk came onto Mizuki's face. Kyouya snickered at the affect Hikaru had had on her. "How's Kaoru?"

"Pissed, for lack of a better word. I was supposed to take him out tonight. I'm quite sure he's rehearsing speeches to make me feel awful and they'll work." Kyouya rolled his eyes.

Mizuki laughed. "Hikaru had sent me a hundred texts today."

"He's keeping me away on purpose you know. I almost ruined his business so he will ruin my relationship. I'm sure he fancies this just."

"What will you do?"

"I won't stand for it. I think a chat is in order. Now, let's wrap this up. Kaoru won't wait much longer."

Kyouya and his father sat in silence on the ride back to Kyouya's house. Kyouya wouldn't let it stay like this however. His father would answer.

"How long do you intend to keep me from Kaoru?" Kyouya asked still looking out the window. This is how most of their conversations went. Neither one looked at the other. Neither felt it necessary.

"As long as it takes." His father answered coldly. "You will realize that what you have with him is petty childish affection. Certainly not worth ruining my business over."

"I did not ruin your business. Besides, you would have to keep this up forever. He will not let you ruin it now. He's incredibly stubborn." Kyouya smirked thinking of the lengths Kaoru would gladly go to.

"And you aren't?" The elder Ootori gave a short laugh. "You've fought me tooth and nail since you went in to high school. Your extra-curricular, if you can call it that, your major in college, and now your love life. Most would have realized that the parent is always right by now."

As they pulled up to the younger Ootori's house, Kyouya exited the car. Before closing the door, however, he looked in and said, "Let me know when you plan to start being right, father."

Kaoru sat in Tamaki and Haruhi's kitchen sipping white wine with Haruhi while Kazehaya Suoh ran around the kitchen with Tamaki chasing after him. Kaoru would always smile when Kazehaya came up to him, but the second he turned back to Haruhi he would continue to vent. It was nine o'clock. Kyouya hadn't so much as called in the twelve hours they'd been apart. He leaves him during their reunion, works when Kaoru's already worried, and then on top of everything he doesn't even call. "I'm not an unreasonable boyfriend! We just got back together and I want to spend time with him! If he loved me he would want to spend time with me too!" Kaoru complained wearing a cute pout.

"Oh, you know he loves you, Kaoru. He's just a businessman. It's his passion."

"I guess." Kaoru took a larger sip of his wine. Kaoru perked up when he heard the door open.

"Uncle Kyou!" Kazehaya yelled running toward the man how had just walked in. Now moments later Kyouya came in to Kaoru's view with Kazehaya hoisted up on his hip.

Kaoru smiled a moment at the sight of Kyouya playing nicely with the child before remembering how mad he was. "Look who remembered his boyfriend."

"Kaoru…" Kyouya sighed putting the child down and sat down at the table. "I am sorry. I know that isn't enough. We'll spend tomorrow together, I promise."

"Come hell or high water?" Kaoru asked hopefully.

"Yes, Kaoru. Come hell or high water." Kyouya said with an intense look in his eye.

Kaoru looked unconvinced but nonetheless stood from the table. "Alright. I trust you, Kyouya. Let's go home. You must be exhausted."

It was nine in the morning when Kyouya woke up to a call. Not bothering the check the caller ID he growled, "What?"

"There is a party tonight in honor of the Hyuuga family's heir graduating business school and beginning his career. He will no doubt become a big factor in the business world and you will be there. That is all." There was a click signaling the end of the phone conversation.

Kyouya cursed under his breath. Kaoru wouldn't like this, but he wouldn't let his father think he could ruin them. It was time for a plan.

Kyouya did go to the party. The Hyuuga family was important and the whole ballroom looked like something out of a movie. It was magnificent. He was glad to share the view with Kaoru.

Upon his arrival, after greeting everyone, he went up to his father. He wore a smirk while walking up to the annoyed looking elder man. "Father, I hope you don't mind that I brought Kaoru with me." Kyouya said putting his arm around Kaoru's waist.

Kaoru smiled warmly at the older man. He was so glad to finally be included in Kyouya's business affairs. While he had wanted to spend alone time with Kyouya, being accepted into even this aspect of his life was better than anything he could have asked for. "It's nice to see you again."

"As you can see, you can try what you like, but I will keep Kaoru at my side no matter what you throw at us." The band started to play and Kyouya took Kaoru's hand. "If you'll excuse us, I believe we have business on the dance floor."

As Kyouya and Kaoru went onto the floor Fuyumi came to stand next to her father. "Is it because he's gay you give him a hard time?" She asked the man tilting her head to the side in query.

"No, no. I couldn't care less who he sees as long as it doesn't affect my business. I just have high hopes for him. I too was a third son."

"And look how well you've done." Fuyumi beamed in a way that reminded him of her mother. She looked just like her mother; maybe that is why the eldest Ootori always gave in to her. Kyouya wasn't the only one with a soft spot for his love, though his mother had died many years ago now. "I'm sure he will be fine so just let him have Kaoru. He's been through enough, don't you think."

He couldn't resist that face so reluctantly he agreed. "Yes, I suppose my efforts would have been in vain anyway. He's more stubborn than even I was at his age."

"I wish them the best." Fuyumi smiled at the dancing pair.

"Me too."

Meanwhile Kaoru leaned his head on Kyouya's shoulder, Kyouya holding him close as they danced simple steps. "I'm sorry you had to come."

"No, this is perfect. You stood up to your father. You've accepted me into your business life. This is all I've ever wanted. I love you, Kyouya." Kaoru looked up into Kyouya's eyes with a breathtakingly sweet smile.

Kyouya brought their lips together. "I love you too, Kaoru. Come what may, I won't leave you again."