A/N this is a 'what if' story where Sakura pushed Sasuke out of they away from Orochimaru from giving him the Curse Mark. How will this change her? Can anyone save her from the darkness in her heart that is slowly taking her over? Will Naruto save her before she's lost? NaruSaku I do not own Naruto if I did then Sakura would kick more ass and be with Naruto by now and not Sasuke. I would like to thank Lobo Argost for Beta reading this for me.

Legend "Talking"


"Dark Sakura and Kyuubi"

Chapter 1 it begins

Team 7 were in the forest of death for the Chunin exams at first everything was going alright for them. But that all changed for the worse when Naruto got separated from them and a ninja from the Hidden Grass Village by them name of Shiore, who was Orochimaru in disguise so that no one could tell that it was him.

After Orochimaru had knocked Naruto out, threw his body into a tree. "Naruto!" Sakura yelled, throwing a kunai. Luckily, she had perfect aim, and the kunai caught his shirt, pinning him to the tree. If he had fallen, he would've hit the ground hard and died. Even though she was relieved, the 'fun' still wasn't over. "Sasuke-Kun! We have to run!" She yelled, but Sasuke just ignored her and activated his Sharingan.

Sasuke wasn't listening and just focused on defeating his enemy. Finally, he managed to land a kick on Orochimaru, causing him to fly in the air. Sasuke followed and grabbed him so that Orochimaru's head faced the ground and Sasuke's in the opposite direction.

They fell hard. Sasuke got up and looked at the body. It was disappearing into the mud, and Sasuke knew right then that it was a substitution.

He quickly jumped out of the way. Orochimaru tried to sneak up and punch him, but because of the Sharingan, he was able to get away. Sasuke used his fireball jutsu but missed. After a brutal fight, Sasuke managed to catch Orochimaru in a trap. Orochimaru found himself tied to a tree with invisible wire, which led to Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke performed hand signs. "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!" The giant flames moved through the wire until Orochimaru is engulfed in the blaze. His cries of pain assured Sasuke it was over.

With it over Sakura came running up to her cruse. "Sasuke-Kun you did it!" She yelled.

But their victory was cut short when they saw that he was not dead and used a Paralysis Jutsu on the two. While Sakura fell to her knees, she could see that Sasuke was only just able to stand.

"You are defiantly an Uchiha and your eyes even better then Itachi's if I do say!" The ninja said as he licked his lips.

"Who the hell are you anyway?" Sasuke asked, but he also yelled at him.

"My name is Orochimaru if you wish to see me again get through this exam. In other words, you'll have to defeat my three subordinates." He told them, his voice dripping with malice.

"What are you talking about?" Sakura yelled defiantly. She looked over at her stoic raven-haired companion in hopes his face would steady her nerves "We never want to see your face again!"

"It doesn't work that way, my dear!" Orochimaru said crossing his hands into a seal, his neck extending grotesquely as his head rocketed towards Uchiha Sasuke, who stood frozen in what Sakura could only assume it was shock and disgust.

"I've got to do something fast! Come on Sakura!" And this was all that Sakura could think about looking at the danger they are in right now.

So using all the strength that she had Sakura picked her self up and threw herself in the snake Shinobi's path at the last second, pain reeling through her body has his fangs sunk into the left side of her neck, marking her. Near the bite, like magic, as a tattoo mark formed. She, however, was oblivious to all this, the intense pain made her scream in pain with tears coming out of her eyes sending her into blackness.

But her screaming only woke Naruto up to see Sakura collapse right where she was. "You bastard! What did you do to her!" Naruto screamed as he looked at Sakura and Orochimaru.

Orochimaru just laughed at him. "It doesn't matter anymore little brat she is already good as dead. Even if she is still alive, she will soon die from my curse mark that I tried to give Sasuke-Kun!"

Seeing this just made Naruto even angrier. There was no way that Sakura could die. Not like this. But instead of just running right at Orochimaru he went over to Sakura only to see her tears that she had shed.

Seeing Sakura fall, Sasuke saw his chance to attack. Before Orochimaru could react, Sasuke delivered a savage series of blow against the neck and head of the serpent, sending him hurtling towards the ground. He then began forming hand signs before Orochimaru hit the ground. The Snake Sannin was faster, lashing out towards the fallen pink haired girl with a massively elongated arm, sending her flying through the air as well. Sasuke's fireball illuminated the area, ignited the trees, and most importantly, burned his foe severely.

Orochimaru hadn't been this badly injured since he fought Hanzo of the Salamander in the Second Shinobi World War. He was out of luck, placing a Curse Mark on someone was very draining. Instead of leaping from the ground where he lay to take the fight back to the blazing-eyed avenger he sank into the cold, moist earth, feeling it soothe his burns, to wait for the chakra needed to use his Body Shedding Jutsu. There would be another time. He'd have his vessel later. And the foolish girl who had dared to ruin his plans was probably dead already, and if not the mark would no doubt finish her off.

Orochimaru soon started laughing once more as he looked at the two Shinobi and smiled. "Well, this has been an exciting fight. I only wish that I got to mark you Sasuke-Kun!" Orochimaru said before both Naruto and Sasuke saw his body disappear into the log of the tree.

With Orochimaru gone, Sasuke looked to where Naruto was and saw that he was holding Sakura in his arms. "How is she, Naruto?" Sasuke asked, seeing the fear and concern in his face.

"She's burning up Sasuke! I don't know what we can do for her!" Naruto said in a distraught voice, even more, worried now for the girl he loved.

"Come on let's find some place for her to rest!" Sasuke said as he went over to pick Sakura up but before Sasuke could do that Naruto stopped him.

Sasuke just looked at Naruto and knew that he wanted to take Sakura himself, and he was not going to stop him. Naruto then picked her up bridal style, making sure her head was nestled against his chest before they took off to find a safe place for her.

They soon managed to get Sakura to safety, without being attacked by anyone else who would want to attack them. They found a large tree with exposed roots. The roots were so high up that it could be used as a shelter. Luckily for them, it was also near a small lake.

Naruto put Sakura down before pulling out a small rag and wetting it in the lake before putting it on Sakura's forehead.

"How is she, Naruto?" Sasuke asked looking around making sure no else came here.

"I think that her fever has gone down some, but not much," Naruto said in a low voice, holding Sakura's head in his lap as she breathed heavily, sweating profusely.

Naruto soon saw that Sasuke was leaving. "Hey, where are you going Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"I'm going to scout the area and make sure no one is coming for us," He said walking off. "You take care of Sakura while I'm gone." With that, he left the two alone.

As night came, Sasuke still hadn't come back, but Naruto didn't even care about that right now. All he cared about was the girl he loved so much that he couldn't bear to see her like this.

All he could do was look at her face as he saw the pain that she had on her face and breathing heavily. But Naruto was now getting so tired and needed to go to sleep and rest, but he wanted to make sure that nothing happened to Sakura.

With a slight yawn, Naruto rubbed his eyes before shaking his head. "Come on I need to stay awake." He told himself.

Naruto then looked back at Sakura to see that her forehead that he loved so much was sweating. Naruto just got out the cloth again wiping away the sweat after he was done that he slowly kissed her forehead just like he tried to do when he was disguised as him but failed to do so.

"Please get better Sakura-Chan!" Naruto said in a weak tone looking at Sakura hoping she would be alright as sleep slowly overtook him and Naruto closed his eyes.

As the night went by and dawn came, Naruto looked to see that not only had Sasuke not come back yet but Sakura was still unconscious. Just then Naruto heard a noise coming from the bushes, and he wondered what it was. Just then a squirrel came out of the bushes heading right for Naruto and Sakura, but Naruto didn't know that there was a bomb on the poor thing.

Naruto not being the smart Ninja that he was, went up the squirrel not even knowing that he was being watched. In the bushes, three ninjas with a sound headband on their heads were watching Naruto get closer to the squirrel.

"This kid is an idiot going right for our trap!" The first boy said who had spiky, dark hair and dark eyes. He was wearing a beige shirt with two black stripes and three prints of the kanji for death down the front. His forehead protector had a face guard. He also had a scarf that was snake patterned around his neck his name is Zaku Abumi.

"I know Zaku, but I don't see Sasuke anywhere in sight?" The second boy said who was wearing bandages all around his face apart from one eye. He also had a large poncho with long sleeves, a snake patterned scarf around his neck, and a taupe fur cape protruding from the scarf his name is Dosu Kinuta.

"Well, I guess we should get this over with then!" Said the girl who had long black hair, black eyes she also was wearing camouflage pants her name was Kin Tsuchi.

"Well then let's get rid of the kid with the blond hair than the girl, after that its only Sasuke left." Kin said.

When Naruto got to the squirrel, the sound ninja made the squirrel exploded right in Naruto's face. Which sent him flying into the tree that Sakura was in right now with a loud thud and then fell to the ground? Naruto, however, wasn't going to go down like that he slowly got back to his feet and looked at the three ninjas that attacked him. Right now Naruto didn't know what the three wanted to do, but all he was thinking about was protecting Sakura from these three.

"Who are you? And what do the three of you want?" Naruto yelled at them.

They just smiled at him. "All we want is Sasuke Uchiha, you and the pink haired girl can just die!" Kin said with a smile on her face.

"Well Sasuke isn't here right now, so why don't you just leave!" Naruto yelled at the three.

The three sound ninja just laughed at Naruto, as they were told to kill all three members of Team 7 by Orochimaru. Zaku then had a look behind Naruto to see the unconscious body of Sakura and smiled to himself.

"Hey Kin, Dosu look over towards that tree." He explained to the two as he pointed to where Sakura was.

"Well it looks like the girl will be easy to kill, don't you think Dosu?" Kin asked with a smirk on her face.

Naruto, however, was pissed to hear what they planned to do. "You will never lay a finger on her!" Naruto yelled at the top of his before he formed a hand sign with his fingers making go into a cross and yelling. "Shadow clone jutsu!" He yelled as done this three clones.

Both Naruto and his clones looked at the three sound ninjas. "I will never let you get Sakura-chan so just leave NOW!" The real Naruto yelled as he moved closer to Naruto to Sakura.

"Go get them, guys!" Naruto yelled to his clones as all three attacked all three sound ninjas at once.

But as the three got close to them Dosu used a Jutsu called Vibrating Sound Drill at one of the clones, this only destroyed the clone while the other two were shocked at this looking at Dosu with anger, sound ninja Kin, however, couldn't even be bothered with Naruto or his weak clones.

"Hey, Zaku why don't you take care of the two clones while Dosu you take care of the real kid, as for me I'll take care of the girl!" Kin said with a smile that her two team-mates replied with a smile too.

Naruto was horrified by this and looked a Zaku who was still smiling. "Sure that sound like fun!" Zaku said as he put his arms forward and smiled at the two clones. "Slicing Soundwave!" Zaku yelled which hit the two clones destroyed them.

Naruto knew that he was in trouble now and had to do something fast, he could grab Sakura and run for it. But that would be too risky if the sound ninja decided to go after him he only wondered where Sasuke was right now.

"I need to get Sakura-chan out of here fast!" Naruto thought to himself while he now thought about what would be the best option. Dosu came up to him a grabbed him by his throat.

"Alright I have him Kin, so kill the girl maybe seeing her die, should make him talk!" Dosu ordered.

Naruto could only look on as Kin went to where Sakura was and was helpless to do anything to stop them. Naruto could see the evils smiles that all the sound ninja had on their faces.

Meanwhile not too far away from Team 7 where another was close by to them not even knowing what was going on. They are Team 10 also called Team Asuma who was hiding from other teams until they could find someone weaker than they were. Both Ino and Shikamaru were talking on what they should do next, while the two were talking on what they should do Chōji was sitting up in a tree eating.

While Ino and Shikamaru were talking about Sasuke and Ino going on about just how perfect he was and how Sakura and Naruto were not all that great which was getting on Shikamaru's nerves, as they continued with the argument, Chōji noticed Team 7 or at least two members.

"Hey, guys I can see Naruto and Sakura!" Chōji called down to them.

At hearing this Ino went into fangirl mood. "What that's cool! Let's see if my dear Sasuke-Kun is there!" She yelled as she ran to a bush to see her crush.

Chōji then jumped down and went up to Shikamaru. "So I take it you saw something else too right Chōji?" Shikamaru asked.

Chōji could only shake his head. "It's not looking good for them Shikamaru, Sakura is down, and unconscious Sasuke is nowhere to be seen, and Naruto is fighting them on his own!" Chōji told his friend.

Once then three had arrived there they could see what was going on, and they were shocked to see that Naruto was trapped and unable to help Sakura.

"We need to do something fast if we don't then they are both dead!" Shikamaru said in a whisper as he watched what was going on.

Shikamaru then looked over at Ino. "Hey, Ino are you with us or not? Because if we don't do something fast, then both Naruto and Sakura are dead!" He told her.

Ino was just confused wondering where Sasuke was. "I just don't get it where is Sasuke-Kun?" She asked as she saw Kin move closer to Sakura.

"Hey, Ino we need to go now!" Shikamaru growled at her.

But as they were getting ready to go and save them, they saw that Kin and dragged the unconscious Sakura out of the tree.

"Hey, you two look at this bitch's long hair? No wonder she's unconscious she's too obsessed with her looks than her strength!" To prove her point Kin cut off Sakura's long pink hair.

"Kin if you are done cutting that girls hair off let's get back to what we want to know!" Dosu told her angrily before he looked at Naruto. "Now tell me where Sasuke Uchiha is, and we may let the girl live!"

Naruto was getting tired of this now, and they kept on about Sasuke when he didn't know where he was. "Look I already told you I don't know where he is!" Naruto yelled.

That was all Dosu could take now he looked over at Kin. "Kill her Kin now!" He ordered.

"Stop!" A voice yelled but this was not Naruto's but that of Team 10 which made Naruto smile Team Dosu, and Naruto looked at Team 10. But what none of them even noticed was the purple chakra around Sakura.

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