Phoney and Smiley: Back to the Desert

I am going to try and experiment more with Bone characters, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone, with some Bartleby thrown in. They are making their way back into the desert at the end of the series, in a scenario where Fone decided to stay in the Valley. I would like suggestions on how they should act. Review please.
Disclaimer: I do not own Bone or it's characters.

Phoney Bone climbed to the top of the hay pile past the resting Bartleby and watched the figures on the Dragons Stair retreat into the Valley. Phoney gave one last glare, then turned over and plopped next to Smiley with a sour look on his face.

Smiley sighed and held the reins gloomily as the cows trotted on slowly. Both bones were upset over the separation from Fone Bone in slightly different ways. Phoney tried to ignore the fact that Fone had ever existed, while Smiley just wanted his cousin back.

Meanwhile, Bartleby watched his pals curiously. Rat creatures had few attachments among family members, as young were often taken for their assignments early in life. Although Fone had been Bartleby's pal since infancy, he had not been raised to feel attachments such as his friends did.

"Hey, Smiley, whats wrong?" he rasped.

Smiley smiled faintly and looked over his shoulder. He opened his mouth to speak, but Phoney cut him off.

"Nothing! Nothing is wrong, we're going back to Boneville after all this time, what could be wrong?"

"But cuz," Smiley said. "What about Fone Bone? We left him behind."

"And what do we need him for? All he's ever done is get in the way!" Phoney concluded.

There was a long pause while Smiley stared at his feet and Phoney grumbled.

"You still have me, Smiley," Bartleby croaked, his ears perked up and his tail wagging.

Smiley didn't look up and Bartleby's ears and tail slowly drooped. He turned around to look at where the valley was once visible and put his head down.