I thought of this after I read Identical by Ellen Hopkins. It is also kind-of a songfic (idk) because I was also conveniently listening to Papercut by Linkin Park. Hope you enjoy. I don't remember the sister's names, but the normal print is the twin who is still alive and in love with Ian. The italics are the sister who died in a car accident. Underlined is both of them speaking together.

Me, Myself and … someone else?

She is who I am not:

Bold, Strong, Drop-Dead Gorgeous

I am what she wishes to be:

"Happy, loving and care-free"

She stays right out of reach to most others,

My personal medicine.

"You write so wonderfully! It's like you've lived through that!"

Not me, her.

She is the one people see.

Happy and loyal to friends, well, to Ian.

I'm nothing but a weight now

And she won't let me go.

We've learned to live without others knowing,

Though it sometimes gets confusing.

A couple people know, but one can only begin to understand.

Multiple Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

The labels I hear from the doctor.

But not from anyone else.

Has she always been there?

Did it take 'til now to notice?

If so, I'm glad she's there.

I need her to stay strong

I need her to keep my cool.

We need no one to know she stills stays with me.

We have to watch what we say.

What we do.

I take the lead most of the time;

Just because I'm more "responsible"

I wonder what other people see when we switch…

Am I really thinking this?

I know I don't share my head…

But there is something in there…


Someone who has just shown herself.

My true thoughts? Feelings? Actions?


Until I find out, it will drive me



Over-the-edge mad

No it won't…

Another mind?

A whole 'nother person?

A new me?

Or who I used to be…

I don't know, we'll wait and see…

Hope you liked it!