Chapter 8

Silver woke up and found he was in Blaze's living room. He glanced around and saw Blaze cooking, Knuckles lounging in a chair, and Shadow reading a newspaper.

"Oh, hey guys!"

"Welcome back to reality pal."

"Is Silver awake?" Blaze asker, and she ran over to were Silver was laying, completely forgetting about the food she was cooking.

"Um….Hey Blaze!" Silver smiled. Blaze pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Oh Silver! I was so worried! Never worry me like that again!"

"I can't promise, but I'll try. And I didn't think you'd still be here Shadow!"

Shadow looked up from his newspaper.

"Of course I'm still here. You are my friend."

"Really? You mean it?"

"Of course I mean it. Why would I say it if I didn't mean it?"

Silver pulled away from Blaze and hugged Shadow.

"Oh Shadow! You're the best friend I could ever have, even though you're kind of mean, grouchy, angry, and sarcastic!"

Shadow was completely taken aback. He attempted to pull away, but Silver just hugged him tighter.

"Er…Thanks Silver…"

Silver immediately pulled away. He blushed beet red.

"Um…sorry Shadow. I got a little carried away."

Blaze and Knuckles just looked at each other and started cracking up. Shadow sighed.

"It's alright Silver."

He walked over and slapped Knuckles again.

"Oh that's it!" Knuckles yelled and meant to hit Shadow, but Silver had unfortunately walked exactly where he landed his punch.


Blaze ran over.

"Silver! Are you alright?"

"I think my arm's broken…."

Blaze felt his arm. "It's broken." She spun around and faced Knuckles.

"I'm sorry! I meant to punch Shadow, not Silver!"

"It's…okay…" Silver assured, though he was still grimacing.

"Oh alright." Blaze sighed. She heard the smoke detector go off and ran over to her very burnt food. She turned the heat off and walked back over.

"Oh, uh, by the way…When are you going to go back to the future?"

"Um…tomorrow I guess.."

"Tomorrow? Really?"

"Yeah….Now I'm still tired…so I'm gonna go back to sleep." Silver said, an he walked over to he couch and drifted off almost immediately.

"Oh Knuckles! Isn't he so cute when he's asleep!"

"Um…I guess?"

Blaze sat down next to Silver and fell asleep watching him.

The next morning, she bandaged Silver's arm while Knuckles made breakfast. Shadow just watched with a slightly amused expression.

"Breakfast's ready!"

Silver, assisted by Blaze, walked over to the breakfast table. Shadow sighed and reluctantly followed. After they ate, Silver began preparing to leave. About an hour later, he was ready.

"Are you ready to leave Blaze?"


After a quick goodbye, Silver took them back to the future.

"Goodbye." Shadow whispered to himself, a second too late.